Fortnite Hunting Party is an additional set of Challenges to complete as part of the Season 6 Battle Pass.

The aim is to complete all Challenges from any given week. Do this a total of seven times out of any 10 weeks from Season 6, and you'll unlock an exclusive skin - AIM.

Not only that, but each stage of the Hunting Party challenge gives you additional secret Battle Star locations to find from a Hunting Party loading screen that unlocks.

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Fortnite Hunting Party explained and how to unlock the AIM skin

Each completed stage of the Hunting Party challenge - which requires you to complete all the Challenges in a specific week - unlocks a new loading screen. If you view these loading screens closely, it actually hints at the location of a secret Battle Star or Banner location on the map.


Finding additional Battle Stars in the game will then give you an additional Tier towards your Season 6 Battle Pass progress, while new Banners will give you new customisation options. Note that you need to have unlocked that specific loading screen before it will appear on the map.

When you have completed seven weeks out of 10, the AIM skin and back bling are yours. Here's a first look from YouTuber Hollow:

If you were interested, Seasons 4 and 5 had a Battle Star / Loading Screen skin too, named The Visitor and The Enforcer.

When you do complete seven weeks, you don't have to collect the secret Battle Star locations for the costume to appear in your Locker - they are simply to progress your Battle Pass or add new Banners. Getting the locations themselves are optional!

How hard is unlocking Hunting Party? Though completing a complete set of challenges in a week isn't too difficult, it can be time intensive if you've left it until the last minute. You have until the next season to unlock it, otherwise it'll likely be gone forever. Good luck!

Hunting Party Battle Star locations map

Regardless of the order you'll complete a week of Season 6 Challenges, the order of the loading screens and their subsequent Battle Star locations will be the same.

Fortnite Hunting Party locations map

If you have more than one unlocked, you are welcome to collect them in any order you like.

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Hunting Party Battle Star location 1

Hunting Party loading screen 1:

To the east of Paradise Palms is a mountain. Just on the other side is a tractor, which is where you'll find the Battle Star location.

Hunting Party Battle Star location 2

Hunting Party loading screen 2:

Also near Paradise Palms, there is a carriage just to the north of the city, where the road starts to curve. The Battle Star is located there.

Hunting Party Battle Star location 3

Hunting Party loading screen 3:

You'll find this one on the roof of the house in the east part of Wailing Woods, next to the chimney:

Hunting Party Battle Star location 4

Hunting Party loading screen 4:

This banner is on top of the llama next to Junk Junction, in the far north-west of the map:

Hunting Party Battle Star location 5

Hunting Party loading screen 5:

This is in the corner tower of the castle above Haunted Hills:

Hunting Party Battle Star location 6

Hunting Party loading screen 6:

This is on the robot-shaped stack of cars just north of the desert area in the south-east of the map:

Hunting Party Battle Star location 7

Hunting Party loading screen 7:

This is on one of the boats at Leaky Lake, specifically on the front tip of the one on the water, south-west of the central circle of islands:

Hunting Party Battle Star location 8

Hunting Party loading screen 8:

Head to the tallest roof of Flush Factory's main complex, and the banner is on one of the chimneys.

Hunting Party Battle Star location 9

Hunting Party loading screen 9:

This is in Leaky Lake's interior, over a barbecue near one of the ruptured islands in the middle:

Hunting Party Battle Star location 10

Hunting Party loading screen 10:

This is just north of the lower oasis in the south-east desert area:

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