Anthem Interceptor build and abilities - the best Interceptor builds

Abilities, loadouts, and the best build ideas for your Anthem Interceptor class.

Interceptor builds in Anthem are all about agility and high damage output, with increased mobility and damage coming at the expense of defenses - in other words, lower armour and shields.

Here, we'll detail the best Anthem Interceptor build that we've found so far, along with any other little tips or tricks for playing the Interceptor class, and a full listing of the Interceptor's abilities so you can plan your own builds in advance, too.

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Anthem Interceptor abilities and loadouts

The Interceptor javelin class is focussed on agility and high melee damage, with the idea being that you get in, deal a load of damage, and get out quickly to move onto the next target. Always stay on the move with this one, as it's the squishiest of the lot if you do get caught.

Interceptor gear slot 1 options - Assault Systems

  • Searching Glaive: Throws a homing glaive dealing Impact damage.
  • Cluster Mine: Throws a group of mines at an area dealing Blast damage when activated.
  • Venom Bomb: Primer, grenade that covers enemies with Acid in an AoE.
  • Cryo Glaive: Primer, locks on up to two nearby targets and freezes them on impact.
  • Spark Dash: Detonator, dashes you forwards leaving behind a trail of Lightning damage.

Interceptor gear slot 2 options - Strike Systems

  • Plasma Star: throws a long-range shuriken at a single target dealing Impact damage.
  • Wraith Strike: sends out a projection of your Javelin that deals Impact damage to enemies.
  • Detonating Strike: Primer (even though it has 'Detonating' in the name), melee attack that deals Lightning damage to an enemy, which explodes if killed while the effect is active.
  • Venom Spray: Primer sends out a spray of Acid effect onto enemies in an area.
  • Tempest Strike: Detonator melee attack dealing strong Impact damage.

Interceptor Melee

  • Bladed Daggers: Detonator which has very low cooldown, making it your primary means of attacking.

Interceptor Support options

  • Target Beacon - marks an enemy, making them take increased damage from you and allies.
  • Rally Cry - clears any negative status effects from your whole team.

Interceptor Ultimate

  • Assassin's Blades: Detonator, greatly increases melee damage and makes you invulnerable. Melee attacks also deal damage over time to enemies over a 10 second period, after you hit them.

Interceptor Combo Effect

  • Aura - Gives you an Aura which spreads the elemental effect of your combo to enemies around you.

The best Anthem Interceptor build and other Interceptor strategies

As you're probably already away by now, the Interceptor is an 'assassin' class - it's all about dealing high damage in close, melee range, and then using your excellent mobility to move on to another target safely. Here's our advice for the best builds and strategies so far.

Interceptor build ideas and advice

  • The most popular self-comboing build we've seen is to run the Venom Bomb grenade as your primer, which hits a large group of enemies at once, and then using your melee attacks to detonate or, for a high-value single target, the Tempest Strike detonator in your second slot. Even as you get to higher difficulties and it becomes harder to focus on a combo build, the Venom Bomb is still a great option because of its resistance-reducing capabilities.
  • Alternatviely though you can actually run two Primers and just detonate with melee attacks - or, you could run all detonators, seeing as it's so easy to detonate with the Interceptor that it naturally fits into that role, and allow your teammates, like maybe a Storm player, to do the priming for you.
  • As you progress into the endgame and want to tackle the higher Grandmaster difficulties, however, you'll find that much of the Interceptor's Combo strategies leave you too exposed - the Interceptor is just too flimsy to spend so much time up close in the middle of all the action on the game's highest difficulties.
  • For Grandmaster difficulties - especially GM2 and GM3 - we recommend you build around things like recovery and ultity: flight cooling speed, shield recovery speed after taking damage, pickup range for health and ammo drops, and the like. Your damage output needs to come from short and medium-range weapons with high amounts of ammo per magazine (so look for ammo clip size inscriptions too), whilst you focus on constantly moving, using dodge-jump combinations to get in, empty a clip, get out to reload, and repeat.
Interceptor Grandmaster 2 gameplay from r/AnthemTheGame

Interceptor playstyle and strategies

  • Playstyle with the Interceptor is obviously about speed and agility - but it can be easy to think you're playing fast when you're actually not really going fast at all. Check out that video above for an example of some incredibly high-skill play on Grandmaster 2 difficulty, from redditor SFNF_
  • The other thing to note about the Interceptor is that it actually makes one of the best sniper classes, despite being geared towards melee attacks and combos on the surface. Check out this ludicrous damage on redditor Smayss' build. Opting for one auto pistol for close-range, intricately maneuvred damage-dealing, and a sniper for cycling through hiding, recovering, and blasting out damage for bosses and similar targets like Titans, is probably the best playstyle on the Interceptor at higher levels. It just doesn't have the survivability for the very close-range melee builds at GM2 and GM3 - at least in our experience!

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