Death Stranding preorder and special edition bonuses explained: When do gold items unlock?

When you can get your hands on the optional cosmetic items.

Death Stranding Gold items give you an an extra bonus pre-ordering or purchasing the special editions of the game.

Though they are purely cosmetic - and there is no way to show them off in multiplayer - they can give Sam a different look when making deliveries, so you might want to know exactly when you can unlock them.

If you're looking for more from the critical path, our Death Stranding walkthrough can help.

How do you unlock Gold pre-order and special edition items in Death Stranding?

First, make sure you redeem pre-order or special edition code that comes with your copy of the game, then download and install them, for them to unlock when you first start the game, as shown in this video by Video Games Source on YouTube:

As shown above, while some items will be available from the outset (the Gold Hat and Gold 'Sam' Sunglasses) others can be "fabricated once the base versions of said item(s) become available".

Since items will only unlock as you progress through the story, this means you cannot get your hands on your pre-order bonus equipment until you get their 'regular' version in game..

So the long and short of it is - keep playing and your gold items will arrive when you unlock their standard equivalents.


For example, the following equipment will unlock at the following points in the story:

  • Gold Power Skeleton: Episode 3, Order 19 - Evo-devo Unit Delivery: Engineer
  • Gold Speed Skeleton: Episode 3, Order 34: Chiral Artist Delivery: Junk Dealer

What Gold items are available in Death Stranding?

There's a pretty elaborate set of bonuses you can get for preordering or purchasing the various editions of Death Stranding. Here's a breakdown of each.

Death Stranding preorder bonuses - base game:

  • Gold "Sam" Sunglasses
  • Gold Armor Plate
  • Gold Hat
  • Gold Speed Skeleton
  • Death Stranding PS4 dynamic theme
  • Chibi Ludens PSN Avatar

Death Stranding preorder bonuses - Special Edition:

  • All of the base game preorder bonuses; plus
  • Custom Steelbook that includes the game
  • Gold "Ludens Mask" Sunglasses
  • Death Stranding: Timefall original music digital album and behind-the-scenes digital video

Tomorrow is finally in our hands! Our Death Stranding walkthrough outlines how to play through the main story, including Episode 3 missions, the Small Thermonuclear Device and how to find a way to change Lockne's mind, find a way to cross the tar belt and make a decision, and bring this to an end. As you play, you can find Memory Chip locations, unlock pre-order bonuses and have to learn how to fight BTs and Mules, how Death Stranding multiplayer works, and to help you get around easier, how to get a bike and how to unlock fast travel in Death Stranding. Finally, the PC version has exclusive Death Stranding Half-Life cross-over quests.

Death Stranding preorder bonuses - Collector's Edition:

  • All of the base game preorder bonuses; plus
  • Custom Steelbook that includes the game
  • Death Stranding: Timefall original music digital album and behind-the-scenes digital video
  • Gold "Ludens Mask" Sunglasses
  • Gold Power Skeleton
  • Gold Armor Plate (Lvl 2)
  • Gold All-Terrain Skeleton
  • 10 PSN Character Avatars
  • Ludens Keychain
  • Bridges Cargo Case
  • BB Pod (a golden baby in a vat)

If you don't purchase the above, there is seemingly no way to get your hands on Gold items in Death Stranding. Again, they are purely cosmetic, so don't worry about missing anything game changing!

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