Soulcalibur 6 came out yesterday - and already people are fighting online with their penises.

The game has a character creation mode that's... well, it lets you make some pretty nightmarish concoctions.

Twitter user Nordaenn is credited as coming up with the Soulcalibur 6 penis, but it's this tweet, below, that's gone viral.

In a bid to verify the ability to create penises in Soulcalibur 6, I ventured into the character creation and came up with my own effort:


This abomination was made using Voldo, Soulcalibur's long-running creepy character, as a base, with a hip item with spikes and an additional three items attached to my character's hip: a heart rotated and enlarged for the testicles, a cylinder for the bulk of the penis, and a red apple, also rotated and enlarged, as the cherry on top.


The upshot of all this is you can share your character creations online, and even play online with them. The screenshots, below, are from a couple of super serious ranked matches I played today. I even managed to win a few, presumably because my opponents were scared stiff.


As well as creating penises, players have made Marvel characters, other video game characters, anime characters and even Pokemon.

Here's the inevitable Bowsette (image credit u/Spiderkite):


Here's Ciri from The Witcher, because Geralt is already in the game and lonely (image credit u/Anemeros):


Here's Pikachu standing next to Mitsurugi as he talks to Geralt. Video games!

And here's my favourite: Thanos, using Zasalamel as a base. Zasalamel's super sees him click his fingers for a big explosive damage attack. Perfect!

Somebody had to do it from r/SoulCalibur

It's early days in Soulcalibur 6's life, but already the game's PEGI 16 rating is being pushed to the limit. Will publisher Bandai Namco step in to crack down?

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