The Apex Legends Battle Pass is here at last, with the Season 1 Battle Pass being titled the Wild Frontier.

Players can expect a total of 100 Battle Pass rewards, ranging from weapon and character skins to Apex Credits and Apex Packs, and more.

We'll detail everything we know about the freshly-announced Battle Pass below, and update this page with more in-depth details as we get them now it's live! We've also kept our outline of the Apex Legends roadmap for future updates below, too.

There's also the confirmation of Apex Legends cross-platform play to come at some point - though that seems to be a separate initiative initially.

Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1 - Wild Frontier

If you're familiar with the Fortnite Battle Pass, you'll probably find the Apex Legends one nice and easy to understand - because it's structured pretty similarly.

Apex Legends Battle Pass and Season 1 explained

The Battle Pass lasts the length of Season 1, which is titled Wild Frontier. Technically the Battle Pass is a part of Season 1, because Wild Frontier features two things: this Battle Pass, and the new Legend, Octane.


The Battle Pass indroduces a handful of free rewards, which can be earned by anyone, and then for those who buy the Battle Pass there are 100 other, premium rewards. You'll earn one reward for each level of the Battle Pass - up to level 100. To progress through the levels, you need to gain Battle Pass XP and in doing so increase your Battle Pass Level.

Your Battle Pass Level is different to your account level in Apex Legends, to be clear, although you earn XP for both in very similar ways - by playing the game!

Wild Frontier season details

Wild Frontier is the name of Season 1, and the big addition seems to be the incoming new character, Octane - although he isn't a part of the Battle Pass itself (but you will find some exclusive Octane skins in there, at least).

Other than Octane's impending arrival, there are some more themed skins - although that theme doesn't seem to be much more than the ususal Apex Legends junkyard aesthetic, with some matching orangey-yellow colours - and an awful lot of badges and trackers. Lovely.

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass start date, price, and how it works

Apex Legends's Battle Pass for Season 1 went live on Tuesday, 19th March 2019.

There are three ways you can get involved with the Battle Pass: playing for free, buying the standard Battle Pass, or buying the Battle Pass Bundle.


Apex Legends Battle Pass Bundle, price and rewards explained

Here's a quick breakdown of those three different types of pass:

  • Free Battle Pass rewards - You can level up your Battle Pass Levels like usual, but only access the free Rewards, and only when you reach their Level in the Battle Pass. So you'll get the Wild Frontier Legend Skin at Battle Pass Level 48, for instance, even if you don't buy the pass. The other free rewards are 5 Apex Packs and 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers, handed out along the way.
  • Battle Pass rewards - 950 Apex Coins (around £8). The standard Battle Pass grants access to all 100 rewards. One reward per level, instantly awarded as soon as you unlock them. You also get the free rewards when you reach their respective level in the Battle Pass too, of course.
  • Battle Pass Bundle - 2,800 Apex Coins (around . Unlocks 25 more Levels of the Battle Pass, whatever level you're currently at. You could reach level 75 and then buy this bundle to skip you to 100, for instance, or you could buy it at the start and jump straight up to 25, the choice is yours.

The passes - the Battle Pass itself and the more expensive Battle Pass Bundle - can only be purchased in-game, so don't trust any third-parties offering to sell it online. The Battle Pass itself also features Apex Coins as rewards for several of its tiers - similarly to Fortnite's Battle Pass, which offers enough in-game currency as reward for you to buy the next Battle Pass from your in-game earnings alone.

The cheapest way to get the two types of Battle Pass at the moment are by buying 1,000 Coins for £7.99, or 2,150 coins plus another 1,000 for a total of 3,150 coins at £23.98.

It is indeed possible to earn enough Apex Coins from the Battle Pass to purchase the next 950 Apex Coin Battle Pass for Season 2 without having to pay any more - you can earn 1,000 Apex Coins in total from progressing through it. So essentially if you play enough and earn enough rewards, you'll only ever need to buy the first Battle Pass to keep on unlocking new passes as they come.

Note, too, that you will earn XP towards your Battle Pass Level even if you don't buy the pass. So you could reach, say, Level 30 without spending a penny on the game, then buy the Battle Pass, and you'll unlock all of the rewards for up to Level 30 so far. There's no risk of missing any rewards as long as you buy a Pass at some point!


The rewards earned from the Battle Pass are exclusive, won't be made available again after the Season has ended, and can't be found in-game by any other means, which is another incentive to dive in.

Season 1 is planned to last for three months, with Season 2 coming hot on its heels in June! More on that in the section below, detailing the long-term Apex Legends roadmap.

Apex Legends Battle Pass rewards list - what's included in the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass?

Battle Pass LevelRewardFree Reward
1 Revolutionary Lifeline Skin, Outlaw Mirage Skin, Survivor Wraith Skin -
2 Harvest Triple Take Skin Apex Pack
3 Wraith Tracker - Season 1 Kills -
4 Patchwork Hemlock Skin Gibraltar Tracker - Season 1 Wins
5 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
6 Opening Season Bangalore Quip Pathfinder Tracker - Season 1 Wins
7 50 Apex Coins -
8 Bloudhound Tracker - Season 1 Kills Wraith Tracker - Season 1 Wins
9 Navigator Prowler Skin -
10 Wild Frontier Level Badge Bangalore Tracker - Season 1 Wins
11 50 Apex Coins -
12 BP Point Boost: +5% survival time as BP per squad member. Apex Pack
13 Funny Bones Mirage Frame -
14 Navigator Longbow Skin Bloudhound Tracker - Season 1 Wins
15 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
16 Opening Season Mirage Quip Caustic Tracker - Season 1 Wins
17 50 Apex Coins -
18 Flight Risk Octane Frame Mirage Tracker - Season 1 Wins
19 Patchwork Spitfire Skin -
20 Wild Frontier Level Badge Lifeline Tracker - Season 1 Wins
21 50 Apex Coins -
22 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. Octane Tracker - Season 1 Wins
23 Silk Road Wraith Frame -
24 Navigator Mozambique Skin Apex Pack
25 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
26 Epic Apex Pack Caustic Tracker - Season 1 Damage
27 Season Opening Pathfinder Quip -
28 Mirage Tracker - Season 1 Kills Bangalore Tracker - Season 1 Damage
29 Harvest Kraber Skin -
30 Wild Frontier Level Badge Gibraltar Tracker - Season 1 Damage
31 50 Apex Coins -
32 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. Bloodhound Tracker - Season 1 Damage
33 Pathfinder Tracker - Season 1 Kills -
34 Patchwork EVA Skin Apex Pack
35 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
36 Opening Season Caustic Quip Lifeline Tracker - Season 1 Damage
37 50 Apex Coins -
38 Caustic Tracker - Season 1 Kills Octane Tracker - Season 1 Damage
39 Navigator Flatline Skin -
40 Wild Frontier Level Badge Wrath Tracker - Season 1 Damage
41 50 Apex Coins -
42 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. Mirage Tracker - Season 1 Damage
43 Apex Pack -
44 Patchwork Alternator Skin Pathfinder Tracker - Season 1 Damage
45 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
46 Opening Season Gibraltar Quip Apex Pack
47 50 Apex Coins -
48 Gibraltar Tracker - Season 1 Kills Messenger Octane Skin
49 Harvest Peacekeeper Skin -
50 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
51 Thrill of the Hunt Prowler Skin -
52 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. -
53 Apex Pack -
54 Harvest Devotion Skin -
55 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
56 Opening Season Wraith Quip -
57 100 Apex Coins -
58 Octane Tracker - Season 1 Kills -
59 Patchwork Mastiff Skin -
60 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
61 Pick Me Up Lifeline Frame -
62 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. -
63 100 Apex Coins -
64 Harvest P2020 Skin -
65 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
66 Opening Season Bloodhound Quip -
67 100 Apex Coins -
68 Lifeline Tracker - Season 1 Kills -
69 Patchwork Havoc Skin -
70 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
71 Nock Down Bloodhound Frame -
72 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. -
73 Apex Pack -
74 Harvest R99 Skin -
75 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
76 Open Season Octane Quip -
77 100 Apex Coins -
78 Bangalore Tracker - Season 1 Kills -
79 Navigator Wingman Skin -
80 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
81 Land of Giants Gibraltar Frame -
82 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. -
83 Apex Pack -
84 Patchwork RE-45 Skin -
85 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
86 Legendary Apex Pack -
87 100 Apex Coins -
88 Slaughterhouse Caustic Frame -
89 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. -
90 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
91 Building Bridges Pathfinder Frame -
92 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. -
93 Apex Pack -
94 Patchwork G7 Scout Skin -
95 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
96 Open Season Lifeline Quip -
97 100 Apex Coins -
98 Sharpened Senses Bangalore Frame -
99 Harvest R-301 Skin -
100 Wild Frontier Level Badge, The Silver Horn Havoc Skin, The Golden Idol Havoc Skin, Season 1 Badge -

Apex Legends Roadmap for 2019 explained

Developer Respawn has revealed what to expect from the Apex Legends Roadmap for the coming year (thanks Purpletoaster20 on reddit):


If the above image is a little difficult to read, then the pertinent details are:

  • There are four seasons in 2019, the first arriving in March
  • Each season will be three months in length
  • Each season offers a Battle Pass, new Legends (Apex Legends character classes), new weapons and new loot

As for Apex Legends season and Battle Pass timings, we know that:

  • Apex Legends Season 1 begins in March
  • Apex Legends Season 2 begins in June
  • Apex Legends Season 3 begins in September
  • Apex Legends Season 4 begins in December

For more like this, start with our whopping rundown of Apex Legends tips and tricks to get you started. Otherwise, the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass is here! With it comes the new Legend Octane, and the other Apex Legends characters and classes,plus we've pages on Apex Legends weapon damage stats and the best Apex Legends weapons, details on Apex Legends cross-platform support, a closer look at the first Apex Legends map, features, and new maps that may come in the future, all Apex Legends Nessy locations for the Loch Ness monster easter egg, the and Legendary Hunt start time and challenges, too.

What else do we know about the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass?

Now we know the basics like the price - and the fact it's pretty similar to the likes of Fortnite, for example, as Fortnite's Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks (you can buy a bundle of 1,000 V-Bucks for around £8 / $10) and provides very similar rewards - there are just a few questions that remain.

Here's what we're still digging into - expect updates very soon!

  • How exactly is Battle Pass XP earned?
  • Octane, one of the Apex Legends new Legends and character classes, is available separately from the pass.
  • There aren't any challenges this season, but it seems likely there will be in future seasons.
  • There don't seem to be any map changes yet - but will there be some over time?

A few final questions then, still! Apex Legends fits the mould of what we expect from a battle royale game, and so far it looks like the Battle Pass is pretty par for the course, too.

Additional writing by Matthew Reynolds.

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