Assassin's Creed Odyssey Orichalcum locations and sources

Where to find the the lucrative material Orichalcum in Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

In Assassin's Creed Odyssey Orichalcum is a rare and valuable material used to help you purchase unique cosmetics and other valuable items.

Acting as a bridge between the game's single-playing exploration and its online storefronts, Orichalcum acts as a currency for one of the game's vendors, helping you collect premium-style items without paying real-world funds.

Though it's an uncommon resource to get your hands on, thankfully there are a few sources you can get it from.

Where to find and spend Orichalcum in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Orichalcum is a material that's actually a currency to be spent in one specific store front - the Oikos of the Olympians, found in south Phokis in the north part of the map.


You'll access the region fairly early on your travels, and spending it allows you to purchase specific items or loot boxes, allowing you to get cosmetics and other online items without spending Helix, the game's premium currency.


There are four sources of Orichalcum in the game:

Orichalcum Ore deposits (1 Orichalcum)

These are Ores you can find littered across the game's vast map. Though there are hundreds - akin to Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Korok Seeds in their frequency - there is a finite amount of these Ores to find.

If you want to specifically seek them out, then you can purchase an in-game map of Orichalcum locations from the game's Helix store (costing real world money) or view the maps later in this article - saving you a bit of cash.


Daily Contracts - 10 Orichalcum

These are the easiest and most reliable to get. Check notice boards in towns or on your ship and there will be certain contracts with a blue swirl next to them, indicating Orichalcum rewards.

They are essentially the same as other contracts, with simple tasks that can take just moments to complete - from clearing a nearby area of bandits, to paying someone some cash - and expire after one day. Get into the habit of checking in regularly and doing these and your Orichalcum will steadily increase.


Weekly Contracts - 50 Orichalcum

Also found at notice boards, weekly contracts don't require you complete a quest, but work towards a series of goals, such as completing a set number of Conquests or high level enemies within a region. For the amount of Orichalcum they give - 50 - we wouldn't recommend going out of your way to complete them as they will take far too long compared to doing five short daily quests. But if you are doing some of these goals anyway, it's a nice added extra.


Weekly events - TBC Orichalcum

Whereas Weekly Contracts are based on completing existing in-game content, these add new adversaries to the game's world. Starting Tuesday October 16th, each week a level 30 ship and mercenary will be added to the game. Taking them down will note only give you Orichalcum, but some other unique rewards.

So what are the fastest ways of getting Orichalcum? We recommend concentrating on Daily Contracts as you main source due to their regularity and speed, and also picking up any loose Orichalcum Ores if you are passing them by.

Speaking of which - what follows is a list of Orichalcum Ore locations throughout the world of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Because the game is vast, it's split across multiple images.

Note that other collectable types - such as tablets from Tombs and Legendary Chests - are also featured in these images, but the Orichalcum Ores are otherwise indicated by the round blue shapes.

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Achaia Orichalcum Ore locations


Anaphi Orichalcum Ore locations


Andros Orichalcum Ore locations


Argolis Orichalcum Ore locations


Arkadia Orichalcum Ore locations


Attika Orichalcum Ore locations


Boeotia Orichalcum Ore locations


Chios Orichalcum Ore locations


Delos Orichalcum Ore locations


Elis Orichalcum Ore locations


Euboea (and Skyros) Orichalcum Ore locations


Hydrea Orichalcum Ore locations


Keos Orichalcum Ore locations


Kephallonia Orichalcum Ore locations


Korinthia Orichalcum Ore locations


Kos Orichalcum Ore locations

Kythera Island Orichalcum Ore locations


Lakonia Orichalcum Ore locations


Lemnos Orichalcum Ore locations


Lesbos Orichalcum Ore locations


Lokris Orichalcum Ore locations


Makedonia Orichalcum Ore locations


Malis Orichalcum Ore locations


Megaris Orichalcum Ore locations


Melos Orichalcum Ore locations


Messara Orichalcum Ore locations


Messenia Orichalcum Ore locations


Mykonos Orichalcum Ore locations


Naxos Orichalcum Ore locations


Nisyros Orichalcum Ore locations


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Paros Orichalcum Ore locations


Pephka Orichalcum Ore locations


Phokis Orichalcum Ore locations


Samos Orichalcum Ore locations


Seriphos Orichalcum Ore locations


Skyros Orichalcum Ore locations


Thasos Orichalcum Ore locations


Thera Orichalcum Ore locations


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