Data East's beloved Neo Geo sports classic Windjammers is finally available on Switch - and brings all the fancy bells and whistles, including online multiplayer, seen in the recent PlayStation 4 and Vita versions.

Windjammers originally released on Neo Geo in 1994, introducing the world to its spirited arcade take on extreme frisbee - one in which players are plastic-armoured beefcakes and the frisbees are dramatically referred to as Flying Power Discs. The end result is, as Martin Robinson put it in his PS4 review last year, "what happens when Pong meets Street Fighter".

Each opponent has a handful of special moves, and the goal, simply enough, is to pelt a frisbee into your opponent's net - with points awarded depending where it strikes. Windjammers is genuine delight, easy to pick up and a devastatingly good time in two-player mode.

Windjammers on Switch is the work of the always reliable porting experts at DotEmu, and is the same version of the game that arrived on PlayStation 4 and Vita last year. That means that, as well as being an incredibly faithful adaptation of the Neo Geo classic, it also comes bundled with some very welcome extras.

As you'd expect, there are various options enabling players to tweak the original arcade aesthetic, adding scan lines or mimicking the curvature of a CRT screen. Better yet though is a robust online multiplayer mode (which does, of course, require a Nintendo Online subscription), offering both ranked and casual play. And the Switch version also features a broad range of local multiplayer possibilities, with various controller options, plus handheld, tabletop, and TV screen support.

Windjammers is available now via the Switch eShop and costs 13.49.

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