Using a Resident Evil 2 demo walkthrough is a useful idea if you want to reach the end and see everything it has to offer.

Unlike traditional teasers, the 1-Shot demo gives you just 30 minutes to play - and whether you finish it or not, that's all you can get your hands on before playing the full thing.

There is an ending and a bonus cutscene to unlock for those that complete it - which is where our Resident Evil 2 demo walkthrough comes in handy.

We also point out any interesting optional sights and sounds - you'll have time to see them, but be aware there are puzzles and locked doors you won't be able to unlock until you progress further in the story. Consider them just a tease for now!

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Resident Evil 2 demo walkthrough

Below is a complete walkthrough of the Resident Evil 2 1-Shot demo. It's designed to carry you through to the end with minimal distractions, though anything optional of interest we've put in italics. We also have a dedicated page for safe code, dial locker codes, safety deposit codes and medallion puzzle solutions.

Even with us investigating these, we still had time to spare, so if you want to take your time exploring, then you'll probably have time to do so!

Main Hall and East Wing

The Main Hall is almost entirely locked up to begin with, so start by immediately turning right to find a shutter with 'Keep out' on the front, and a console on the wall with a red light to the left. Get close until the button prompt appears, then enter the shutter.


You'll be in the flooded and dark east wing of the police station. Follow it round, moving the fallen locker as you go with the button prompt, until you are all the way round to the end.


Optional - there are two rooms on the left, before and after the locker, with ammo and a First Aid Spray.

You'll see a particularly gruesome scene and hear shouting for someone to free them. Turn left, open the door next to the counter, and investigate the Fire Safety Door in the corner for a cutscene. You'll get the Officer's Notebook at this point - useful to help solve the medallion puzzles.


Now you must retreat the way you came, back to the Main Hall. There will be zombies on the way - one in this room, and another two in the corridor just past where you moved the locker. Try and shoot them at least a few times before sprinting past if you're in a rush.


After the cutscene in the Main Hall with Marvin, you'll receive a Combat Knife. This is not only for use in combat, but can open up new doors. Head to the west side of the Main Hall on the ground floor to find a shutter with a taped up console on the right. Investigate this, and it will be opened up with the knife. Proceed through.


Optional - grab the Handgun Ammo from the lobby front desk before you proceed, as well as the Handgun Ammo and a Herb from the seating area just as you enter the shutter area. You can also solve one of the medallion puzzles on the 2F.

Resident Evil 2 demo walkthrough - West Wing 1F

Proceed through the seating area and reach a dark corridor. Investigate the body in the corner at the very end for a cutscene, though it's not essential.


Afterward, continue down the corridor - it twists and turns, but is fairly linear - until you reach a set of red double doors at the end on the right you can go through.


As soon as you enter, investigate the desk ahead of you to pick up the Weapons Locker Key Card. This is optional, but worth getting if you want a little extra firepower momentarily. There's some ammo and files to be found, as well as the Police Station 1F Map hanging on a board - it's worth grabbing this and checking your location quickly - to confirm you are in the Operations Room and the exits available to you.


To proceed, exit through the vent in the south-east corner to emerge in the corridor.


Looking south, there is a zombie distracted by something on the wall, allowing you to explore without entering combat straight away.


Optional - there are three doors in this corridor. The right one is locked. The two on the left opposite one another have a few points of interest. The Safety Deposit Room (left, or north) allows you to use the Weapons Locker Keycard you just found to get the Shotgun, as well as enter safety deposit codes. You'll have a few zombies to fight on your way out, but it's particularly useful if you want to get through combat quicker. The West Office (right, or south) has a file as well as a locked safe you can open with a safe code.


To continue, you want to go east - past the two open rooms, taking a left at the blood-soaked sofa, where you'll come to a long, dimly lit corridor. Head to the end of the corridor, where there are some stairs


Optional - you can grab the Wooden Boards on the right to patch up the window to stop the zombie coming through, then investigate the door on the right. This is a safe room with a Typewriter, some ammo, and a photo studio. You can grab a roll of film from the safety deposit room earlier if you want to see a bonus photo.


When ready, head up the stairs at the end of this corridor next to the window to the second floor.


Resident Evil 2 demo walkthrough - West Wing 2F and 3F

The floor is pretty much off-limits right now - there is steam blocking the way into the bathroom, though there is a ammo (and a zombie!) in the lockers, as well as a dial locker code to solve. There is also a Herb further down the corridor.

Head to 3F by taking the steps up in the main stairwell. When you emerge is a locker at the end with another dial locker code. Whether you open it or not, go right, and pick up the Key from the desk. Investigate it in your inventory to learn its full name - the Spade Key.


Head west through the door to another corridor. Continue round and enter the door on the left to enter West Storage. On the south side of the room is a file and the Hip Pouch, increasing your inventory by two.


Continue west again through another door to the Library.


You'll get a call on your radio from Marvin to get back to him as soon as you can. Don't worry about retracing your steps - the Spade Key you just found will come in useful here. If you look down from the walkway, you'll see a door on the lower floor - this will take you back to the Main Hall's second floor.


Optional - there are zombies littered around the lower floor of the Library. Going south through the door to the Lobby, you can find a medallion puzzle as well as the Police Station Upper Floors Map.


Back in the Main Hall, head down the stairs to Marvin's location to complete the demo. It'll automatically end as soon as you reach the bottom of the stairs, so if you have time to spare and want to keep exploring, then don't do this until you're almost finished.


With that done, you'll get a bonus teaser cinematic. Congratulations!

It's worth noting that the 30 minute limit carries over to a second playthrough - you might only have a couple of minutes left, but if you are particularly keen to play the starting section again, then go right ahead!

And, if you finished the demo and didn't solve certain puzzles, our safe code, dial locker codes, safety deposit codes and medallion puzzle solutions page can help - and if you ran out of time, it can hopefully offer a degree of closure (until the full game at least). Not long to wait now!

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