Shenmue - How to get a harbour job, and how to find Mad Angels each day

How to get a job and find the Mad Angels at the harbour.

Searching for both a job and the Mad Angels at the harbour is the start of your illustrious forklift truck career, and comes after the quest to get a ticket to Hong Kong.

If you're looking for help with other parts of the game, our Shenmue guide and walkthrough and list of Shenmue tips can help.

How to get a job at the harbour

Meeting the Mad Angels require you get a job at the harbour. Catch a bus from Dobuita, then go onward and ask the worker with the hard hat on the left, who refers you to the foreman at Warehouse No 18. He says there are no jobs available right now - but you should head to Warehouse No 12.

Warehouse No 12 is near the New Warehouse District to the north-east. If you get there at 12pm, a cutscene should occur. If not, keep running around the area until it does.

Goro will greet you and say he can get you a job. You have to come back tomorrow at noon, outside Warehouse No 1. You have to kill time until then. Remember you don't have to get a bus all the way back to Dobuita if you don't fancy the trip - if you stay out late at the Harbour, you'll automatically fast travel home when the time comes.

When you arrive at noon outside Warehouse No 1 the next day, Goro will tell you the job is yours. Head to the Alpha Trading Office at 2pm - it's next to the waterfront (from the New Warehouse District, head north-west so the water is on your right, and it's to the left).

Your job is to drive a forklift truck, moving crates from one area to the next. This first afternoon is a training exercise, but it's worth performing well - you're getting paid per crate, and it'll give you a good idea of what the job involves.

Here's how it works:

  • You earn 300 yen per crate, and meeting the daily quota increases the rate by 50 yen per day.
  • There is a map (Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox and Dreamcast) during each shift to help you locate each warehouse. If there are multiple routes, then there isn't any difference time-wise between them - choose whichever you fancy.
  • You should position crates along the ground to fill the back row first, then place a row on top of those, then start the row in front, and so on.
  • You can change to first-person (with the B button on Xbox and Dreamcast, or Circle on PlayStation) making it easier to line-up crates.
  • It's very difficult to line up the crates exactly - as long as it's close enough it'll go on.
  • As you are driving, you'll often run into other forklift trucks, people and cats. Avoiding them means you have more time to stack crates and earn money, but if you run into one you'll never be in a tight spot - eventually they will phase out and let you drive onward. Spooky!

At 5pm, the day's work is over. Time to continue your investigation. Start by asking the two foreman talking on the corner of Warehouse No 1, as well as the homeless man opposite Warehouse No 18, to help flesh out your notebook.

Whether you do this or not, head to the Alpha Trading Office after 8pm, where there'll be a QTE with some Mad Angels members. There's a QTE involved, of course:

Xbox, Dreamcast: A, Down, Left, Right
PlayStation: X, Down, Left, Right

Once over, you're done for the day - so either stay out until late to automatically fast travel home, or catch the bus back to Dobuita then home.

Where to find Mad Angels on the first day of the job

Each morning, you'll race forklifts, one of the game's most infamous mini-games. Though you'd instinctively want to finish first each day, completionists may prefer to do place differently per race - our forklift races explains why.

Your task on the first day is to move crates from the Old Warehouse District to Warehouse No 18. It's a short distance for your first shift, but if you get lost, remember you can see a map by pressing Square on PlayStation or X on Xbox and Dreamcast.

Work until 12pm, which is lunchtime. There's a cutscene with a Free Battle, but after that, the rest of your break is free time. During the afternoon shift is another Free Battle, but otherwise, keep working until 5pm where you'll get paid for your hard day's work.

After a chat with Goro, there are two moves you can learn. One is by approaching Warehouse No 18, or the Harbour Lounge, from the south, where the homeless man will teach you Shadow Step:

Xbox / Dreamcast: Right, Y + B
PlayStation: Right, Triangle + Circle

Next, head to the Alpha Trading Office, where Gui Zhang will teach you Swallow Dive:

Xbox / Dreamcast: Left, A
PlayStation: Left, X

With that done, there's nothing else to do today, so feel free to go home when you wish (either catch the bus, or wait until it's late for Ryo to automatically fast travel you home) where you'll start the second day of work.

Where to find Mad Angels on the second day of the job

In the morning, you'll do another Forklift race. Today's shift involves taking crates from Warehouse No 18 to No 3. There are two routes on offer, and both take around the same amount of time, so the choice is yours. There is a quota of eight crates - hitting it will increase your incomings by 50 yen per crate for the next day.

Lunch is free time, so spend it as you please, whether that's exploring or hanging around in the Harbour Lounge building up your Capsule Toy collection.

Continue working, and you'll have a cutscene in the middle of the afternoon when you pull into Warehouse No 3, where you have to fight five Mad Angels in a Free Battle. After another set, continue your shift until the work day is over.

In the evening, head to the north-east end of the harbour towards Warehouse No 17. When you approach, you'll find the Mad Angels giving Mark a spot of bother. Take them down in a Free Battle - any problems, try and isolate them one at a time to make the battle easier - then talk to Mark after it's done.

Before heading home, head to Warehouse No 18 (it's near the Harbour Lounge, not far from the entrance) and speak to the homeless man opposite, who will teach you 'Shadow Blade' - which is related to a move you learned the day before. To pull this off, press the following:

Dreamcast / Xbox: Right, Y and B
PlayStation: Right, Triangle and Circle

After the lesson, talk to him again to lear Mad Angels hang around there at night time. Except tonight, obviously - so it's time to go home.

Where to find Mad Angels on the third day of the job

After the morning's traditional Forklift race, today's shift sees you go from the New Warehouse District to Warehouse No 18. Again, there are two routes to take, but both clock in at around the same time - so choose whichever you prefer.

At lunchtime, Nozomi and her friend shows up to take pictures. Afterward, you get to decide which one you want to keep - which ever you take with you, the other goes to her. Storywise, it doesn't matter which. Once the scene is over, the rest of the lunch hour is yours, and the afternoon work shift is uneventful.

After finishing work, kill time until it's night, and head outside Warehouse 18 and the Harbour Lounge, where as the homeless man suggested, you'll encounter the Mad Angels, with the following QTE:

Xbox / Dreamcast: Right, Left, A, Left, Left, A, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right
PlayStation: Right, Left, X, Left, Left, X, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right

What follows is another Free Battle, and a fight with our friend Charlie. Once done, the day's activities are done, so head home when you're ready.

Where to find Mad Angels on the fourth day of the job

Following the morning Forklift race, it's time to take crates from Warehouse No 15 to No 18 - essentially one end of the harbour to the next. Despite this, there's still a quota of eight crates, but after several days practice you should be a dab hand by now.

Lunch is free time to do as you please. The afternoon shift, meanwhile, will be interrupted by an injured Goro, and the following QTE:

Xbox / Dreamcast: B, A, B, A, A, B, Left, Down, A
PlayStation: Circle, X, Circle, X, X, Circle, Left, Down, X

Work the afternoon shift, which ends with talking to Mark. After, quiz the two foreman on the corner of Warehouse No 1, then visit the homeless man by Warehouse No 18 to learn the move 'Charge Cross'. That's it for today - head home when you're ready.

After some more Shenmue tips? Our full Shenmue walkthrough will guide you through ever step of the main story, from the Three Blades, to where to find Charlie, Warehouse No 8 and where to use the Mysterious Key. And, of course, exactly where to find sailors. We also have pages on Shemue's various extracurricular activities, like feeding the kitten, winning forklift races, Shenmue flashback locations, a full Shenmue Trophy and Achievements and Capsule Toys lists, too. And, if you're playing the latest sequel, our Shenmue 3 walkthrough could be useful.

Where to find Mad Angels on the fifth day of the job

After the fifth Forklift race of the week, you'll have the most demanding shift yet, taking crates from the Old Warehouse District to the new Warehouse No 8, and then crates from there to Warehouse No 18, before repeating the run.

At lunchtime you'll encounter Goro and Mai, then the rest of the hour is yours. The afternoon has another chase scene with a QTE, this time with a difference - there's a choice you make halfway through, each with their own set of prompts.

First, it's:

Xbox / Dreamcast: Left, B, B, Left, A, Left, Left, followed by Left or Right
PlayStation: Left, Circle, Circle, Left, X, Left, Left, followed by Left or Right

If you choose Left:

Xbox / Dreamcast: Right, A, Right, Left, Right
PlayStation: Right, X, Right, Left, Right

If you choose Right:

Xbox / Dreamcast: A, Left, Right, Left, Right
PlayStation: X, Left, Right, Left, Right

Phew! After your shift you'll pay Master Chen a visit. That's it for today. Go to bed, and get ready for the 70 Man Battle.

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