Far Cry New Dawn photo locations: How to complete the A Thousand Words mission

Where to find all photo locations in Far Cry New Dawn.

Far Cry New Dawn's photo location mission A Thousand Words isn't tricky exactly, but it does require a little time and effort, not to mention a whole lot of exploration.

Set 17 years after the events of its predecessor, Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn takes an apocalyptic turn for the worst that decimates the landscape we'd come to know so well. Sob.

If that makes you feel a little nostalgic, turns out you're not alone; Far Cry 5 alumni Tracey Lader has scoured Hope County in a bid to recreate photographs she'd taken before the collapse, and it's your job to find out just where the snaps of these special landmarks were taken.

While you can purchase a map of the photo locations through the Cartography office, we thought you might prefer to put that hard-earned Ethanol to better use and have put together a Far Cry New Dawn photo locations list for you.

If you're looking for more things to collect, our Far Cry New Dawn music player locations page can help.

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How to start the 'A Thousand Words' photo mission in Far Cry New Dawn

To get started, you'll need to examine the box of photographs in your homebase, Prosperity. Go up the stairs in the main building, head across the balcony, and you'll see a prompt that suggests you should investigate.

From there, nine photographs from Hope County's heydays will be added to your inventory, and the mission A Thousand Words will commence.


It's not just pointless busywork, either; there's a handy perk point for every photo you take, and a bonus five when you complete the task. Oh, and you'll unlock the trophy/achievement 'Before' on your completion of the mission, too.

Please note: When we say head "east" we mean head right as if you're looking at the map. And while we've done our best to keep this spoiler-free, even the locations and notes themselves may contain unwanted spoilers, so please proceed with caution if you're trying to remain spoiler-free!

The Pantry photo location

Let's start off with an easy one, eh? Immediately to the east of The Pantry Outpost - only about 80 metres or so - you'll find Tracy's table. Read the letter, pull out the camera, and you should get this shot immediately without any fiddly lining up to do...


John Seed's Home photo location

Just a little way west of Prosperity lies the wreckage of John Seed's home, and what a pleasure it is to see in ruins, too. Again, you should be able to trigger this shot without too much faff; read the note, lift the camera, and say "cheese" to our dearly departed brother John...


Dam photo location

As the story campaign draws you towards the Northernmost tip of Hope County, you'll find another hidden photograph location right on the waters edge here. Just before the compound at the top, turn left and jump down toward Tracey's table, then turn to your right to hold aloft your photo.

This one might take a little finesse - I found moving a little towards the Dam helped - but you'll soon hit that sweet spot.


Joseph Seed's Home photo location

As the map begins to narrow as you head northwards, you'll find this location on the western side of the island on which Joseph Seed used to call home. Once again, Tracey's table is right on the edge of the water, and Seed's ruined church lies right in front of you. It's okay - Joe's not around to chase you away anymore. Snap away.


Mastodon Geothermal Park photo location

To the east of Chateau Boshaw lies what remains of Far Cry 5's Mastodon Geothermal Park. Spawn in, and you'll find Tracey's table up the gentle hill behind you. Not going to lie; this took me forever to line up, and without the Mammoths to help with the perspective it's a tad tricky, but turn a little to the left and you should get the snapshot you're after.


Broken Tears Bridge photo location

From Broken Tears, turn right/eastward from the damaged bridge and head down toward the water's edge (detecting a pattern here?). You'll find Tracey's table behind the rock you see jutting out, close to the grapple point.

Again, this wasn't an easy one to align but I found that standing directly on top of the camera on the mat and lifting the picture so it sits a just little higher than the bridge itself worked for me.


Rye and Daughter Aviation photo location

It's a big place, Rye and Daughter Aviation, but if you head down / south towards the road, look back, you should - sadly - see the remains of Nick's home, identifiable as part of the building juts out on stilts. Tracey's table is further south from the front of the building and recreating this pic should be quick if not quite painless (poor Nick).


Fall's End photo location

Head west from the Chop Shop outpost - the sad remains of what used to be Fall's End - and move towards a dangerously leaning water tower with, for inexplicable reasons, the remains of a plane strapped on top of it.

It's not easy to find Tracey's table here as there's a lot of bushes and plants in the way, but if you move around the tower until the rotating propeller points westerly and move backwards, you should eventually stumble upon it. From there, it's just a matter of lifting the camera and snapping the shot.


Refinery photo location

Let's finish on an easy one, eh? Head north out of the Refinery, and you'll see Tracey's table not near water this time, but instead in the middle of a clearing, looking directly at the ruins of the outpost. Job done!


All done and looking for more things to collect? Our Far Cry New Dawn music player locations might do the trick.

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