Death Stranding - Episode 8 missions list: How to complete Orders 58 to 62

How to complete one of the toughest episodes yet.

Death Stranding Episode 8 - Heartman is one of the most challenging part of the game, following on from the arrival at Heartman's Lab in Episode 7.

You'll be trudging through a snow-covered region linking together several facilities. The route is steep, mountainous and long, so be prepared.

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If you're looking for more from the critical path, our Death Stranding walkthrough can help.

Order 57: Visit Heartman's Lab

  • Objective: Take the corpse to Heartman.
  • Tips: Once you arrive, take the corpse into the room on the right. Between the cutscenes, you'll have three minutes to look around the room. Use this time to investigate what's around you. Certain points of interest can be zoomed in on, giving you likes for doing so. This includes the hanging BT models, the photos on the wall behind you, the drawing on the right shelf, and Heartman and his equipment. If they're not zooming in for you, try over them and then zooming in - which sees to to do the trick. Once the cutscenes are over, inspect the terminal for the next set of deliveries. As Die-Hardman explains, you need to do these in clockwise order.
  • Unlocks: Unlocks Orders 58, 59

Order 58: Anti-chiralium Medication Delivery: Geologist

  • Objective: Delivery the nine pieces of cargo the new location 'Geologist' in the snowy area to the south
  • Tips: Since you'll want to take Order 59's order with you - the very fragile antimatter bomb - it's best to avoid using a vehicle altogether and use a Floating Carrier to take all your cargo on. Equip the All-Terrain Skeleton, Power Gloves and newly unlocked Thermal Pad (attach direct to your suit to get the benefits) and set off on foot, going round the lake, up and over the mountain. It doesn't take as long as you think, and means the bomb will be better protected. Halfway up the mountain, some falling rocks will come down on the right. For us, they missed us by some margin, but keep an eye on them all the same.
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Geologist' to UCA Chiral Network, Climbing Anchor (Lv. 2)

Order 59: Antimatter Bomb Delivery: Paleontologist

  • Objective: Take the bomb to new location 'Paleontologist' to the south.
  • Tips: As per the above, you should take this by foot and on a Floating Carrier. We'd also recommend spraying it with a repair spray within the shelter of the Geologist base to ensure it arrives in good condition.
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Paleontologist' to UCA Chiral Network, Oxygen Mask, Hematic Grenade (Lv. 2),'Patience' sound data, Order 60

Order 60: Recovery: Ammonites

  • Objective: Recover the five pieces of lost cargo within the boundary displayed on the map.
  • Tips: This mission is a lot faster and easier than it looks, taking around five minutes to complete. Head west just a small walking distance and you'll encounter a giant fissure in the earth. Climb a little closer in and use your scanner to reveal the cargo at the bottom. First, equip the Oxygen Mask you just unlocked so you can survive the fumes. Then, use a rope - either your own or another someone else has laid down - to safely reach the bottom and collect the cargo. Now take these back to complete the mission.
  • Unlocks: Order 61

Order 61: Tar Extraction Device and Ammonite Delivery: Evo-devo Biologist

  • Objective: This mission has you go west to pick up several sets of lost cargo and take it to the Evo-devo Biologist to the north.
  • Tips: You'll be headed to the most densely populated BT zone yet, so make you pack as many weapons as you can. That said, you can stealth your way through it easily enough and cut umbilical cords as you go (if you're like us, this is your first chance to do so since the cuff upgrade). Either way, you should carry as many repair sprays while you walk around in the timefall. We recommend using a vehicle to get as close as possible as it's not a short trek, then going on foot. As well as regular corded BTs, there are huge BTs there too, which might take a lot more firepower. We recommend thining out the herd with weapons, then sneaking past holding your breath, and cutting cords as you need to. Take your time and you should be okay here. And yes, you can enter the tar to grab the cargo you need. Be wary BTs will also be on the grass fields as you head north to the next facility, so don't think you're out of the woods once you've found the cargo.
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Evo-devo Biologist' to UCA Chiral Network, Grenade Launcher

Once done, you need to return to Heartman's Lab. You can go north-east straight there, or if you're lucky / prepared enough, take a series of zip-lines back the way you came.

Tomorrow is finally in our hands! Our Death Stranding walkthrough outlines how to play through the main story, including Episode 3 missions, the Small Thermonuclear Device and how to find a way to change Lockne's mind, find a way to cross the tar belt and make a decision, and bring this to an end. As you play, you can find Memory Chip locations, unlock pre-order bonuses and have to learn how to fight BTs and Mules, how Death Stranding multiplayer works, and to help you get around easier, how to get a bike and how to unlock fast travel in Death Stranding. Finally, the PC version has exclusive Death Stranding Half-Life cross-over quests.

Order 62: Repair: Chiral Relay

  • Objective: Take the cargo to UCA-41-011: Potential Chiral Relay Construction Site to the far south west.
  • Tips: This is a huge amount of cargo to take, so we recommend packing the load-bearing Power Skeleton so you can pack it all on your person, and then some supplies on top. Despite the warning this will be the toughest delivery yet, the challenge here isn't difficult terrain, or even BTs (you shouldn't encounter any) - it's just the distance, so as long as you don't mind that, you'll be fine. That said, it's quite some way - even if you go to Palaeontologist - the southern-most point - it's still a long journey! Load as much as you can on your back, get to the Paleontologist location - by zip-line if you can - then get a vehicle from a Safe Room and proceed south-west. There is essentially a mountain range that's the edge of a valley where a river runs through. The river is more shallow than it is, so don't worry about crossing it when you can. Head along, down and across, and you'll get there soon enough.
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Chiral Relay' to UCA Chiral Network, 'Heartman: Sending Likes!' hologram, 'Heartman: Resuscitation' hologram

Once done, you are given a mysterious objective to complete - find a way to cross the tar belt.

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