Throwing the Flying Disc Toy and catching it again is one of Fortnite's many challenges.

Like toy-based challenges from previous years - from playing golf to the bouncy ball - it involves you using the Toy in a unique way.

How to get the Flying Disc Toy in Fortnite

As with every season, there is a Toy to unlock and keep as part of playing through the Battle Pass.

In Season 9, this is the Flying Disc Toy. To unlock the Flying Disc Toy, you have to reach Tier 35 of the Battle Pass.


There's another Flying Disc Toy you can unlock much later on at Tier 68, and either is fine to help you complete this challenge.

Once you have access to a Flying Disc, equip it in your Locker - it's in the Emotes slot - then enter a match.


How to throw the Flying Disc Toy and catch it before it lands in Fortnite

The challenge involves you throwing the Flying Disc Toy and then catching it before it lands.

The key to this is not throwing it away from you, as conventional frisbee convention suggests, but up in the air.

Doing so means it will visible and within running distance for you to then catch it when it falls to earth.

Catching is simply a case of running into the Flying Disc before it hits the ground. Do this correctly and a fanfare will play, indicating that it's been successful.

Here's a video from Amazing Ali on YouTube showing how it's done:

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Perhaps the hardest part is doing this without attracting the attention of other players. If you can, do this in a team-based mode - Team Rumble is a good bet - to minimise the number of enemies that could shoot you mid-attempt.

Remember you have the end of the season to complete this, so you have a number of weeks to tick this off the list.

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