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Final Fantasy 12 - Gilgamesh boss location, requirements and strategies for the Rank VII Battle on the Big Bridge

How to take on Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy 12.

Here on this page of our Final Fantasy 12 Elite Hunts and Marks guide, we'll be taking you through everything you need to know in order to defeat Gilgamesh - a Rank VII Elite Mark for the Battle on the Big Bridge Hunt - including the Petitioner and Mark's locations, the Hunt requirements, and strategies for the battle itself.

If you're looking for one of the other Marks however, you can head back to our Final Fantasy 12 Hunts and Marks locations, requirements and strategies hub. For other tips and explainers meanwhile, head to our Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age guide and walkthrough, where we cover plenty more.

Gilgamesh and the Battle on the Big Bridge Hunt location and requirements

Before you get to the actual battle, here's everything you need to know about Gilgamesh and the Battle on the Big Bridge Hunt:

  • Prerequisites: You'll need the Site 11 Key from Antlion Infestation
  • Recommended level: 50+ for the first part, 60+ for the second
  • Petitioner location: Rabanastre, Clan House
  • Mark location: Lusu Mines, Tasche Span and Site 7
  • Reward: 10000 Gil, Masamune
  • Steal: Genji Gloves

Before you start, grab some Thief's Cuffs and give them to someone with the Steal Technick - you don't want to miss out on the Genji Gloves! It's one of the most useful items in the game and also one of the most elusive - if you miss it, you can get it again in the Trials, but getting it here too is recommended.

This mark is taken down in two stages, but the second is significantly tougher than the first so you may want to do one and then come back for the other when you've levelled up some more.

Part 1

The petitioner is Montblanc, so you don't need to speak to anyone else once you've got the hunt, and your mark is really easy to find. Teleport to the crystal in Transitway 2 of Lhusu Mine and exit to the west, and he'll drop in as you head towards the far end. Gilgamesh has five "stances" throughout the fight, each separated by a cutscene, and the amount of damage he does increases in each stance.

Gilgamesh strategies and how to defeat it

Stance 1

At the start of the fight, focus all your attention on Enkidu - as well as being able to hit you for a chunk of damage he's a nuisance and can inflict status effects on your party and place buffs on Gilgamesh. Enkidu attacks like a normal wolf enemy, although obviously he can deal and take a lot more punishment. He does almost as much damage as Gilgamesh but has a fraction of the HP, so getting rid of him early makes your job a whole lot easier.

Gilgamesh almost exclusively stick to physical attacks. He can chain them together, so expect to suffer 1000-1500HP damage per attack in the early phases.

Stance 2

If Enkidu is still alive Gilgamesh will give him orders more frequently, but other than doing a bit more damage nothing much changes.

Stance 3

The only change here is additional damage.

Stance 4

Once again, more damage. At this point start sending whoever has the Thief's Cuffs in for a Steal attempt - you may want to stop attacking and just focus on keeping your thief alive until he's grabbed the Genji Shield.

Stance 5

At the start of this stance Gilgamesh will erect a Perfect Defence and be immune to all forms of attack, so you'll need to just wait it out - you can't even Steal from him at this point. Once he's done two Ultimate Illusion attacks - they can deal 1500HP damage to several party members if you're all stood together - his defense will drop, but again you may want to hold off on attacking until your thief grabs the Genji Gauntlet.

When his HP hits rock bottom Gilgamesh will run away - you may have won the fight, but the war isn't over yet!

Part 2

Not only is the main fight tougher in this part of the hunt, just getting there can be a strain. Make your way to the cave where you fought the Antlion and unlock the door using the Site 11 Key you acquired after completing that hunt. The enemies beyond this are in the 58-62 level range so they can sting a little!

For more help with? Final Fantasy 12? Our Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age guide, walkthrough, Switch and Xbox differences gives an overview of the game to get you started. Elsewhere, there's our hidden Espers strategy and locations and Elite Hunts and Marks pages, how to get the best Zodiac Jobs for each character, advice on farming LP from Jellies and even how to get the Zodiac Spear.

Head for the north west corner of Site 11 and use the switch top open the gate to the east. Head across the bridge and you'll end up in a new cave section. The quickest route to your destination is to follow the cave east and round the corner to the north, turn right and enter the next area, and then just turn right and follow the path, but it's worth exploring the area fully; there are a couple of passages that won't be marked on your map, and there's a chance of some decent loot drops.

When you reach the save crystal be sure to loot the treasure in that room - it's the only place the Scathe Black Magick can be obtained, and that comes in very handy in some later encounters.

As before the fight is broken up into five “stances” and the pattern is very similar, but the amount of damage he deals has gone up substantially - even at level 65 he may be able to one-shot you if you're unlucky.

Stance 1

As before, but Gilgamesh throws in some magic attacks - anyone with a level divisible by 2 needs to be on the lookout for Sleep, divisible by 3 it's Disable, and 4 is Break, so equip your characters appropriately, and have gambits ready to deal with them if needed.

Stance 2

As before.

Stance 3

His Bitter End can deal 4000HP damage, and he may try several in a row so be ready to resurrect the fallen!

Stance 4

Stop attacking and send your thief in, then resume your assault when they've grabbed the Genji Helmet. Even Gilgamesh's regular attacks will be hitting for over 2000HP now.

Stance 5

Perfect Defence appears again, so as before wait it out, and cast Bubble if you have it - after two attacks of Monarch's Sword his shield will drop, but that particular attack can hit for more than 9000HP (IT'S OVER 9000!) so will easily one-shot anyone not prepared. When he's no longer invulnerable Steal the Genji Armour from him and then beat him down - once he hits critical a Quickening Chain may be a safe bet.

Once he's down he runs away again leaving a sword behind, but you can't pick it up. As you leave the room another cutscene will play, and if Ashe is your party leader it'll have an extra second or so of “comedy”.

Go back and see Montblanc. In addition to a nice stack of cash and a decent sword you'll also get Excalipur. With a damage of 1 it's useless in combat, but it's a handy way for higher-level characters to be able to get low level monsters to Critical HP in order to Poach items from them.

Be sure to cycle back to our main Final Fantasy 12 Marks and Hunts strategy guide for more on those, otherwise head to our primary Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age guide and walkthrough hub for plenty more on the game in general!

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