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Black Friday 2018 is on the horizon, whether you're ready for it or not, honestly - November is now less than two months away, after all. As we have done for the past few years, we'll be keeping this page as up to date as possible with all the latest and greatest deals, offers, bundles and discounts on PS4 consoles, PS4 Pro consoles, games, accessories and more. Whether you're eyeing up a potential PS4 Pro to upgrade to or you want to try out a PSVR and see what all this virtual reality fuss is about, you can find all the relevant deals right here as the day(s) appraoch.

Want more of the best Black Friday 2018 deals around? Be sure to check out our guides to the best PS4 Black Friday deals, the best Xbox Black Friday deals and the best Nintendo Black Friday deals. If you're a PC gamer, head over to our page covering the best PC gaming Black Friday deals this year has to offer.

While we've still got a handful of months before the big day itself, let's take a look back at last year's Black Friday post below for some ideas as to what we can expect this year...

Black Friday 2017 has now passed into history. If you're still in the market for a new PS4, upgrading to a PS4 Pro, or just picking up some half-decent games for less then you still have some good options to choose from - you should head over to our new page on PS4 Cyber Monday deals.

Black Friday 2017 kicked off a little earlier than it has done in previous years, as eager retailers seemingly couldn't keep their deals quiet long enough to make it to the main event itself. Instead, the vast majority of UK-based stores launched their various Black Friday sale ranges a full week ahead of the day itself. In the US, similar things happened, particularly at Amazon. We'll be here all weekend and into next week, collecting the very best PS4 Black Friday 2017 deals, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back for the most up to date deals.

So far this year, the biggest and best PS4 deal we've seen is a hugely tempting price drop on a PS4 Pro console. Most notably, you can get a PS4 Pro with Gran Turismo Sport and Call of Duty WW2 for under £300. This is £50 less than the regular cost of a PS4 Pro console and you'll get a pair of included games absolutely free, which is hard not to recommend. We've also seen price cuts on Destiny 2, Wolfenstein 2, and Yakuza Zero. Additionally, a year of PlayStation Plus will cost you £37.49 for a limited time.

There remains a diminishing but still substantial list of offers on other platforms, too. We've picked out the best Xbox One Black Friday 2017 deals or our rundown of Nintendo Black Friday deals as well.Elsewhere, you'll find our picks for the best PC gaming Black Friday deals, the best Apple Black Friday offers and even some 4K TV Black Friday discounts.

Best PS4 Black Friday console deals


We'll start by taking a look at the very best PS4 Black Friday console deals of this year's Black Friday so far. PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro bundles alike are up for discount this year, with Sony looking to compete with Microsoft's brand new Xbox One X 4K machine. This year so far, we've seen a decent amount of discounts on PS4 Pro consoles as well as the 1TB model of PS4 Slim. Right now, the best Black Friday offer you're likely to find on PS4 is a £224.85 for a 500GB Slim. The better discounts are on PS4 Pro, which is yours for £282.95 with a game.

the UK:

In addition to all these UK bundles, you can also pick up an extra DualShock 4 controller in a range of colours for £37.99 at Argos.

In the US:

Best PS4 Black Friday game deals


Next, let's take a look at which games have seen significant discounts in this year's Black Friday festivities. Early on, it was clear that Bethesda titles including the only recently released Wolfenstein 2 and The Evil Within 2 would be seeing significant price cuts and things have only grown into bigger deals from there. Here are the best PS4 Black Friday game deals so far.

In the UK:

In the US:

The best PSVR Deals on Black Friday 2017


Not as hot a prospect this year as it was last year, the PSVR is quite keenly priced just about everywhere - you're going to have to spend north of £200 to get the full thing, although you'll get a few games thrown in with that.

In the UK

In the US

That's about your lot. Let's see if the retailers go a bit more mad with the discounts as we get closer to Christmas.

PS4 Accessories to look out for


If you're already a happy PS4 owner - and looking the sales figures, that's statistically very likely - you can still splash out on some extras to make that bit more special. This Black Friday we've mostly seen decent offers on controllers - proper Dualshock ones too, none of that knockoff nonsense. Fill your boots.

In the UK

In the US

Also worth keeping an eye out for - the PlayStation VR headset. Sony recently announced that a newer model of this was headed to shelves in the coming months, so look for retailers to slash the price of the original version in order to shift stock around Black Friday 2017. The newer version of the headset adds HDR passthrough and integrated headphones to the headset, so if neither of those is essential to you, you may just be able to pick up an absolute steal on an original model PS VR headset. DualShock 4 controllers have seen consistent discounts over the years, so expect all colours of that to see discounts to bring the cost down to £30 or below.

Black Friday 2017 is on the horizon. With it, inevitably, will come hundreds of discounts, bundles, special offers and bargains on a wide array of tech and games, among many other things. If one of the things you're looking to keep an eye out for is a bargain deal on a PS4 console, a PS4 Pro console or some shiny new PS4 games, you're in the right place.

Last year, Black Friday gave us PS4 Slim consoles from as little as £189 with games thrown in for free, so expect to see that price slip down a little further (perhaps as low as £160 in some cases), along with a litany of first and third party games thrown in. In addition to that, with the combination of the PS4 Pro now being a year old and the release of Microsoft's competing high-end console in the Xbox One X, it's a fairly safe bet that we'll be seeing some great value bundles involving the PS4 Pro this year.

Black Friday, for those unaware, is the notorious shopping extravaganza that involves retailers from across the world offering big discounts on tech, electronics, games, consoles and more. This year, Black Friday takes place on Friday, November 24th, 2017. For all of our other Black Friday coverage, you can check out our Black Friday deals hub, which features the best deals on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and more.

The fun doesn't stop on Black Friday, though. After a weekend filled with deals, Cyber Monday takes place on November 27th, 2017. Despite its cringe-worthy name, you can think of Cyber Monday as a second chance for a lot of online-based retailers to discount a wide variety of their products, most of which will not have been discounted during Black Friday itself. It's anything but a one-day affair, though - you can expect another week's worth of deals.

Judging by previous Black Friday experiences, Sony has a tendency to make some good deals with retailers that have resulted in nice discounts on PS4 hardware as well as first-party games at bargain prices. With Uncharted 4 now being a year and a half old and a follow-up game in Uncharted: Lost Legacy having been released now, it would be a good bet that we'd be seeing one or both of those games at bargain basement prices.

In terms of game deals, last year's biggest bargains were found in copies of Doom, Titanfall, Destiny: The Collection and Overwatch, along with Watch Dogs 2 seeing a price cut mere weeks after its launch. Needless to say, a few of these sold out within minutes, so if you have a particular game that you're waiting for Black Friday before purchasing, you may want to keep a close eye on these deals as and when they come to make sure you don't miss out.


If none of that appeals, remember that we'll be updated this page each and every week on the run-up to Black Friday (and of course, Cyber Monday after it) so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly. You never know you may just find the bargain you've been looking for in advance and skip all the flurry and madness that is Black Friday week itself.

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