Apex Legends cross platform support: Everything we know so far about how cross platform might work

Apex Legends will be cross platform in some ways and not others - here's what we know right now.

Apex Legends cross platform support was one of the most frequently asked questions when the free-to-play shooter was released.

Between Apex Legends releasing on multiple platforms at once, the battle royale genre having previous form for offering cross platform multiplayer (see Fortnite) and it being very popular, everyone is eager to complete alongside friends regardless of their system of choice.

The good news is cross platform play for Apex Legends is happening - but when and when we're not exactly sure. Here's what we know so far.

Will Apex Legends have cross platform multiplayer?

The short answer is, yes - Apex Legends will be cross platform, but not right now.

In an interview with Eurogamer just before Apex Legends launched, Respawn explained cross platform multiplayer is in the works, but there are no specifics as to when it'll appear.


"Yeah, not at launch unfortunately," lead producer Drew McCoy said, "but we do have plans for allowing players to play with their friends on other platforms. No time frame for that unfortunately."

With an Apex Legends roadmap already established for the year ahead, chances are developer Respawn will internally have an idea of when it could be implemented - but it's simply a case of wait and see for now.

Will Apex Legends offer cross progress or cross purchases?

Though Apex Legends cross platform play is on the cards, your account and progress will be restricted to each individual platform.

Also talking to Eurogamer, lead producer Drew McCoy explained: "Unfortunately we won't ever be able to do cross-progress or cross-purchases, which is a bummer, but due to the way systems were set up early on we can't reconcile it after the fact."


What this means in practice is, your unlocks, purchases and stats will be restricted to each individual platform, so you cannot start on PS4 and then access the same account details on PC. So before you make any serious time or money investments with the game, make sure you pick the platform you'll be happy with long term.

The Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass, Battle Charge is here, bringing Apex Legends map changes and updates and a refreshed Apex Legends characters list, with the introduction of Wattson in Apex Legends, plus new Apex Legends Daily and Weekly Challenges! If you're a newbie, then head to our whopping list of Apex Legends tips and tricks to get you started. Otherwise, we've pages on Apex Legends weapon damage stats and the best Apex Legends weapons, and finally details on Apex Legends cross-platform support that might come down the line.

How might Apex Legends cross platform play work?

With Apex Legends cross platform capability details thin on the ground, how exactly the feature could work is speculation - but other cross platform games might provide some ideas.

Fellow battle royale shooter Fortnite, which currently offers cross-platform multiplayer to all systems it's available on - that's between PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, iOS and Android - uses your Epic Account to see who else is playing on a different system. Rocket League, meanwhile, is set to use the RocketID system when it debuts later this year.

Chances are Apex Legends will operate in a similar way, having you log into an Origin account to see friends playing on other systems, then send an invite and go from there.


Though it's assumed Apex Legends will be cross-platform between all three systems the game is currently available on - PS4, Xbox One and PC - there's a chance it could be restricted to PC and either console, at least to begin with. After all, cross-platform support on PlayStation is still in beta.

Fortnite started that way, and though PlayStation soon relented and allowed PlayStation to Xbox play within a handful of months, it's unknown whether this will be on the cards from the off. (Our cross platform investigation explains why these things aren't as straightforward as they may seem.)

Finally, when cross platform support does arrive, don't assume you'll be paired against teams with a mouse and keyboard if you're using a console. Using Fortnite as another example, it always keeps you matched against others on the same platform until you play with a cross platform squad - pitting you against cross platform teams also - keeping things fair for those who don't plan to use cross platform play at all.

In the meantime - if you want to focus on what's in the game right now, our Apex Legends character classes can give you an overview of the various abilities at your disposal.

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