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Fortnite, at its very core, is a competitive multiplayer game, and any veteran of competitive multiplayer games will tell you that if you're a PC player, you're going to want to get yourself equipped with the right peripherals. That means making sure that you have the best gaming mouse and the best gaming keyboard available, set up to work especially well with the game you want to succeed at. In this case, we're talking about Fortnite, so, let's take a look at the best Fortnite mouse around.

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Best Fortnite mouse for sniping


If you're the type of Fortnite player that puts an extra effort into taking out other players from a distance, preferably without ever being seen, you're going to need a gaming mouse that gives you that extra bit of control over your aiming. A steady hand will go far in helping you become the best Fortnite sniper around, but a gaming mouse with a high range of DPI (dots per inch) will make all the difference.

This Logitech G502 features a solid, precise mouse wheel for zooming and several different levels (all of which are programmable) of DPI settings, meaning you can switch between them on the fly and - most importantly - mid-gunfight. It's also adjustable using small weights inside the mouse itself, giving you complete custom control over the feel and movement of the mouse - ideal for snipers.

Best Fortnite mouse for quick crafting


Those of you who prioritise crafting and the ability to assemble a wall quickly while being shot at will want a gaming mouse that will let you have quick access to as many options as humanly possible. Enter, the Razer Naga Trinity. The Naga Trinity comes equipped with three swappable plates which, depending on what game you're playing or what playstyle you feel like at the time, offer different programmable buttons - up to 12 programmable buttons on a single panel.

This, along with a 5G sensor and 16,000 DPI and you've got yourself an excellent gaming mouse that will let you program a variety of different functions, emotes, quick-change-slots, and more onto its extra buttons, but will also blend in nicely and work beautifully with any of your other games, too.

Best Fortnite mouse on a budget


If you're looking to up your game without breaking your bank account in half, you don't have to worry. While spending more money will inevitably get you a gaming mouse with more features and gimmicks, you can get some high-quality gaming gear on the cheap, too. At least, relatively speaking.

That's where the SteelSeries Sensei 310 comes in - a moderately priced gaming keyboard that delivers in all the ways you need, while costing only a part of the way that a lot of higher-end gaming mice out there do. This model also features side-panel buttons and a 12,000 CPI, as well.

If your budget is a little tighter than that, you can check out the Corsair KATAR gaming mouse. Featuring a DPI of 8000, it's a stellar mid-range gaming mouse that will serve as a solid upgrade from any non-gaming mouse or laptop trackpad you may be currently using, at a price that's hard to argue with.

Best Fortnite mouse - best all-rounder


It might not be suitable for those of you who are looking to spend as little as possible but there is absolutely something to be said for spending money to get the best of the best. For this, we have the Logitech G903 - a truly fantastic gaming mouse, one that suits a variety of games and playstyles and aims to take your gaming to the next level.

Uniquely, this mouse is a wireless mouse equipped with Logitech's Powerplay tech, allowing the mouse to charge itself as it is used when paired with the accompanying Powerplay mouse pad. The DPI is adjustable and can range from 200 to 12,000, the build is light and suitable for both palm-grip and claw-style gamers and is even ambidextrous by design. It certainly isn't cheap but it's hard to find a better gaming mouse on the market right now.

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