Fortnite Season 6 is finally here today, introducing new rankings and a set of rewards for players to unlock into the autumn.

For those who have been playing in recent months, it will operate similar to the previous Battle Pass, giving you access to new skins, emotes and XP multipliers - provided you then put in the time and effort to then unlock them, of course. Here on this page then we'll be detailed all of those Season 6 Battle Pass rewards, as well as Season 6 Battle Pass cost, and anything else you need to know.

If you're just getting started, our Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks can provide some helpful hints.

On this page:

Fortnite Season 6 start time and theme

Season 6 is live as of Thursday 27th September - so right now! Note that you may find some sluggishness as severs get up and running again throughout the day though.

Fortnite sees strange occurrences in the lead up to a new season, and Season 6 has been no different. The big talking point has been a giant purple cube, that appeared out of a crack in the sky.

It was moving around the map on regular intervals, occasionally leaving runes behind, creating areas of low gravity (and in one case, a rare and amusing anti-gravity bug).

With the start of Season 6 we got a couple of new trailers, as well as some images which you can check out below:

That just about confirms the theories of a "dark" theme! But alongside that we also got confirmation of a few main changes and additions.

  • Pets! - Pets are coming, although there's little official info other than that right now.
  • New items - "Shadow Stones" are the only new item confirmed at the time of writing. These mysterious items appear near the purple splodges that have been added to the new map, and turn you invisible for a period of time!
  • Map changes - Some new areas, like a spooky looking castle and the much-changed loot lake, have been added to the map. We'll update, again, as soon as we can with more details.

Fortnite Seasons and Battle Pass cost explained

Like Season 5 before it, Season 6 is set to offer an array of new rewards, most of which are locked behind Battle Pass ownership.

While you can unlock a select number of the above with a Free Pass, it's only with a Battle Pass that a second tier of elusive rewards are unlocked.

The Battle Pass is a premium item, and again costs 950 V-Bucks. You can buy a bundle of 1,000 V-Bucks for around Ł8 / $10, or earn V-Bucks in game through a variety of activities.

The Season 6 Battle Pass offers the following unlocks straight away:

  • Two outfits - the DJ Yonder outfit and the Calamity Outfit
  • Combo match XP boost
  • Access to more Challenges

These Challenges are introduced weekly, ranging from performing certain types of activities or finding hidden objects on the map, and completing them helps you rank up your Battle Pass easier, give you those rewards faster.

Both these Battle Pass Challenges and rewards can be unlocked at your leisure throughout the season, but once a new Season begins, your progress resets, and a new set of rewards and rankings will begin.

Fortnite Season 6 skins list

First, let's get to the juicy part - Season 6 skins. These are unlocked with both the Free Pass and the Battle Pass, at the following tiers:

Fortnite Season 6 skins list

DJ Yonder Outfit (Tier 1)


Calamity Outfit (Tier 1, new styles unlocked with Calamity progress)


Giddy-Up Outfit (Tier 23)


Fable Outfit (Tier 47)


Dusk Outfit (Tier 71)


Nightshade Outfit (Tier 86)


Dire Outfit (Tier 100, new styles unlocked with Dire progress)


Other Fortnite Season 6 character cosmetics - Back Bling, Axes and Contrails

  • Picnic Glider (Tier 7)
  • Fabled Cape back bling (Tier 14 Free Pass Tier)
  • Smash Up axe (Tier 15)
  • Exhaust Contrail (Tier 19)
  • Crossfire Glider (Tier 22 Free Pass Tier)
  • Guiding Glow Axe (Tier 30 Free Pass Tier)
  • Fireflies Contrail (Tier 36)
  • Waveform Back Bling (Tier 38 Free Pass Tier)
  • Covered Crusader Glider (Tier 39)
  • Jack-O-Lantern Contrail (Tier 54 Free Pass Tier)
  • Dusk Wings Back Bling (Tier 55)
  • Bats! Contrail (Tier 68)
  • Swarm Glider (Tier 79)
  • Spectral Essence Contrail (Tier 83)

Fortnite Season 6 emotes list

There are plenty of new emotes in Season 6, as you'd expect. Here's a list:

  • Running Man Emote
  • It's Go Time! Emote
  • Slitherin' Emote
  • Flamenco Emote

Fortnite Season 6 Pets list

Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass rewards list

New to Fortnite in Season 6 are pets, a fan-favourite cosmetic that lets you stuff a little animal into your backpack - cute! Here's a list of all of them.

  • Bonesy Pet
  • Camo
  • Scales
  • Bonesy (white)
  • Scales (pink)
  • Bonesy (mocha)
  • Scales (black)

There are two types of rewards available - those with the Free Pass and those with the Battle Pass, so bear this in mind if you have an eye on rewards.

In summary, the Season 6 rewards include:

  • 1300 V-Bucks
  • Fourteen Sprays
  • Seven outfits
  • Five Skyriding Contrails
  • Four emotes
  • Two pickaxes
  • Four gliders
  • Four Back Blings
  • Seven pets
  • Eleven emoticons
  • Thirteen icons
  • Three music tracks

Here they are in full...

Fortnite Season 6 rewards list:

TierBattle PassFreeNone
1Combo XP boost, DJ Yonder outfit, Calamity Outfit, Battle Pass Challenges None
210% Personal XP Boost, 5x Free Tiers for next season Spiderweb Spray
3Pickaxe Icon None
4100 V-Bucks Calamity Loading Screen
5Bang! Emoticon None
6Calamity Spray Regal Wave
7Picnic Glider None
8Campfire Icon Battle Bus Emoticon
95% Friend XP Boost None
10Emoticons! Loading ScreenNone
11100 V-Bucks Floating Island Icon
12Bonesy Pet None
13Squeaky Clean Music None
14Ghost Icon Fabled Cape Back Bling
15Smash Up Harvesting Tool None
16GG Potion Emoticon None
1710% Personal XP Boost None
18100 V-Bucks100 V-Bucks
19Exhaust Contrail None
20Meow Moon Spray None
21Pastel Patrol Loading Screen None
22Zig-Zag Icon Crossfire Glider
23Giddy-Up Outfit None
245% Friend XP Boost None
25DJ Yonder Loading Screen None
26Plunger Emoticon GG Potion Spray
27100 V-Bucks None
28Tomato Toy None
29Camo Pet None
30Manhole Cover Spray Guiding Glow Harvesting Tool
31Running Man Emote None
32Dice Icon None
3310% Personal XP Boost None
34Valkyrie Loading Screen 100 V-Bucks
35100 V-Bucks None
36Fireflies Contrail None
37Llama De Muertos Spray None
38Camper Emoticon Waveform Back Bling
39Covered Crusader Glider None
40DJ Yonder Spray None
415% Friend XP Boost None
42100 V-Bucks Devil Horns Icon
43Scales Pet None
44Fate Loading Screen None
451000 Season XP None
46Ghost Emoticon It's Go Time! Emote
47Fable Outfit None
48Wallcrawler Spray None
4910% Personal XP Boost None
50Lightning Icon Supply Llama Loading Screen
51Black Cat Emoticon None
52100 V-Bucks None
53Eerie Music None
54Cactus Maze SprayJack-O-Lantern Contrail
55Dusk Wings Back Bling None
56Bat Icon None
575% Friend XP Boost None
58100 V-Bucks TP Emoticon
59Bonesy (White) Pet Style None
60Tomato Temple Loading Screen None
611000 Season XP None
62Patterned Icon Game Over Spray
63Slitherin' EmoteNone
6410% Personal XP Boost None
65Chompmasters Loading Screen None
66Meeet Emoticon None
671000 Season XP None
68Bats! Contrail None
69Spots Icon None
70100 V-BucksNone
71Dusk OutfitNone
72Gremlins Spray None
735% Friend XP Boost None
74Scales (Pink) Pet Style None
75100 V-BucksNone
76Fancy Tomato ToyNone
77Fly Icon None
78Dusk Loading Screen None
79Swarm Glider None
80Oni SprayNone
8110% Personal XP BoostNone
82Skull Icon None
83Spectral Essence Contrail None
84Ravage Loading Screen None
85100 V-BucksNone
86Nightshade Outfit None
87Night Cloak Back Bling None
885% Friend XP Boost None
89Pixel Raven Spray None
90Bonesy (Mocha) Pet Style None
91100 V-Bucks None
92OG (Remix) Music None
93Dire Loading ScreenNone
94Clown Emoticon None
95Flamenco Emote None
9610% Personal XP Boost None
97100 V-BucksNone
98Scales (Black) Pet Style None
99Dire Spray None
100Dire Outfit, Dire Challenges None

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What were previous Fortnite Battle Pass rewards like?

If you are curious to read about rewards from previous Battle Passes - and those available from the Free Pass - here is a list of previous unlocks from Season 3 onwards.

Season 3 Battle Pass rewards

TierBattle PassFree Pass
1 50% personal XP boost, 10% friend XP boost, Mission Specialist Outfit, Battle Pass Challenges None
2 10% personal XP boost, 5x free tiers for next season Free Tier Challenges
3 Egg' banner icon None
4 100x V-Bucks None
5 Wow' emoticon None
6 Supressed Pistol' loading screen Donut' banner icon
7 Sawtooth' harvesting tool None
8 Thief' emoticon None
9 5% friend XP boost None
10 Bee' banner icon Salute' emoticon
11 100x V-Bucks None
12 Harvesting Tools' loading screen None
13 Worm' banner icon None
14 Heartbroken' emoticon In Love' emoticon
15 Rainbow Rider' glider None
16 Paw' banner icon None
17 10% personal XP boost None
18 Boombox' emoticon 100x V-Bucks
19 100x V-Bucks None
20 Rainbow' skydiving trails None
21 Sun' banner icon None
22 Rocket Ride' emoticon Precision' back bling
23 Rust Lord' outfit None
24 Hawk' banner icon None
25 5% friend XP boost None
26 Chick' banner icon Good Game' emoticon
27 100x V-Bucks None
28 Tactical Shotgun' loading screen None
29 Dog collar' banner icon None
30 Bush' emoticon Battle Royale' loading screen
31 Take The L' emote None
32 1000x Season XP None
33 10% friend XP boost None
34 Moon and Clouds' banner icon 100x V-Bucks
35 100x V-Bucks None
36 Ultramarine' skydiving trails None
37 1000x Season XP None
38 Awww' emoticon Hawk' banner icon
39 Carbon' glider None
40 Crab' banner icon None
41 5% friend XP boost None
42 Top Hat' banner icon Positivity' emoticon
43 100x V-Bucks None
44 Brite Unicorn' loading screen None
45 1000x Season XP None
46 Thumbs Up' emoticon Eva' harvesting tool
47 Astro' back bling None
48 Thumbs Down' emoticon None
49 10% personal XP boost None
50 All-Star' skydiving trails' Shooting Star' banner icon
51 100x V-Bucks None
52 1 HP' emoticon None
53 1000x Season XP None
54 Wing' banner icon A+' emoticon
55 Moonwalker' outfit None
56 1000x Season XP None
57 5% friend XP boost None
58 Hot Dog' emoticon None
59 100x V-Bucks None
60 Minigun' loading screen None
61 1000x Season XP None
62 Snake' banner icon None
63 Best Mates' emote None
64 Hoarder' emoticon None
65 10% friend XP boost None
66 Teddy Bear' banner icon None
67 100x V-Bucks None
68 Bubbles' skydiving trails None
69 1000x Season XP None
70 Dark Voyager' outfit None
71 Dark Matter' back bling None
72 Rain Cloud' banner icon None
73 5% friend XP boost None
74 200 IQ Play' emoticon None
75 100x V-Bucks None
76 Raptor' loading screen None
77 1000x Season XP None
78 Wolf' banner icon None
79 Trusty No. 2' harvesting tool None
80 Flaming Rage' emoticon None
81 10% friend XP boost None
82 Happy Whale' banner icon None
83 100x V-Bucks None
84 Flames' skydiving trails None
85 1000x Season XP None
86 Kaboom' emoticon None
87 Elite Agent' outfit None
88 Lightning' banner icon None
89 5% friend XP boost None
90 Majestic' emoticon None
91 100x V-Bucks None
92 Elite Agent' loading screen None
93 1000x Season XP None
94 Mace' banner icon None
95 The Rebot' emote None
96 10% personal XP boost None
97 Number 1' emoticon None
98 100x V-Bucks None
99 Dinosaur Skull' banner icon None
100 The Reaper' outfit, Battle Pass Tier 100 Challenges None

Season 4 Battle Pass rewards

TierBattle PassFree Pass
1 50% personal XP boost, 10% friend XP boost, Carbide outfit, Battlehawk outfit, Weekly Challenges access None
2 10% friend XP boost, 5 free tiers for Season 5 Starter Challenges
3 X Mark spray None
4 100 V-Bucks None
5 Dynamite emoticon None
6 Carbide loading screen Dripping paint banner icon
7 Gale Force pickaxe None
8 Lights, Camera, Action emoticon None
9 5% friend XP boost None
10 Rainbow spray Standard Issue back bling
11 100 V-Bucks None
12 Rex loading screen None
13 Triangle banner icon None
14 GG Smiley spray Angel emoticon
15 Sugar Crash glider None
16 Spraypaint banner icon None
17 10% friend XP boost, 5 free tiers for Season 5 None
18 ZZZ emoticon 100 V-Bucks
19 100 V-Bucks None
20 Retro Sci-fi Skydiving Trails None
21 Dog Bowl banner icon None
22 Hearts spray Teamwork emoticon
23 Teknique outfit None
24 Baby Seal emoticon None
25 5% friend XP boost None
26 Duck banner icon Orange Justice emote
27 100 V-Bucks None
28 Squad Leader loading screen None
29 Chalk Outline spray None
30 1000 season XP Supply Drop loading screen
31 Popcorn emote None
32 Fence banner icon None
33 10% friend XP boost, 5 free tiers for Season 5 None
34 Circle spray 100 V-Bucks
35 100 V-Bucks None
36 Spray Paint skydiving trails None
37 1000 season XP None
38 Looted spray Chains banner icon
39 Wings of Valor glider None
40 Grenade banner icon None
41 5% friend XP boost None
42 Arrow spray Rainbow emoticon
43 100 V-Bucks None
44 Leviathan loading screen None
45 1000 season XP None
46 Plotting emoticon Lollipopper harvesting tool
47 Zoey outfit None
48 Royal Stroll spray None
49 10% personal XP boost None
50 Lightning skydiving trails Teeth banner icon
51 100 V-Bucks None
52 Chicken emoticon None
53 1000 season XP None
54 Abstract spray Respect emote
55 Goodie Bag back bling None
56 Do it! spray None
57 5% friend XP boost None
58 Pencil banner icon None
59 100 V-Bucks None
60 Aerosol Assassins loading screen None
61 1000 season XP None
62 Three Llamas spray None
63 Hype emote None
64 Crabby emoticon None
65 10% personal XP boost None
66 Window spray None
67 100 V-Bucks None
68 Hearts skydiving trails None
69 Lightning banner icon None
70 Trap Warning spray None
71 Valor outfit None
72 Raven spray None
73 5% friend XP boost None
74 Rabid emoticon None
75 100 V-Bucks None
76 Zoey loading scren None
77 Film camera banner icon None
78 Kiss spray None
79 Intrepid glider None
80 Mask spray None
81 10% personal XP boost None
82 Bow banner icon None
83 100 V-Bucks None
84 Shooting Star skydiving trails None
85 Brite Gunner loading screen None
86 Teknique spray None
87 Squad Leader outfit None
88 Bird banner icon None
89 5% friend XP boost None
90 Bananas emoticon None
91 100 V-Bucks None
92 Raven loading screen None
93 Arrow banner icon None
94 Tunnel spray None
95 Groove Jam emote None
96 10% personal XP boost None
97 Celebrate emoticon None
98 100 V-Bucks None
99 Shadow Ops spray None
100 Omega outfit, Omega Challenges None

Season 5 Battle Pass Rewards

TierBattle PassFree
1 50% match XP boost, 10% friend XP boost, Huntress Outfit, Drift Outfit, Battle Pass Challenges None
2 10% personal XP boost, 5x Free Tiers for next season. Crazy Castle Spray
3 Naughts and Crosses Banner Icon None
4 100 V-Bucks Drift Loading Screen
5 Go Emoticon None
6 Sushi Spray Gentleman's Dab Emote
7 Cruiser Glider None
8 Shopping Trolley Banner Icon Let's Rock Emoticon
9 5% Friend XP boost None
10 100 V-Bucks None
11 Basketball Toy Ship Banner Icon
12 Boogie Spray None
13 Norse Emblem Loading Screen None
14 Dolphin Banner Icon Uplink Back Bling
15 Baloon Axe None
16 Pool Party Emoticon None
17 10% personal XP Boost None
18 100 V-Bucks 100 V-Bucks
19 Abstrakt Loading Screen None
20 Lanterns Contrail None
21 Mask Banner Icon None
22 Straberry Paws Spray Downshift Glider
23 Redline Outfit None
24 Prickly Emoticon None
25 5% Friend XP Boost None
26 100 V-Bucks Pixels Royale Spray
27 Golf Ball Toy None
28 Huntress Loading Screen None
29 Lucha GG Spray None
30 1000 Season XP Lug Axe
31 You're Awesome Emote None
32 Hat Banner Icon None
33 10% personal XP boost None
34 Sun Strider Loading Screen 100 V-Bucks
35 100 V-Bucks None
36 Runic Contrail None
37 Stop Emoticon None
38 Good Vibes Spray Pool Party Back Bling
39 Conquest Glider None
40 Durrr Spray None
41 5% friend XP boost None
42 100 V-Bucks Dinosaur Banner Icon
43 Beach Ball Toy None
44 Jailbirds Loading Screen None
45 1000 Season XP None
46 Embarrassed Emoticon Calculated Emote
47 Sun Strider Outfit None
48 Fake Door Spray None
49 10% personal XP boost None
50 Golf Ball Banner Icon High Explosives Loading Screen
51 100 V-Bucks None
52 Alarm Emoticon None
53 1000 Season XP None
54 Drift Spray Glitch in the System Contrail
55 Rearguard Back Bling None
56 Ice Cream Truck Banner Icon None
57 5% friend XP boost None
58 100 V-Bucks Trap Emoticon
59 Fancy Golf Ball Toy None
60 Flytrap Loading Screen None
61 1000 Season XP None
62 Palm Trees Banner Icon Laser Chomp Spray
63 Swipe It Emote None
64 100 V-Bucks None
65 10% personal XP boost None
66 Omen Loading Screen None
67 Tattered Emoticon None
68 Ice Crystals Contrail None
69 Spider Banner Icon None
70 1000 Season XP None
71 Sledgehammer Outfit None
72 Norse Llama Spray None
73 5% friend XP boost None
74 100 V-Bucks None
75 Fancy Beach Ball Toy None
76 Chequered Flag Banner Icon None
77 Red Knight Loading Screen None
78 Tasty Emoticon None
79 Splashdown Glider None
80 Potato Aim Spray None
81 10% personal XP boost None
82 Snorkel Banner Icon None
83 100 V-Bucks None
84 TP Contrail None
85 Bad Apple Emoticon None
86 Bandolier Loading Screen None
87 Rook Outfit None
88 Cobra Banner Icon None
89 5% friend XP boost None
90 100 V-Bucks None
91 Fancy Basketball None
92 Stinky Emoticon None
93 Tomatohead Loading Screen None
94 Yummy Spray None
95 Breakdown Emote None
96 10% personal XP boost None
97 Pot of Gold Emoticon None
98 100 V-Bucks None
99 Skull and Beard Spray None
100 Ragnarok Outfit, Ragnarok Challenges None

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