Using Keep it Mello at the Trucker's Oasis, Ice Cream Parlor and a Frozen Lake locations and the Showtime venue are two of Fortnite's limited-time Showtime Challenges.

Completing this gives you specific Showtime rewards, alongside Showtime venue and Showtime poster locations.

If you're just getting started, our Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks can provide some helpful hints.

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How to unlock Keep it Mello in Fortnite

First things first - before you can start the Trucker's Oasis, Ice Cream Parlor and a Frozen Lake locations you have to unlock the Keep it Mello emote in Fortnite.

Keep it Mello is the reward of the 'Visit the Showtime Venue' challenge - the easiest of the three Snowtime Challenges


Equip it like you would any other emote (visit your Locker), then it's time to visit the Trucker's Oasis, Ice Cream Parlor and a Frozen Lake locations.

Fortnite Trucker's Oasis, Ice Cream Parlor and a Frozen Lake locations at a glance

For the Showtime Challenges, you are tasked with visiting the Trucker's Oasis, Ice Cream Parlor and a Frozen Lake locations in any order you like, and using the Keep it Mello emote there.

Here are the Trucker's Oasis, Ice Cream Parlor and a Frozen Lake locations at a glance:


Whether you do them all in a single match - with the aid of a vehicle like the plane, for example - is up to you.

Second, you might be wondering how to dance if you're new to the game. To do so, bring up the Emotes wheel (D-Pad on console, or press B on PC), and then select an emote that makes your character dance. You'll get a pop up on your screen when you've successfully danced on one, so you'll know when it works!

Here are their locations in further detail...

Fortnite Trucker's Oasis location

You'll find the Trucker's Oasis location on the horizontal road stretching across the south side of the desert area, specifically on the south side.


Get within the truck stop building itself - or on top of it - and perform the Keep it Mello emote to unlock the Trucker's Oasis location step.

Fortnite Ice Cream Parlor location

The Ice Cream Parlor location is also within the desert area in the south-east of the Fortnite map.

Specifically, it's next to the road leading north out of Paradise Palms, on the west side of the road.


Again, make sure you use Keep it Mello within the building itself (or on the roof) to complete the Ice Cream Parlor location part of the challenge.

Getting things ready for the arrival of the Season 8 release date? Make sure you have found all the Snowfall secret Battle Star locations and Fortnite Prisoner stages. You can do so by completing each week's set of Fortnite Challenges - the latest including Shooting Gallery locations, Golden Balloon locations, sundial, oversized cup of coffee and giant dog's head locations and Expedition Outpost locations. There are also additional Challenges - including Coins on Featured Creative Islands and Motel and RV Park locations, too.

Fortnite Frozen Lake location

Probably the easiest to spot from the map is the Frozen Lake location.

You'll find this in the south-west frozen region, and it's where Greasy Grove used to be.


The Frozen Lake location is also much less fussy - stand anywhere on the ice and use Keep it Mello, and the step should be complete.

Once you have done all three, you'll then unlock the Marshy Smasher axe. Nicely done!


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