Harry Potter Wizards Unite Community Day event times and bonuses explained

Everything you need to know about Community Day in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Community Days have arrived in Harry Potter Wizard's Unite.

Community Days are designed to get players out into the world while playing Wizards Unite.

As with Pokémon Go's Community Day, every month for a three hour period, you'll be able to take advantage of a variety of special bonuses, which will help you level up and discover new Foundables.

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What is a Harry Potter Wizards Unite Community Day?

Community Days are designed to get players out and about playing Harry Potter Wizards Unite at the same time every month.

During each Community Day, you'll be able to take part in a limited-time event where you can take advantage of a variety of bonuses.

These bonuses could be anything from a decreased walking distance for Portkeys to an increased spawn rate for a specific Trace.

Taking part in Community Days will not only help you level up faster, but help you fill in your Foundable Registry.

With more wizards out in the world, you should also be able to tackle those higher levelled Wizarding Challenges at your local Fortress.


Harry Potter Wizards Unite Community Day dates and times and bonuses

The next Community Day for Harry Potter Wizards Unite is on Saturday, October 19th 2019.

The October Community Day will occur from 11am to 2pm in your local time.

Bonus 1: Odditiy Traces, including Vampire, Werewolf and Doxy oddities, will appear more frequently

Bonus 2: 3x Wizarding XP with all Oddities

Bonus 3: Oddities have the chance to reward Dark Arts Runestones

Bonus 4: Tonic for Trace Detection will only reveal Werewolf, Vampire and Doxy Oddities

Bonus 5: Partner Inns will grant increased Spell Energy

Bonus 6: Free Store Pack containing a tonic for Trace Detection, Spell Energy and Potion Ingredients

How to take advantage of a Harry Potter Wizards Unite Community Day

This Community Day is themed around confronting Confoundables.

Your first order of business for this Wizards Unite Community Day should be picking up your free Store Pack from Diagon Alley. October's Store Pack will supply you with Trace Detection tonic, Spell Energy and Potion Ingredients.

This Community Day is focused around the Oddity Traces, making this the perfect day to work on filling in the Oddity page. If you have any spare Dark Detectors then this would be a good day to use them on.

A good way to utilise the Dark Detectors would be to find a set of Inns that are in walking distance of one and other. You can then place your Dark Detector in one, or multiple, Inns and then walk between them; taking advantage of the Dark Detector bonus, while stocking up on Spell Energy.

It's also a good idea to ensure that you have a good stock of Exstimulo Potions ready to go.

Exstimulo Potions improve your Spell Casts during Traces and combat for a certain number of spell casts. These little bonuses will really help you save those more complicated Foundables.

If you'd prefer to take advantage of the Potion brewing bonuses this day offers, then take the time during the run up for the event to collect the ingredients you need to make Exstimulo Potions. Just remember to properly manage your inventory to ensure you have enough room for everything you need.

Since your going to be hunting down Traces, you should also considering using a Baruffio's Brain Elixir to receive double XP from Traces for 30 minutes.

At last, the Harry Potter: Wizard Unite's release date has arrived! Once you join a House in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the first things you need to do is learn how to battle in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, how to compete in Wizarding Challenges and Fortresses, how to perform Potion Master Notes, how to use the Greenhouses in Harry Potter Wizards Unite and unlock Portkey Portmanteaus. After that, it's time to decide what's the best Profession between Auror, Magizoologist and Professor. The second week of Brilliant Event: Back to Hogwarts has started! Looking for things to unlock? Our in-progress Harry Potter Wizards Unite Level rewards list can give you a view of what's to come.

How to prepare for a Harry Potter Wizards Unite Community Day

Potion brewing is a great way to prepare for a Community Day.

Preparation is key when it comes to Community Days. You don't want to finally find that one special Foundable, only to realise that you've run out of Spell Energy.

The first step of taking full advantage of a Community Day is to make sure you're fully stoked on Spell Energy. Without Spell Energy you won't be able to confront Confoundables, battle in Wizarding Challenges or help out in the Greenhouses.

You should also make sure that you're stocked up on Potions. You'll want to start brewing your potions several days in advance, as it can take some time to make all the potions you might need.

The second preparation step for this Community Day is Potion brewing.

Exstimulo Potions of all kinds are essential for this Community Day, since they improve your spell casts for a certain number of turns. If you're planning on hunting down some of the rarer Traces, then you'll want to add some Potent Exstimulo Potions to your inventory.

It would also be a good idea to brew some Baruffio's Brain Elixirs. This potion will double the amount of experience you receive from combating Traces, completing Wizarding Challenges and unlocking Portkeys for 30 minutes. On this Community Day, a Baruffio's Brain Elixir will allow you to get as much experience as possible from all the Foundable hunting you will be doing.

Community Days are also an excellent time to complete SOS Assignments and Registry pages. With the increased spawn rate for Trace, you should be able to discover some of those secret, story-based items.

Previous Community Days in Wizards Unite

The 3rd Wizards Unite Community Day:

Date: Saturday, September 21st 2019

Bonus 1 - Free Store Pack including 3 Strong Exstimulo Potions, 1 Tonic for Trace Detection and a collection of ingredients for Exstimulo Potions

Bonus 2 - Mysterious Artefact Traces will appear more regularly during event hours

Bonus 3 - more likely to encounter Hagrid's Umbrella, the Weasley Clock, the Mirror of Erised and the Time Turner encounters

Bonus 4 - Exstimulo Potions will have an increased effect in Combat and Encounters

Bonus 5 - the brew time for Exstimulo Potions will be reduced by 50%

Bonus 6 - Exstimulo Potion Master Notes will decrease brew time by 50% rather than 15%

Bonus 7 - Spell Energy will appear on the map

Bonus 8 - Inns will give out more Spell Energy

The 2nd Wizards Unite Community Day:

Date: Saturday, August 10th 2019

Bonus 1: Free Store Pack including Spell Energy

Bonus 2: XP bonuses when participating in Wizarding Challenges, with additional bonuses for playing with friends

Bonus 3: Healing potions will brew quicker and offer more Stamina when consumed

Bonus 4: Ingredients for Healing Potions will appear more frequently on the map

Bonus 5: Potions brewed using a Rental Cauldron will have their brew time reduced by 33%

The 1st Wizards Unite Community Day:

Date: Saturday, July 20th 2019

Bonus 1: Free Store Pack including 50 Spell Energy and 1 Barruifo's Brain Elixir, which grants 3x XP for 30 minutes

Bonus 2: Increased amount of Traces, especially Hogwarts School Traces

Bonus 3: 1-Hour Dark Detectors

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