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Nintendo's latest entry into the console game - the Nintendo Switch - is somehow coming up on two years old now and the little system that could's library of games expanding more with each and every week (and each Nintendo Direct), it makes sense to think that we could potentially see Black Friday 2018 discounts on a wide array of those titles. As we tend to do each and every year, we'll be keeping this very page updated with all the latest and best deals, bundles, discounts and offers on Nintendo Switch consoles, games, accessories and more.

Until we get closer to the big day itself, how about we take a look back at last year's Black Friday 2017 post and see what were the pressing issues and deals of the day.

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Well, we survived. Black Friday 2017 is finally past us although in a fairly anticlimactic style because the vast majority of retailers launched their various Black Friday sales across the internet a full week before the event itself. We've slogged through it all and yet, there is more to come. Cyber Monday 2017 is right around the corner, with more discounts and bundles headed your way. Rest assured, we're continuing our vigilant deals finding ways over the coming days.

If you'd like to keep up with some of the very best deals today, you can check out our Nintendo Cyber Monday deals hub, where you'll find the day's best Switch bundles, games and even some 3DS stuff in there, if you're lucky.

The Nintendo Switch was hands-down the most popular console this Black Friday. The best deal was at Amazon - a Mario Odyssey bundle for £279 - but it sold out within minutes and now we're left with the more pedestrian offerings. Notably, these include a Neon Switch console along with a copy of Mario + Rabbids thrown in for free, which is definitely this year's second-best bundle. Cyber Monday is sure to offer at least one extra deal in this regard, too.

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Best Nintendo Switch Black Friday console deals


One of the biggest things on everybody's wishlists this Black Friday is a significant discount or a very nice bundle on a Nintendo Switch console. Here, we've rounded up all the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday bundles and deals we've found.

In the UK, Amazon beat out the competition by offering up a Nintendo Switch Limited Edition with Red Joy-Cons and Super Mario Odyssey in one big back for £279.99. Sadly, this deal sold out swiftly, replaced by a Nintendo Switch with Mario and Rabbids for £279.99. If you're looking for the best Switch deal of Black Friday 2017, that was it - your best shot today is the grey version with Mario + Rabbids, or you can wait for the Neon version to come back in stock next week.

In the UK:

In the US:

Best Nintendo Switch Black Friday games deals


Bad news: the Black Friday ship has sailed on this one, there's very little left at any sort of discount. This is the best we can find, everything else is back up to normal RRP.

In the UK:

In the US:

Best Nintendo 3DS Black Friday deals


In the UK:

In the US:

Nintendo Switch accessories to look out for


For carrying cases, we recommend the Hori Switch Tough Case in terms of overall sturdiness and safety, although the official Splatoon 2 accessory kit comes with a case that offers a lot more style if you're a fan of the game and comes packaged with a set of screen protectors. In terms of expanded memory, getting a card with at least 128GB space is your best bet and should last you a long while. You'll also want to pick up a screen protector - our favourite is the Orzly tempered glass pack.

We've rounded up the best offers we can find right now, although it's pretty slim pickings:

In the UK:

In the US:

For a more detailed look at our recommendations, you can check out Jelly Deals for our Nintendo Switch Accessories top picks and our opinions on the best Nintendo Switch Micro SD cards you can buy right now.

For the uninitiated, Black Friday 2017 takes place on November 24th and will continue the trend of the last decade or so of retailers from around the globe offering up a huge discounts on highly desirable products like video games, consoles, tech, electronics, TVs and more, all in the name of pre-Christmas savings. Directly following Black Friday, as always, is Cyber Monday, the rather unfortunately named baby brother to Black Friday itself. Cyber Monday takes place on November 27th, 2017 and is set to see a vast array of online retailers bringing out a fresh batch of discounts once their Black Friday stock runs out.

As for Nintendo, while the Wii U failed to light the world on fire and struggled to find an audience after its release, the Switch has proven to be a game-changer for Nintendo. Since its release in March this year, the Nintendo Switch has gone on to sell above and beyond five million units, far surpassing the lifetime sales of the Wii U.

What does this mean for Black Friday 2017, though? Will we be seeing some decent discounts on Switch consoles, accessories or games and where does the Nintendo 3DS fit into all of this? Only time will tell, though based on Black Friday last year as well as some of the Nintendo deals we've seen through the year so far, we've got some ideas of what might be headed our way next month.


With the Nintendo Switch as the company's primary focus and more games being released for the system each week, it's easy to assume that the brunt of the deals will be focused on that side of Nintendo's plans. However, given the multiple new editions of the 3DS and 2DS XL respectively that have been announced and released in the past year, Nintendo is making it perfectly clear that it hasn't forgotten about its dedicated handheld system. With this in mind, we're likely to see a litany of 3DS discounts, particularly on the 2DS XL side of things. That version of the system launched at £130 so we will likely see the price fall down nearer £100 come Black Friday.


As for the Switch itself, we most likely won't be seeing a massive discount on the console itself given that Nintendo is only recently managing to meet demand and keep the console in stock for longer than a few days at a time. With sales being consistently steady with no sign of slowing down, there would seem to be no real reason for Nintendo to offer a discount this year. There have, however, been some notable temporary discounts over the past few months - Tesco Direct has offered £20-£25 off selected tech and games consoles via a voucher on multiple occasions, which has brought the Switch down to its cheapest UK prices so far - the lowest being £255 in September.

Hunting for Nintendo Switch bundles on Black Friday

Rather than discounting the Switch, we are much more likely to see retailers offering Nintendo Switch consoles bundled up with multiple games and accessories and this is where the real money saving will be found this Black Friday. Prices will likely not drift below the console's £279 asking price but keep your eyes peeled for bundles including cases, skins and games like Splatoon 2, Mario and Rabbids, Rayman Legends Definitive Edition and Lego City Undercover - with the latter two games there has already appeared in multiple bundles since last month.


If we do see some Nintendo Switch discounts this Black Friday, you can expect them to be very limited in both time and stock, so be prepared to pull the trigger on one of these consoles at a minute's notice. You'd also be well advised to have a set of games or accessories that you want to pick up alongside your console in mind too, just in case retailers are only offering Switch consoles with extras. When thinking about accessories for your shiny new Switch, your best bets are to pick out your favourite case ahead of time since you'll definitely need one if you're planning on taking the console with you outside the comfort of your home. Better still, figure out what size Micro SD card you want to get in order to expand your Switch's storage capacity. The console's onboard 32GB will be fine for a handful of games but you're likely to find out sooner or later that more storage is a necessity.


If you're already a Nintendo Switch owner, you're going to be looking for discounts on the games themselves. Historically, Nintendo doesn't tend to offer discounts on its first-party titles, so expect Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey to hold on to their current prices. What's more likely is that we'll see price cuts to games like Super Bomberman R, Ultra Street Fighter 2, and very possibly even Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, as Ubisoft has control over the pricing there and may just want to get the game into as many homes as possible in time for Christmas.

Of course, the only way we'll be able to tell what happens this Black Friday for sure is to wait. Rest assured, however, that we'll be here to cover every last discount, bundle and price cut as and when they happen. You may want to bookmark this page and come back closer to the time, as we'll be keeping this page updated as the weeks go on with the very best deals each week.

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