It's all go in Monster Hunter World PC. Mere days after Capcom announced that the mighty Elder Dragon Lunastra is, at long last, readying to make her debut on the platform later this month, the publisher has now revealed that Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon Kirin is incoming too.

Kirin's Arch-Tempered variant was the first Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon to be introduced to Monster Hunter World on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, arriving back in the halcyon days of June. These fearsome creatures are designed to give seasoned hunters a real run for their money, even moreso than their (already formidable) Elder Dragon counterparts.

To begin the battle against Arch-Tempered Kirin, which requires a Hunter Rank of 50 or higher to participate, players will need to accept the new A Whisper of White event quest. This will be introduced at midnight on Friday, November 30th in the UK, and can be completed as many times as required, but only until 23:59pm on Monday, December 17th.

By defeating Arch-Tempered Kirin, players can amass the materials required to craft the Kirin γ Armour Set and Blossom Layered Armour Set.

With Monster Hunter World's Lunastra update only announced at the start of this week, Capcom is clearly working to an accelerated post-launch release schedule on PC compared to consoles. That means hunters should likely see Arch-Tempered Kirin's successor, Arch-Tempered Vaal Hazak, before too long on the platform.

Before that, however, and indeed even before Lunastra's arrival, PC players will be able to experience Monster Hunter World's Devil May Cry crossover, which first arrived on Xbox One and PS4 in April. This runs from midnight, November 16th, in the UK until 23:59pm, November 29th, and introduces the Code Red event for players with Hunter Rank 14 or higher.

Code Red pits players against an Anjanath, Rathalos, Odogaron, and Teostra. Successfully completing the quest awards the Red Orb item, which can be used to forge the Devil-May-Cry-inspired Dante's Demon Sword and Dante α Armour Set. Additionally, a new Devil May Cry Dual Guns gesture and Devil May Cry sticker set will be introduced to Monster Hunter World's store at the start of the event. Happy Hunting!

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