Don't Touch the Art is a relatively early main mission in Spider-Man on PS4, and it features one of the first contextual puzzles of the game, too.

Here on this page, we'll take you through the slightly tricky statue puzzle in Don't Touch the Art, but for more guides like this, plus plenty of tips too, you can cycle back to our main Spider-Man walkthrough and guide hub.

Spider-Man - Don't Touch the Art mission

The start of this mission proceeds pretty much as normal. You'll start off in another vent system, and come out onto some railings above some enemies.

This is your stealth training, basically - follow the prompts as they come up but as a reminder, press Square to perform a Perch Takedown (stringing an enemy up by your web) and Triangle to dive down to them for an instant, albeit mroe risky, Stealk Takedown.

You'll also find some moments where you need to split enemies up to avoid being detected. To do so, fire a quick web (R1) at a nearby object and an enemy will walk over to excape. When the other is marked as "Safe" (Press R3 to check this), you can take them down.

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Don't Touch the Art statue puzzle solution

As the mission progresses, you'll find yourself playing as MJ, not just Spidey, which is neat!

Your task as MJ at first is to walk around inspecting the art, until you're prompted by your guide to take some photos.

These work like Landmark photos - press Up to bring up the camera, hold L2 to line up the shot, and snap it with R1 when the screen turns green. Don't be afraid to move about a little to get it lined up properly of course.

Once you're done with photos, the guide will have become rather irate with all your pesky reporter questions and gone off to make a phone call. Now's your chance to sneak into that room she just opened with the weird statue inside.

Stay crouched, and dart behind the waist-high cover, staying out of her line of sight, to get into the room - it's fairly easy to do, just literally avoid the direction she's looking and you'll be fine.

Once inside, it's time for a puzzle.

Don't Touch the Art statue puzzle solution:

Inside is a statue, with movable parts, and to the side of the room is a glass cabinet with several items inside. You need to take the right item and put it in the statue's hand, and then move the statue's parts until they're in the right position.

You can use the small pamphlet on the side for reference, but here's the specific item you need to have it hold:

And here's how the final thing should look so you have the solution to hand:

After that, it's back to playing as Spider-Man, where you continue making stealth takedowns and performing a little combat until the mission ends. Nice job!

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