Resident Evil 2 - Ada's EMF Visualiser puzzle solutions, how to escape the Incinerator

How to solve every EMF Visualiser puzzle as Ada - and escape the Incinerator at the end.

The page explains how to complete Ada's EMF Visualiser puzzles, which comes after you've finally done the Power Parts puzzle in the Police Station.

Along the way you'll also need to solve an Incinerator puzzle - putting your EMF Visualiser skills to the test.

Remember there is a secret Trophy / Achievement - 'One Slick Super-spy' - for completing this section without using any weapons outside of the EMF Visualiser - so ignore those zombies completely to unlock this as you go.

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Ada's EMF Visualiser explained

Ada's main trick is she has a EMF Visualiser to expose electrical circuits, allowing her to open pathways.


To get you started with how it works, there is a power source on the right wall. Activate it, then follow it up to the fan above, which is now rotating. Select and use it until the fan spins so fast it overloads and breaks, paving a way forward.


Climb up, and do the same again from the other side - the power source is off to the right.


Drop into the room, take care of the zombie, then grab the Sept. Inspection (Week 1) File on the desk to the right. To leave room, look at door, trace line back to the junction and the power source - make sure both are yellow, which will cause the light above the door to turn green.


In next room, get ammo straight ahead and down stairs. The aim is to power the lift in the corner. Use your EMF device to trace where the power source is. It bends left and right throughout the room, taking you on some detours with some zombies.


If you want to know where it ends up, go left round the red container, then follow the outside wall round straight ahead, until you reach a railing at the far east side. The power source is just beyond that. If you go north, you can get some ammo and other consumables.


The real difficulty in this area is you have not enough ammo to take the zombies out with - so you need to lure them towards you before giving them the run around, or shooting them once to daze them, then sprint past.

Once you're back at the powered up elevator, take it up and round the walkway through the door.


This bit is tough, and requires you to move fast. Sprint ahead, and at the locked door, activate the power source to your right with the EMF.

Now unequip and throw the switch to open the door. Without moving ahead, use the EMF on the junction at the door. This will send electricity to the fan ahead of you.


Run ahead (grabbing the ammo on the table if you have time) and overload the fan to create the way out.


If you take too long in this section Mr X will catch up with you, and though it's possible to give him the run around so you go back and get the junction working, doing it first time makes life easier.

How to solve the Incinerator puzzle

After you drop down and give Mr X the slip, go up the stairs to the north into the Incinerator. Use the Typewriter on the right if you need it. First, stay on the ground floor, going round the corner, where you'll find a Mr Raccoon collectable.


Shoot it, then head up the stairs, getting the Sept. Inspection (Week 2) File on the left.


Throw the switch, which opens up the Incinerator down below. Head down, and grab the ID Wristband from the corpse.


After the cutscene, you need to escape the Incinerator in 60 seconds by overloading the three motors above the door. It's important to remember they don't need to be all activate at once - as long as you power one, you can overload it then switch to the others.

To start, face down the back of the Incinerator, and activate the power source on the right.


This will activate the left-most motor. Overload it.


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Go along this left wall to see a junction. Activate it to power on the right-most power source above the door. Overload it.


Finally, activate the junction on the right side along the wall. This will power the middle and final motor. Once overloaded, the door will open and you can escape.


Use the Typewriter again if you wish, then head through the now-open door next to it.


Head north to the Pool Treatment Room. Follow the linear path round until a cutscene. You'll now control Leon in the Sewers.

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