Resident Evil 2 - Parking Garage, Morgue, Diamond Key and Square Crank locations

How to explore the Police Station B1 and solve the Car Key and Generator Room puzzles.

Resident Evil 2's Parking Garage sees things get a little more difficult, just as you were hoping for a respite after taking down the G Tyrant in the Underground Facility.

Here you'll want to find the Car Key location and solve the Generator Room puzzle as part of finding the Power Parts.

Note the following directions and several locations - including the Jail and Generator Room - are accessible by Leon only.

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Exploring the Parking Garage as Leon and how to get the Square Crank

After you've been given the instruction to Obtain Parking Garage Ticket as Leon, first head through the south-west door where the mysterious character went, leading you to a room where you can get a B1 Police Station Map from the wall.


Head west through the door to enter the jail. Ignore all the cells - they're locked - and head round to the very end for a cutscene.


After the cutscene ends, investigate the south-side of the room for a Tool (examining it reveals it as the Square Crank - which is an exclusive item for Leon), and the Memo: 'Jail Power Panel' File. Reading this gives you a new objective - find the Power Panel Parts - which will allow you to open the cell.


You are told to go to two locations for these parts - the Generator Room and the Clock Tower.

Leave the jail and return to the parking lot, then go to the east-most unlocked door (the north-most one will forever be locked as it's only accessible by Claire) to reach a corridor that goes ahead or right. Going ahead involves the Car Key and find Car 7439 puzzle, and right goes to the Kennel and then the Morgue.

Exploring the Parking Garage as Claire

When you emerge out in the Parking Garage as Claire, approach the ticket machine by the shutter for a cutscene. You'll then be in the car park. The door to the south-west is forever locked, and can only be accessed by Leon only, so head to the door on the north-wall, east of the shutter.


Inside is a corridor looping round to an elevator you cannot use, and the Elevator Controls Room. Get the Raccoon Monthly, June Issue File Location from the corner as well as the Police Station B1 Map from the room.


The aim is to get into the Elevator Controls Room by finding the Diamond Key in the Morgue.

Return to the parking lot, then go to the east-most unlocked door to reach a corridor that goes ahead or right. Going ahead involves the Car Key and find Car 7439 puzzle, and right goes to the Kennel and then the Morgue.

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Exploring the Morgue

Head back to the corridor east of the car park, and head south. At the end past the door is a Blue Herb, and the door is the Kennel.

If you are playing as Leon, it's empty bar some Gunpowder to your right. As Claire it's full of Lickers, and we recommend you simply make a run for it. Either way, run around and back out the other side into another corridor.


To the north here is a slot for a Crank. If you are playing as Leon, use the Square Crank to open the way forward to the Generator Room after you've dealt with the Morgue. As Claire, you won't ever have access to the Crank, so ignore it entirely.

Either way, first stop should be the Morgue, which is the same for both characters. First grab the Autopsy Record No. 53477 File from the table.


On the south and north sides of the room, there are a row of containers you can investigate by pressing the button prompt and pulling down towards you. The ones of interest are:

  • South side: Second from west (Red Herb), most east (Flash Grenade)
  • North side: Second from west (Diamond Key)

We recommend you investigate the Diamond Key last - as soon as you do, the corpse you get the Key from as well as another zombie in the room spring to life. As soon as you do so, we recommend running straight out the door.


If you are playing as Claire, now sprint all the way back to the Elevator Controls Room (there is another Licker in the corridor between the Kennel and the Parking Garage) and open it using the Diamond Key. Grab the Shoulder Stock GM 79 weapon upgrade from the locker before throwing the switch and taking the elevator up to the Chief's Office to get the Heart Key.


If you are playing as Leon, back out in the corridor, and to your right (the north) is a shutter that can only be accessed with a Crank. If you haven't visited the Jail - it's to the south-west of the car park - then do so. When you have it, return here and use it, providing access to the other half of the corridor.

Head north now into the Generator Room.

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