Lavish Lovecraftian board game Mansions of Madness down to 60

O rl'yeh?

Hi-tech horror board game Mansions of Madness is down to £59.99 at Amazon - its lowest-ever price at the retailer.

Steeped in the unknowable terrors of the Lovecraft mythos, it promises an immersive story replete with more blood-curdling hijinx than you can drape a cursed tentacle (or 12) on. Merry Cthulhumas!

Mansions of Madness - Second Edition

Up to five intrepid investigators enter a haunted mansion to untangle a doomed mystery. Think Scooby, except instead of a bloke dressed up as a ghost, you're dealing with Cthulhu, and similar world-eating horrors that defy all reason.

You'll find yourself burning corpses to stop them reanimating, chasing gibbering cult members down into secret basements, and probably going nuts and murdering one of your team mates with a candlestick - providing you last that long.

While this is certainly one of the more pricey board games (it tends to retail at around £90), Gods does it come with a lot of stuff!

500 pieces in total, including over 30 detailed miniatures - most of which depict a trove of ghastly monsters wielding unearthly appendages, as you'd expect.

Mansions of Madness - a selection of included pieces and miniatures

Unlike previous incarnations, the latest edition of Mansions of Madness requires no Dungeon Master (a player that runs the game), instead relying on a mobile/PC app to do the heavy lifting, even including spooky background music, and lowering the setup time. As such, it's entirely co-operative.

If you're after a horrifying experience in a mansion with a slightly less ginormous price-tag, we can't recommend Betrayal at House on the Hill enough - which retails at around £30 usually.

Additionally, if you don't dig Cthulhu but love the idea of immersive storytelling games (welcome to the Theatre of the Mind, folks), take a gander at our best creative storytelling games, and our guide to getting started in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Happy games hunting!

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