Resident Evil 2 - Orphanage, Sherry block puzzle and Sherry stealth escape explained

How to escape the Orphanage as Sherry - and how to rescue her as Claire afterwards.

The Orphange is a Claire-only location in Resident Evil 2 after you complete the Power Panel Parts puzzle.

It sees you play as Sherry, and includes a block puzzle as well as a stealth escape section. On this page, we explain how to beat both.

On this page:

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How to solve the Sherry block puzzle in the Orphanage

When you control Sherry, you have to escape the room you are being held in.

To escape, pick up Stuffed Doll on chair, look in inventory and reverse, put the block in the corner and solve the puzzle.


This is randomised, so you have to learn how to solve it yourself - but there's a trick to doing so.

The clue is to match the half symbols at each outside edge with the blocks you have first. It might take a little while, but as long as you match the sides, then play with the middle ones to then match them, you are pretty much almost there.

If that doesn't work, then it's because multiple blocks can fit into the sides, but don't fret - swap them round with one of your middle blocks that also match symbols, and keep rotating round again.


Once you have solved it, you'll get the Scissors. Use them on the cardboard wall to leave.


Use L2 to exit, and head out into the corridor. Get the Sally's Diary File then move the shelves at the end of the corridor then drop down into the Nursery.


Find the block archway on the right and crouch underneath it to emerge in the upper part of the Front Hall.


Go downstairs, get the Tom's Diary File from the table and enter the corridor, arriving at the Director's Room. Get the ____'s Diary File here, then use the Typewriter. (We recommend using a different save file than the previous one so you can attempt the Bedroom escape again to get the Trophy / Achievement).


Now head across the other side of the table and attempt to grab the key from the wall. After the cutscene, escape back the way you came, going upstairs into the Nursery again.

How to complete the Sherry stealth escape section

Chief Burns will try and find you in this room. After going underneath the block archway, wait on the other side of the central area so when Burns walks through he won't see you.


He'll then turn to his left, round this central area. Walk the other way to the other side, and he'll make an exit at the end.


Stay here and move to the side when he walks back to the door, so you can run past to this exit.

Take a right, then run to the far end door and wait there so his flashlight doesn't see you as he scopes the far wall.


When he's at the end - where he made the exit you travelled through a moment ago - hug the wall so he won't see you as he walks towards the door.


Now he'll trip and enter the bathroom, leaving the key in the door.


Grab it, then make your way back out of the room back into the Front Hall. Don't try the front door, but the way back into the Director's Room, where there will be a cutscene, and you'll resume control of Claire.

How to reach the Orphanage as Claire

Make your way back to the Parking Garage and feed the Parking Ticket into the machine. When you do, Mr X will show up from behind you. You don't need to fight him - run around the central column, and by the time you do a lap, the gate will be open.


Run up the ramp, right, and you'll see some zombies scrambling against a fence on the left. The door they are leaning on will give way, allowing you to sprint past them and up the stairs. Don't worry - Mr X won't follow you.


Head across the walkway and down the other side, taking down the zombie at the bottom and hopping over the dumpster.


This is now two wide areas filled with Cerberus (dogs) until you reach the Orphanage. We recommend you simply sprint through them - the dogs are too hard to hit and it'll only waste ammo.


Halfway through is a basketball court, with some consumbles on the bench on the right, which will be manageable since there won't be any dogs to bother you.


When through the otherside, go through the bus - there's a zombie and a Mr Raccoon location inside - then into the Orphanage grounds ahead.

Inside the Orphanage as Claire

Once through the door, enter the Orphanage proper.


Before going left to the Director's Office, head up the steps and into the Nursery, getting the Mr Raccoon statue directly ahead of you.


Continue round to the Bathroom at the end, where you'll find some consumables and the Letter from the Director File.


Now head down to the Director's Room, and after the cutscene along the way, head down the ladder.


At the bottom, head down the steps to see Sherry behind the fence. You'll then be treated once again by a Mr X appearance behind you. Sprint the linear route ahead following Sherry until a lift, and get inside for a cutscene.

Now you are in the Sewers, head through the door ahead into the Office. Get the Report: About 'G' File, then use the Typewriter and Item Box if you wish. The door here is locked, so you have to go into the previous room and investigate the damaged floor to progress.


Head to the end of the corridor to drop down into the Lower Waterway. Ignore the T-Bar Handle Slot on the left and progress to the end. Go through the door, take the ladder past the Cable Car into the Control Room, which is filled with zombies.

Get the Copy of Emails to Umbrella HQ File from the desk as well as the chance to solve the locker codein the left-most locker.

When ready, drop down into the Monitor Room, where you must now find the King, Queen and Rook Plug locations.

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