The Apex Legends Roadmap gives us an idea of what to expect from the future of Respawn's battle royale game.

As a genre that thrives on regular updates to keep the game fresh and audience interest high, Apex Legends has already outlined how it's offering post-release content - from seasons to an Apex Legends Battle Pass.

Details are thin on the ground, but we do know we can expect new Apex Legends character classes, new weapons and loot throughout 2019.

There's also the confirmation of Apex Legends cross-platform play - though that seems to be a separate initiative initially.

Apex Legends Roadmap for 2019 explained

Developer Respawn has revealed what to expect from the Apex Legends Roadmap for the coming year (thanks Purpletoaster20 on reddit):


If the above image is a little difficult to read, then the pertinent details are:

  • There are four seasons in 2019, the first arriving in March
  • Each season will be three months in length
  • Each season offers a Battle Pass, new Legends (Apex Legends character classes), new weapons and new loot

As for Apex Legends season and Battle Pass timings, we know that:

  • Apex Legends Season 1 begins in March
  • Apex Legends Season 2 begins in June
  • Apex Legends Season 3 begins in September
  • Apex Legends Season 4 begins in December

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What might Apex Legends' Battle Pass and new Seasons offer?

What the Apex Legends Battle Pass will feature is currently unknown. However, the concept of a Battle Pass isn't new, with other battle royale games offering something similar.

For example, Fortnite's Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks (you can buy a bundle of 1,000 V-Bucks for around £8 / $10) and provides instant access to new costumes, XP boosts and exclusive challenges that rollout throughout the season. Playing games and completing these challenges progresses you through 100 tiers, offering more cosmetics - from weapon and vehicle wraps to emotes, new axes, gliders, contrails and music tracks. You also earn back more V-Bucks than what it costs to buy it, and if you don't buy one at all, you can still progress through the tiers and unlock a fraction of the content on offer.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout's Black Market, meanwhile, offered a similar tier progression system, with cosmetic stickers, tags, emotes, loot boxes, and new outfit and weapon skins provided as rewards.

Then there's the concept of seasons. In Fortnite, these see various changes to the game become part of a hallmark event, and roll out alongside each new Battle Pass - offering new map locations, vehicles, weapons or items.

The one-two punch of Fortnite's Battle Pass and Season changes is arguably the industry standard of how to keep players invested in your game over time, so for Apex Legends to adopt it is encouraging. Whether Apex Legends will approach things similarly - or offer their own take - has yet to be seen.

It's also worth noting both Fortnite and Blackout offered a different form of progression than standard match XP to advance through these various Battle Pass tiers - something we imagine Apex Legends might have to add.

So here's the details we'd like to know:

  • How will Apex Legends Battle Pass progression work?
  • Can the Apex Legends Battle Pass be purchased with both in-game and real world currency?
  • Are new Apex Legends character classes tied to the purchase of the Battle Pass?
  • Are there challenges that rollout throughout the season?
  • How much of the Apex Legends Battle Pass can you access without purchasing it? Will some tiers be free?
  • Will each new Apex Legend season offer map changes, or simply new weapons and loot?

A lot of questions! Though Apex Legends fits the mould of what we expect from a battle royale game, it's also doing a lot of things differently too - so we'll see exactly how when the first season is formally announced as we get closer to March.

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