Black Ops 4 Blackout Challenges work a little differently compared to other Battle Royale games.

All present from the start, they are split into two types - Career and Operations with another two sub-categories - Professional, Survivalist, Heroic and Vehicular respectively - within each of them.

Each one has tiers, too, keeping you busy during your Blackout career.

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Black Ops 4 Blackout Challenges explained - what are challenges and how do they work?

Challenges are pretty simple in Blackops 4 Blackout, especially compared to their ever-rotating counterparts in fellow battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG.

In Blackout, they're simply one static list of things to do, varying from the theoretically simple, like winning a game of Blackout, or the more complex, like killing enemies while blinded or exacting revenge on those that took out your squadmates.

The majority of them come in several stages, but with those stages seemingly effectively asking you to repeat the same challenge again but a greater number of times, we've just included the first stage and main objective of each challenge in the tables below, so you know what you're up against.


All of them offer Merits as rewards - the in-game form of Experience Points that contribute to you levelling up through what Blackout calls Echelons (more on these in our explainer on Merits and Echelons themselves) - and naturally those increase as you move through the tiers or levels of complexity.

There's also another set of challenges, named Dark Ops, which are secret objectives that only reveal themselves when you actually complete them. Unless you know what they are before hand - which the prior link can help with.

Otherwise, that's largely all there is to it. The challenges can of course only be completed in Blackout mode, and you'll find many of them are the sort of thing you'll naturally chip away at as you play the game and improve over time. Still, it's nice to have something to chip away at for a sense of progression.

Career Challenges listed - all Professional and Survivalist Blackout challenges

As explained above - here is a list of all Tier 1 objectives. The second and third tiers require more of the same requirements with increased Merit rewards.

Career: Professional challenges list

Challenge NameTier 1 Objective
My First TimeGet a Victory.
Winner Winner Win 10 times.
I'll Do It Myself Win any Duos or Quads Game as the last player alive on your team 5 times.
Solo Victor Get 5 wins in this mode.
Duos Victor Get 5 wins in this mode.
Quads Victor Get 5 wins in this mode.
Solo Conquest Place Top 5 in this mode 10 times.
Duos Conquest Place Top 5 in this mode 10 times.
Quads Conquest Place Top 5 in this mode 10 times.
My Participation Place Top 25 10 times.
Unthinking Act of Murder Eliminate 10 enemies.
Career Scavender Scavenge 1,500 items.
Professional MasteryComplete all Professional Challenges Tier (3 Tiers, 12 Challenges)

Career: Survivalist challenges list

Challenge NameTier 1 Objective
Team Player Revived a squadmate 25 times.
Heal Up Use any health Item on ourself 100 times.
Armored Up Acquire and equip Armour 50 times.
Backpacker Collect 50 backpacks.
Got the Drop Kill 25 enemies without taking damage from them.
Amphibious Assault Eliminate an enemy while underwater 5 times.
Getaway Vehicle Escape 10 times from a fight using a vehicle.
Perks? Really? Finish a game in the Top 10 witha Perk active 25 times.
Equip it and Mint it Eliminate enemies 25 times using Equipment.
True Sniper Kill an enemy at long range with a Sniper Rifle 5 times.
Roster Update Complete 5 Unlock Missions.
One Step Ahead Finish 25 games in the Top 10 without taking damage from the circle.
Survivalist MasteryComplete all Survivalist Challenges Tier (3 Tiers, 12 Challenges)

Getting into Black Ops 4? For Blackout, we recommend our bit list of Black Ops 4 Blackout tips, tricks, battle royale differences and things to know, or alternatively learning more about the Blackout map, all the Mystery Box and zombie locations for useful loot, how to get Merits fast to level Eschelons, and finding out how Blackout character mission unlocks work. We also have a Blackout Challenges and Black Ops 4 Dark Ops list. Meanwhile, here's how to unlock Create a Class in Black Ops 4 multiplayer and finally details on Black Market tiers and gaining levels fast, the Halloween event rewards, end date and timesbest Blackout weapons, guns and multiplayer weapon damage stats.

Operations Challenges listed - all Heroics and Vehicular Blackout challenges

Operations: Heroics challenges list

Challenge NameTier 1 Objective
Destroyer of Vehicles Destroy 10 occupied Vehicles.
Revenge is a Dish... Eliminate the enemy that put you in Last Stand 10 times.
...Best Served Cold Eliminate the enemy that killed your squadmate and place Top 5 in 5 different games.
This is Just Cruel Win the game without being downed 5 times.
Pack Hunter Eliminate 2 or more enemies from the same Squad 5 times.
Nope Eliminate the enemy that damaged you 10 times.
Path to Peace Win a game with no kills.
Keen Focus Eliminate 5 enemies while blinded or concussed.
Frantic Defense Take damage while unarmed and kill the attacker 5 times.
Get Straight to It Eliminate 2 or more enemies within 30 seconds of deplying 10 times.
Clutch Kill an entire enemy Squad singlehandedly in a Quads match.
Masochist Place in the Top 5 using only the first inventory item picked up.
Heroics Mastery Complete all Heroics Challenges Tier (3 Tiers, 12 Challenges)

Operations: Vehicular challenges list

Challenge NameTier 1 Objective
Destruction Derby Destroy an occupied vehicle with a vehicle 1 times.
Just in Time Exit a vehicle that is about to be destroyed by a locked on rocket 5 times.
Silent Gliding Travel 10 miles in a Wingsuit.
Road Trippin' Travel 10 miles in a land vehicle.
Water Rat Travel 10 miles in a sea vehicle.
I Believe I Can Fly Travel 50 miles in an air vehicle.
Saw it in the Movies Kill 10 enemies as a passenger of any vehicle.
Top Tour Drive or Pilot all vehicle types in a game of Blackout 5 times.
Road Rage Run over an enemy with a land vehicle to kil them 5 times.
Hijacker Kill 1 or more enemies that are passengers in a land vehicle 5 times.
Pirate Kill 1 or more enemies that are passengers in a sea vehicle 5 times.
Scoundrel Kill 1 or more enemies that are passengers in an air vehicle 5 times.
Vehicular Mastery Complete all Vehicular Challenges Tier (3 Tiers, 12 Challenges)

Remember, there are a handful of 'secret' objectives to complete too, named Dark Ops, which only reveal themselves when you complete them. Of course, if you know what they are before hand you can complete them faster - which is what the prior link can help out with.

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