Control - Cleanse the Siphons strategy, reach Polaris

To cleanse the Siphons you must defeat several waves of Hiss.

You've finally reached the Hedron Chamber, but so, unfortunately, have the Hiss. To save Polaris, you must cleanse the corrupted Siphons.

To do this safely, however, you must kill the attacking waves of Hiss forces. Every time you cleanse a Siphon, a new wave of enemies will head your way.

This is one of the hardest sections in Control, so make sure your properly prepared.

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How to prepare for Cleanse the Siphons

Cleansing the Siphon consists of a series of long, very difficult, fights against hordes of the Hiss. These fights are akin to the boss battles you've previously fought.

On each platform you will face a range of Hiss enemies, with the number increasing on every platform.

These fights also take place on high platforms, so you have to make sure you don't accidentally run off a platform.

Depending on which platform your playing Control on, you might also experience some lag. This could occur when enemies spawn or while using Launch on larger objects.

Our setup for Cleanse the Siphons

Before you start cleansing the Siphons, make sure you have the best Personal and Weapon Mods equipped. Ideally at Absolute, the highest, level.

You should also have your preferred Weapon Form selected. Take the time to visit a Control Point to ensure that you don't have any Weapon Form upgrades that you might use waiting for you.


This is also the time to use any Ability Points that you have saved up. If you haven't already, the extra Launch abilities are worth unlocking.

You must have reached Launch 2 on the Launch skill tree to do this. The first extra Launch ability you can unlock is Launch Explosives, which will allow you to throw rocket launchers and grenades back at your enemies.


Finally, if you haven't unlocked Shield or Seize now is the time to do so. Both will allow you to defend yourself against the Hiss; Shield by creating a Shield and Seize by forcing a Hiss enemy to fight alongside you.

Shield is unlocked by completing A Good Defence and Seize is unlocked by completing A Captive Mind.

Cleanse the first three Siphons

Well - that didn't go well. Time to kill the Hiss that are attacking you.

Now you need to cleanse the Siphons. These are the satellite dishes beaming red energy at the big Hedron cube thing in the middle of the room.

The moment you finish cleansing the first Siphon, the Hiss will start attacking you. Kill off these Hiss and cleanse the next two Siphons, defeating the Hiss as you go.


If you die cleansing the next three Siphons, you'll be returned to the Dimensional Research Control Point. The bottom three Siphons will always remain cleansed, but your progress cleansing the Siphons on the raised platforms will reset.


Cleanse the fourth Siphon

Once you've cleansed the first three Siphons, you'll be able to reach the Siphon in the bottom right-hand corner of the room.

Levitate up to this new platform and take out the Hiss before cleansing the Siphon. You will face a Hiss Cluster, three Hiss Snipers and two Hiss Elevated.

Ideally take out the Hiss Cluster first, followed by the Snipers and take your time with the Elevated.


Once the Hiss are dead, cleanse the Siphon to rise the next area.

Cleanse the fifth Siphon

Don't leave the current platform yet, instead head to the northern end where a new section has risen up.

Levitate to the top of this new platform and you'll be able to see three Hiss Guards on the next platform. Use Launch and your Service Weapon to take out these Hiss at a distance and make the next fight slightly easier for yourself.

Take out the Hiss on the next platform.

When you're done, float down to the walkway and get onto the moving rock to reach the top of the new platform. Ready a Launch attack so that you can immediately start dealing damage to the Hiss.

On this platform you will face a collection of Hiss Demolition Experts, one Hiss Elevated and one Hiss Trooper. There is also a Hiss Sniper on a ledge above the tunnel area, which you can take out using a combination of Launch and Levitate.

The best tactic for the Hiss Trooper is to use the tunnel on this platform to your advantage. Attack the Hiss Trooper on one side, using a mixture of your Service Weapon and Launch, then run to the other end of the tunnel for some distance, before attacking again. Rinse. Repeat.

You can deal additional damage to the Hiss Trooper by throwing its grenades back at it.

Throw grenades at the Hiss Trooper for extra damage.

Once all the Hiss are dead, cleanse the Siphon to rise the next platform.

Cleanse the sixth Siphon

Like before, don't leave this platform straight away. Run to the edge facing the new platform and take out the three Hiss Soldiers already waiting for you at a distance.

Make sure you kill those Hiss before moving on.

After killing them, float back down to the main walkway and then use the moving block to the top of the platform. Ready a Launch attack for when you reach the top.

Make sure you deal the first blow.

Be prepared for quite a long fight. Depending on what platform you're playing Control on, you can always expect some lag. This may occur when new enemies spawn or when you use Launch on larger objects.

On this platform you will have to fight two Hiss Warped, three Hiss Elevated, a collection of Hiss Guards and Demolition Experts. In the final round a stronger Hiss Guard, Senior Agent ID EX-910, will appear.

The tactic we found worked best for this area was heading up onto the higher platform to take out the Hiss Warped first. This level also has a series of blocks on it, which you can use for cover.

Take out the Hiss Warped first.

When the Hiss Warped are dead, alternate between killing the Hiss Demolition Experts and Hiss Elevated.

Try to leave Senior Agent ID EX-910 till last. This will allow you to focus on them solely. Thankfully this Hiss doesn't have any special moves, meaning you can just Service Weapon it to death.

Try to create an area full of Health Elements.

Keeping to the upper level will also allow you to create piles of Health Elements, which you can quickly access. This will help you stay alive throughout the battle, because it stops you from having to search out Health Element.

Seize is also a really useful skill in this section, with the Hiss Elevated being your ideal targets. Seizing a Hiss Elevated will not only save you time, since you won't have to kill them, but they will also take out some of the Hiss attacking you.

Seize the Hiss Elevated for an advantage.

Eventually, you will kill all the Hiss on this platform, allowing you to cleanse the last Siphon.

It’s time to journey into the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control. Our Control walkthrough can help you through the storyline missions, including Welcome to the Oldest House, Unknown Caller, Directorial Override, Old Boy’s Club, Threshold, My Brother's Keeper, The Face of the Enemy, Finnish Tango, Polaris and Take Control. You can also learn new supernatural powers by completing A Merry Chase, A Good Defence and A Captive Audience. We also have guides on upgrading the Service Weapon, your Abilities, how to use Weapon and Personal Mods, how to unlock every outfit and the solution to the Roulette Wheel puzzle.

Reach Polaris

With the Siphons all cleansed, you can now reach Polaris.

Three pillars will appear to the right of the Siphon you just cleansed. Climbing up these towers, using Levitate to move between them, to reach the top.

Fly up the pillars to reach Polaris.

Standing on the last pillar will complete Polaris and begin Take Control, the final mission of Control.

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