Fortnite new Victory Umbrella revealed, all other Fortnite Umbrellas listed

Take a look at Fortnite's new Victory Umbrella - and all others from winning in previous seasons.

Fortnite Victory Umbrellas are unlockable gliders that show you've accomplished perhaps the most meaningful thing you can do in Fortnite - win a match.

Each Fortnite Season features a new Victory Umbrella, and provided you win a match in Solos, Duos or Squads during that Season, it's yours to keep.

It's usual for not only the glider reward to be an Umbrella, but also themed around the season in question - Season 6's horror theme was a spider's web, while Season 7's snow map was a snowman, for example.

Unlike most other cosmetics in the game, Victory Umbrellas cannot be bought - they have to be earned!

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Fortnite's new Victory Umbrella Holographic revealed

Here's a look at Season 9's Victory Umbrella, named Holographic:

Fortnite Umbrella 'Holographic'

The neon look ties directly into the Season's futuristic theme. Remember, you only have until the end of the Fortnite Season to unlock it, so make sure you get a Victory before it finishes!

Previous Fortnite Victory Umbrellas

If you have played Fortnite for a while, and managed a Victory in each Season, by now you'd have amassed quite the collection of Umbrellas.

Here's a look at each Victory Umbrella released in Fortnite so far, in reverse chronological order:

Fortnite Victory Umbrella for Season 8 (Palm Leaf):

Fortnite Umbrella 'Palm Leaf'

Fortnite Victory Umbrella for Season 7 (Snowfall):

Fortnite Umbrella 'Snowfall'

Fortnite Victory Umbrella for Season 6 (Webrella):

Fortnite Umbrella 'Webrella'

Fortnite Victory Umbrella for Season 5 (Beach Umbrella):

Fortnite Umbrella 'Beach Umbrella'

Fortnite Victory Umbrella for Season 4 (Wet Paint):

Fortnite Umbrella 'Wet Paint'

Fortnite Victory Umbrella for Season 3 (Paper Parasol):

Fortnite Victory Umbrella for Season 2 (Snowflake) - thanks ShadowWielder on reddit for the image:

Fortnite Umbrella 'Snowflake' (image credit ShadowWielder on reddit)

And that's your lot - there was no Victory Umbrella for Fortnite Season 1.

Other Fortnite Umbrellas

Getting a Victory in a given season is not the only way to get a Fortnite Umbrella - there are two other Umbrellas you can unlock in other circumstances:

Founder's Umbrella (purchase Save the World's Founders Pack and win a Victory Royale in any Season):

Fortnite Umbrella 'Founders' Umbrella'

The Umbrella (win a Victory Royale in any Season):

Fortnite Umbrella 'The Umbrella'

One Shot (win a Victory Royale during the John Wick event):

Fortnite Umbrella 'One Shot'

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How to unlock Fortnite Victory Umbrellas

Unlocking the current Fortnite Season Victory Umbrella is a simple case of earning a Victory Royale - hence the name.

Specifically, you'll want to win a match in one of Fortnite's core Battle Royale modes - Solo, Duos or Squads.

Though some select LTMs (Limited Time Modes) allow you to also get your hands on it by winning, by and large you need to play the core modes to earn that seasons Victory Umbrella.

In short, being on the winning side in Team Rumble isn't going to do it!

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