Players are doing sweet parkour in Minecraft thanks to the new honey blocks

Float like a butterfly.

Every time I log into Minecraft, you know what I'm thinking? This game would really benefit from some parkour. Not really, but the game has it now anyway thanks to the new honey block - which players have discovered possesses some pretty cool wall-riding properties.

Some very creative players (as is always the case with Minecraft) are using the newly-introduced block to make all kinds of parkour courses - Minecraft's Edge, if you will.

Made a small parkour course with the new honey mechanics from r/Minecraft
New Honey Block Parkour Idea from r/Minecraft

Honey blocks were introduced along with the cute little bees in the last Java Snapshot update, as well as the Bedrock beta. They can be made by putting four honey bottles - that you've harvested from a bee hive or nest - into a crafting table, and can be placed just like any other block in Minecraft.

These new blocks have more uses than just wall-running too - they reduce fall damage (but also reduce jump height if you're trying to leap off them, they are sticky after all), stick to other blocks, and can even be used to make conveyor belts with some cleverly-placed pistons.

Some bee-roll from reddit user HasseHynd.

If you're playing on the usual Bedrock version of Minecraft, you won't have access to these sweet blocks unless you're playing on the beta - but as luck would hive it, the bees update (and The Nether update) will likely be available by Christmas.

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