Welcome to The Journey: Champions Chapter Four - Eclipse. In this final chapter of The Journey: Champions - and the entire saga - Kim enters the final of the FIFA Women's World Cup in Paris against Canada. While Danny and Alex find themselves in the Final of the UEFA Champions League, but on opposing sides. Question is, who will rise victorious?

Here we'll cover the story as it progresses through Chapter Two, list all objectives, any rewards you can achieve and our tips on how to get the best result.

For more details, meanwhile, head back to our FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions walkthrough hub for all the rest.

FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions Chapter Four - Eclipse objectives decisions and rewards

Chapter Four begins with Kim. It's time to enter the Final of the FIFA Women's World Cup against Canada. Melanie, your rival, is part of the team so it's time to show her what happens when you challenge a Hunter. Here's a rundown of the chapter's objectives before we dive in.

Alex Hunter objectives

  • Record an assist in the UEFA Champions League Final - 5,000 Followers
  • Score a goal in the UEFA Champions League Final - Leadership trait
  • Win the UEFA Champions League Final - 10,000 Followers

Danny Williams objectives

  • Record an assist in the UEFA Champions League Final - 5,000 Followers
  • Score a goal in the UEFA Champions League Final - Leadership trait
  • Win the UEFA Champions League Final - 10,000 Followers

Kim Hunter objectives

  • Record an Assist in the FIFA Women's World Cup Final - 5,000 Followers
  • Score a goal in the FIFA Women's World Cup Final - Leadership trait
  • Win the FIFA Women's World Cup Final - 10,000 Followers

A short couple of cutscenes prior to the match will play with your coach getting you in the mood for the fight ahead, then another where you choose to shake Melanie's hand or not.


This match will net you all three of Kim's optional objectives so make sure you get as assist, at least one goal and win the match overall. Selecting Play as Mentors is the best option here as you can use both Alex Morgan and Kim to set up those objectives. Win the match and help make Kim a World Cup winner! You'll also have a choice to shake Melanie's hand afterwards, or fake her out.


Next, time has shift to Autumn 2019, and Kim is packing her things. She's signed a new deal thanks to Bea, and her dad Harold is there to help see her off. They have a heartfelt moment then Kim leaves, her section of The Journey finally complete.


Now you can switch between either of the remaining characters. Obviously, this is down to who you want to win since both Danny and Alex are in the same final on opposing teams. Will it be Danny's chosen team or Alex's Real Madrid? It all started with Alex's journey way back in FIFA 17, so we'll be following Alex's route to Champions League glory.


Regardless of who you choose, the cutscenes to come are the same. Alex and Danny reconnect over a game of FIFA, but it only serves to cement their rivalry. Jim and Kim have a moment discussing her potential to change the game, while the rest of the group assemble on the pitch. Up in the stands, Terry and Danny reminisce and, in their own ways, start to connect as brothers.


Now there's another scene where the managers of both teams give a montage voiceover as Danny, Alex and their teams make their way to the stadium. Then it's time to choose who you want to play as (in case you wanted to change your mind).

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For this match, you'll need to make an assist with Alex, score a goal with Alex and win the match to claim all three of his objectives in one fell swoop. See you end the match with a win and you'll be LaLiga champions and Champions League champions - The Double! - all in the same year.


You'll congratulate your opponents after the match, then you'll need to decide whether to celebrate with Bea in a press conference or spend it with your family. Then the game will cut to a family gathering at Alex's place, with Jim telling him he's a credit to the family.


As a cute post-game drill, you'll get to play a 3v3 First to Five with Alex, Danny and Kim versus Alex Morgan, Thierry Henry and Rio Ferdinand. It's a FIFA Street-style setup, so you know what to do.


And that's it. The Journey: Champions is complete! We've plenty more guides where this came from though, coming very soon, but for now you can head to our big round up of all new features and modes coming to FIFA 19, including everything we know about the game.

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