Base building in No Man's Sky has been around for a little while now, but it's received another refersh with the big release of No Man's Sky's NEXT update, changing how the whole thing works significantly.

How to build a base in No Man's Sky is still going to be a pertinent question though, so here on this page we detail everything you need to know about base building and management in the game.

No Man's Sky base building explained - how do bases work?

Base building is surprisingly simple in No Man's Sky, but doing it in the right place can come in dead handy nonetheless.

The main reason you'll want to build a base is to give yourself a safe shelter to set up more permanent equipment that you can't lug around in portable form, allowing to get all your crafting and mining done in one place - with the help of a teleporter to easily get you to and from your home base, too.

You'll start of with being asked to build a super-simple wooden base, made from Carbon.

Bases work in a pretty simple fashion - pre-made pannels snap into place intuitively, a bit like the building in Fortnite. How you structure it and where you build - and how much you build, for that matter - is pretty much up to you!

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How to build a base in No Man's Sky

To unlock base building, you'll need to get to the point quite early on in the game where you're promped to construct a Base Computer - you'll reach it after a couple of hours of just following the main objectives.

The Base Computer requires 40x Chromatic Metal, crafted from materials like Copper in the Portable Refiner.

A few more tutorial steps will follow, including a task to build a Blueprint Analyser and then dig up some Buried Technology for Salvaged Technology Modules, and then you're pretty much free to crack on.

To get building, press Up on the D-pad on consoles, and then cycle through the various categories of items you can build. From there you can select Equipment, which ranges from Permanent and Portable Equipment to Farming gear.

How to unlock more Construction Blueprints

Unlocking more stuff to build is pretty simple: you need to go out scavenging for more Buried Technology, which has a chance of containing Salved Technology Modules.


They act a bit like a currency for your Blueprint Analyser - spend them on unlocking Blueprints for more tech, like Save Points or Health Stations, which are then available for you to select from the usual build menu.

So far, the best method we've found for finding Salvaged Technolog Modules is literally just scanning planets with the Analysis Visor for the Buried Technology symbols, and going and digging them up. The symbol you're looking for, by the way, looks a bit like the universally recodnised sign for WiFi!

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