Harry Potter Wizards Unite - Combat explained: How to battle, find Oddities and use Strategic Spells

How to fight monsters in the mobile Harry Potter game.

Fighting is an important part of Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Whether you want to tackle a Wizarding Challenge or are tracking down an Oddities - you'll be casting some combat spells.

Strategic Spells can turn the tide of a tough battle and a Potion can give you the extra boost you need to knock out a monster, especially if that monster is a Horned Serpent.

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How to prepare for battle in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

So you want to battle some magical creatures? Well, before you start performing those attack spells, you should ensure that you're properly prepared for combat.

First on your list should always be Spell Energy. Without Spell Energy you will be a sitting target for your enemies, unable to attack as they slowly whittle down your Stamina. You can collect Spell Energy by dining at the Inns found scattered across the map.

Spell Energy and Potions are essential parts of battling in Wizards Unite.

Inns have either blue, green or pink roofs. Spell Energy can also be found by completing Daily Assignments and you will sometimes receive it as Daily Treasure. Ideally you will want to have between 20 to 30 Spell Energy before you go into any battle, especially if you plan on tackling a Fortress alone.

Potions are also an important part of combat as you can use them to improve your spell casts and restore stamina during battle. You will definitely want to have a couple Healing Potions saved in your Vault just in case you get stuck in a tight situation.

Remember - while you can use Potions from Level 1, you have to reach Level 4 to access Potion Brewing.

The best way to maximise your Potion Brewing is to use the Master Notes to reduce the brewing time by 15%.

Where to find battles and Oddities in Harry Potter Wizard's Unite

There are two ways to engage in combat in Wizard's Unite. The first is by taking part in the Wizarding Challenges that can be found in Fortresses. The second is by tracking down Odditie Foundables.

A high level Odditie Trace in the wild.

Oddities are one of the Foundables that you can add to your Registry and its Trace is a picture of a purple wand. Selecting an Odditie Trace won't bring you a new Confoundable to dispel, instead you'll find yourself battling a monster.

You could be fighting a mischievous Pixie or a Horned Serpent. No matter your opponent, its defeat will reward you with an Odditie Fragment for your Registry.

Like the name suggests, Oddities have an unusual occurrence rate. Unlike the other Foundable Traces, they only occur during specific times of day. While the specific time for each Odditie is still very much for debate, on a whole they do seem to appear during the night - from 8pm to 8am.

When hunting down Oddities you will also want to pay attention to any light beams that may be coming from the Trace. These beams tell you the difficulty level of the monster you'll be fighting:

  • Traces without a beam will be easy matches, usually against a Leprechaun.
  • Yellow beams are medium level battles and can be against Erklings.
  • Red beams are high level battles and can be against Vampires or Horned Serpents. These are the battles you'll want to be prepared for, so make sure you have enough Spell Energy and Potions.

How to battle in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Combat in Wizard's Unite is nice and simple. To attack an enemy, simply select their thumbnail and you will enter into battle. During a Wizarding Challenge, you can't fight enemies that one of your teammates is already fighting.

A symbol - a white star with a blue background - will appear on your foe. Drag your wand cursor onto this symbol before the gold circle disappears to charge your attack. Once this meter has been filled, you will be able to cast a spell.

On left - preparing to attack an Erkling. On the right - defending against the jaws of a Horned Serpent

Casting a spell is done exactly the same way as when you have to attack a Confoundable - use your finger to create the glyph that is shown on the screen. Performing a spell correctly will allow you to make a sizeable dent into your enemy's hit points.

To defend yourself, drag your finger across the arrow that appears on the screen before your foe attacks. A successful defend will decrease the amount of damage you will receive from the enemies attack.

If you want to use a Potion, then select the Potion button in the bottom right hand corner. This will pause the battle, giving you enough time to select the Potion you wish to use, before throwing you into the fight.

Before beginning your wizarding adventure, you’ll want to join a Hogwarts House in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. After that you’ll need to learn how to battle, so you can compete in Wizarding Challenges at Fortresses or how to use Greenhouses, so that you can perform Potion Master Notes. You can also unlock Portkey Portmanteaus and choose a profession from Auror, Magizoologist or Professor. Don’t forget to take part in the monthly Community Day event either!

How to use Strategic Spells and Focus

A vital part to combat in Wizard's Unite is your chosen Profession - Auror, Magizoologist and Professor. Each Profession has its own strengths and weaknesses, plus a set of Strategic Spells that will give you an advantage over your opponent.

Strategic Spells and Focus can only be used during Wizarding Challenges. At the bottom of the Arena Screen you will find the Focus Bar. Collecting Focus from defeating foes will allow you to perform Strategic Spells that will assist both you and your team in completing the Wizarding Challenge. These have a range of different abilities, from allowing you to heal your teammates to increasing the amount of damage you can deal to your enemies.


To use a Strategic Spell, drag your chosen spell from the bar at the bottom of your screen and onto your target. Up to 5 Strategic Spells can be used on each foe and each Strategic Spell will cost a certain amount of Focus, so choose your spells wisely.

You can unlock Strategic Spells by increasing your expertise in your chosen Profession. This is achieved by unlocking Lessons through the use of Scrolls, Spell Books and Restricted Section Books.

Scrolls are found by completing Daily Assignments and levelling up a Challenge Rank or a Foundable Family rank. You gain Spell Books by levelling up your Challenge Family Ranks. Currently, you can only get Restricted Section Books by taking part in time-limited events.

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