Captain Toad walkthrough - Gem locations, Star locations and tips in Treasure Tracker

An complete walkthrough of Gems and Stars for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is out and about again, this time on the 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

Here in our Captain Toad walkthrough, we'll take you through all the essentials for working your way through the lovely little puzzles of the game, including a list of all Gem locations and Star locations that are there for you to collect as you complete each stage.

We also have a page on all the Captain Toad Pixel Toad locations available now, as well as a guide to all Bonus Challenges and Captain Toad Gold Mushroom locations for the completionists out there, too.

On this page:

Captain Toad walkthrough, all Super Gem locations and Power Star locations - Episode 1

1-1 Plucky Pass Beginnings Gem locations

  1. Around the first corner, under the hill.
  2. Throw a Turnip at the POW blocks on the right.
  3. Talk to the blue Toad.

1-1 Plucky Pass Beginnings Power Star location

Pull the blue lever near the wooden steps to raise the platform up to the star.

1-2 Walleye Tumble Temple Gem locations

  1. Drop down to the lower level and use the spinning platforms on the water to cross to the Gem.
  2. Head to the far right bottom corner, on the back of the stone building, through the spinning stone passages.
  3. Hang left, between the two Walleyes, as you head for the Star.

1-2 Walleye Tumble Temple Power Star location

Work your way through the rotating stone circles in the stone building, and time your run past the Walleyes.

1-3 Touchstone Trouble Gem locations

  1. Under the left side of the starting blue platform - use the whole in the pink platform on the left to get underneath it.
  2. Under the starting blue platform, but instead walk onto the pink platform and turn to face the way you came to reach it.
  3. Behind a locked door on the yellow platform - get the key from the pluck patch on the pink platform.

1-3 Touchstone Trouble Power Star location

Walk onto the pink platform, tap it, then go back onto the blue one. Tap the blue one, step back onto the pink one, then hit the blue one again.

1-4 Mushroom Mesa Gem locations

  1. Go round the corner, into the second doorway in the stone, and turn right.
  2. Use the pluck patches to throw turnips at the Shy Guys, which spawns the second gem.
  3. Work your way to the hole in the middle of the third touchstone column, then down to the level under the ground.

1-4 Mushroom Mesa Power Star location

Use the touchstone columns again, this time getting on top of the third one instead of into the middle of it.

1-5 Double Cherry Palace Gem locations

  1. Pull the moving pluck patch and the mole that comes out gives you the gem when caught.
  2. Once in the back of the structure, work your way down to the second-bottom level and use left Toad to walk through to the balcony on other side.
  3. This time use the right Toad to access the balcony with another moving pluck patch that hides the third gem.

1-5 Double Cherry Palace Power Star location

Drop all the way down to the bottom of the back side of the structre, and get both Toads together onto the yellow platform to move it to the star.

1-6 Shy Guy Heights Gem locations

  1. On the hedge on the right - get there by climbing the taller ladder near the start.
  2. Use the pickaxe from the pluck patches after the maze to smash the stones underneath the platform nearby.
  3. Inside the platform with the power star on top.

1-6 Shy Guy Heights Power Star location

On top of the highest platform, simply work your way through the stage.

1-7 Spinwheel Library Gem locations

  1. In a door way in the bookcases in front of you - spin the wheel clockwise.
  2. Take the purple pipe to the underside of the level and talk to Blue Toad.
  3. Spin the wheel anti-clockwise and go up the steps and to the right.

1-7 Spinwheel Library Power Star location

Spin the wheel clockwise twice to raise stairs to the star.

1-8 Mine Cart Tunnel Throwdown Gem locations

  1. Behind you at the start - turn around once in the mine cart to fire a Turnip at it.
  2. Hit the POW block inside a cube of destructible blocks on your left, then shoot a Turnip at the gem inside.
  3. On top of a column, again on your left. Shoot the POW block to make it easier to hit.

1-8 Mine Cart Tunnel Throwdown Power Star location

Reach the end of the Tunnel.

1-9 Spinwheel Bullet Bill Base Gem locations

  1. Under the movable staircase - spin the wheel clockwise.
  2. Go up those stairs onto the top platform at the back of the level, spin the wheel so that the cannons fire left or right and you have a path past them to the gem on the right.
  3. Work your way down to the spinwheel on the lower level, and then only turn the wheel half way, so it points at the pair of grey blocks in the bottom right corner hiding the gem, and hold it there until it fires at a 45 degree angle, then release and work your way to the gem.

1-9 Spinwheel Bullet Bill Base Power Star location

Use the spinwheels to work your way to the platform from that lower point by the third gem.

1-10 The King of Pyropuff Peak Gem locations

  1. In front of a wall as you work your way to the right.
  2. At the first ladder, goround and behind it, then climb onto the ladder moving side to side.
  3. The fourth spot in the pluck patch before a long ladder.

1-10 The King of Pyropuff Peak Power Star location

Work your way all the way to the top, hiding behind cover as the dragon breathes fire.

1-11 Piranha Creeper Cove Gem locations

  1. Dart past the Piranha Plant in front of you to enter the cave to your left.
  2. Head up the ramp on the left, through the arch to the bafck of the stage, then time a run down into the water to get it on the right.
  3. Buried in a pluck patch that you can only reach as you head for the Star, where the bridge will collapse.

1-11 Piranha Creeper Power Star location

Simple enough, just work your way through the stage!

1-12 Briny Bowl Swimming Hole Gem locations

  1. Take the gold pipe and pull up the third pluck patch in the row nearby.
  2. Take the blue pipe up to the top level, cross the bridge to make it fall down into the water, and then use that bridge to climb onto the wooden platform where the gem is.
  3. Take the red pipe, then drop down on top of the grey block with the blue lever on it, which raises you up to gem 3.

1-12 Briny Bowl Swimming Hole Power Star location

That same grey block with the blue level will complete the bridge allowing you to reach the star.

1-13 Turnip Cannon Jungle Gem locations

  1. In the pluck patch to the right of the right-hand piranha plant.
  2. In the hole in the wall on the left - shoot it with the turnip cannon to get it.
  3. Take the purple pipe to the other side of the level, and pull up the moving pluck patch.

1-13 Turnip Cannon Jungle Power Star location

Uset he Turnip Cannon to shoot the grey block and any other enemies blocking your path to the exit at the top.

1-14 Pop-Up Prairie Town Gem locations

  1. Pull the blue lever on the left, then drop back down to see the gem inside the raised platform.
  2. Pull the other two blue levers to raise both platforms, hop onto the moving yellow platform, and reach the second gem.
  3. After getting Gem 2, go down the staircase revealed under the left platform you just raised, by the stack of coins.

1-14 Pop-Up Prairie Town Power Star location

Pull the central blue lever near the pair of blue levers you raised for Gems 2 and 3, then head round to the ladder by the start position, and follow the ladders up on that side of the stage to the top.

1-15 Drop-Road Dash Gem locations

  1. After the blue platform with three pluck patches on, to your left. Try not to run on all of the platforms as you collect it, so you have a way to get back on track!
  2. Drop down after the first gem and run past the three Para-Biddybuds taking the second right, looping behind them to get the gem - go slowly enough for the platforms you've dropped to re-appear!
  3. Stand on the green platform opposite the blue one with the gem on, and throw the turnips from the pluck patches at the gem to collect it.

1-15 Drop-Road Dash Power Star location

Safely make it to the end of the course - remember to move the camera as you go to help get a good perspective.

1-16 Bizarre Doors of Boo Mansion Gem locations

  1. In the pluck patch on the right by the first door.
  2. Work your way to the back-right corner, then tap the bottom left door once, the rop right door once, then enter the bottom left door to drop out by the gem.
  3. Tap the higher-up door near the tower of Goombas to move it to the left, then enter the door by the Boos to drop out on top of them and get the gem.

1-16 Bizarre Doors of Boo Mansion Power Star location

Move the high-up door back to where it started, then drop off the ledge by the Goomba tower, enter the door there to come out on the higher ledge, work your way round to a door that takes you to the roof, and then enter the left hand door to get behind the two giant Boos and reach the star.

1-17 Blizzard on the Star Express Gem locations

  1. Inside the third row of boxes where you start - move the camera to see it.
  2. Work your way to the far end of the train, then back along the other side of it. Drop onto the blue Shy Guy outside, then head inside and immediately hang right.
  3. In the puzzle room with the Tetris-style touch blocks, smash the brown bricks in the corner with touch controls to reveal the gem.

1-17 Blizzard on the Star Express Power Star location

From the third gem, head into the final cart and snake your way through the Bara-Biddlybuds, resting on either side, then at the end is the star.

1-18 Wingo's Watchtower Gem locations

  1. In the back coerner, pull up the blue lever on the ground to reveal a small platform with the gem inside.
  2. Work your way up the central tower until you reach the pair of pluck patches on one corner - drop down to the right of them and ignore the blue lever there to get the gem.
  3. At the top platform, by the gold blocks with a ladder on either side, wait for Wingo to blow it away from you so you can cling onto the ladder and climb up inside the central tower to reach the gem.

1-18 Wingo's Watchtower Power Star location

Climb up the tower then cross the bridge to start a boss fight with Wingo. In the boss fight, dodge the giant turnips and pluck them out to throw at Wingo - three hits and it'll go down, revealing the star and returning Toadette to safety!

Captain Toad walkthrough, all Super Gem locations and Power Star locations - Episode 2

2-1 Chute Scoot Slopes Gem locations

  1. Behind the first red slide - rotate it once to the left and the hop down the small slide to your right and double back to see it.
  2. On the left blue slide - rotate the red slide anticlockwise so it goes down to the blue one, slide down and then turn the blue one clockwise.
  3. Hang left on the long slide towards the star at the bottom of the level.

2-1 Chute Scoot Slopes Power Star location

Slide down the long slide and dodge the Chargin' Chuck.

2-2 Stumper Sneakaround Gem locations

  1. Get a key from the pluck patch near the moving stumps with a gem on top, then drop down to the level below, run past the piranha plant and unlock the door at the end for Gem 1 (you can also throw the key at the piranhas to remove them).
  2. On the bottom of the level in the centre, found by pulling out the moving pluck patch.
  3. Om top of the moving stumps, accessed from the wooden bridge above them past the long piranha plant.

2-2 Stumper Sneakaround Power Star location

Get to the top fo the level and lower the central bridge, then drop down onto the lower part of it, double back and drop down again to the middle level of the stage (avoiding the piranha plant there) and double back on yourself again to drop down into the central platform on the bottom level.

2-3 Mine Cart Sunset Rundown Gem locations

  1. After going round two corners, it's high up in front of you - shoot it with a turnip!
  2. High on your right, outside, after the row of ? blocks.
  3. As you go inside, it's on your right behind a wall with a POW block in it.

2-3 Mine Cart Sunset RundownPower Star location

Just get to the end of the level!

2-4 Sinister Street Signs Gem locations

  1. Walk over the invisible floor (use touch controls to reveal it) to the column with a lever on it - pull it and the first gem is inside.
  2. Follow the invisible floor over to the near-left side of where you started (the opposite corner of the first gem).
  3. Drop down to the bottom and bait the Chargin' Chucks into smashing the blocks (or use touch controls to smash them), to reveal the third gem.

2-4 Sinister Street Signs Power Star location

Drop down onto the P button from the invisible floor to change the position of the inbisible floors, allowing you to reach the star.

2-5 Floaty Fun Water Park Gem locations

  1. Go through the passage by the red bench.
  2. Go up the gold pipe and hold right as you do so, taking you up to the side with the gem.
  3. Raise the water level and go up the gold pipe again, this time hanging left, and drop off the far end of the grass to accss the lowest part of the map with some Magikoopas, coins and the third gem.

2-5 Floaty Fun Water Park Power Star location

Once the water's raised, head across the central bridge path and along the far side to the star.

2-6 Drift-Along Canyon Gem locations

  1. Hit the POW blocks to access a little ramp off the side of the raft to the first gem.
  2. Around the far side, pull the blue lever in the ground to raise a platform up to the higher level, and pull the moving pluck patch out for gem 2.
  3. Drob back down for another moving raft - touch (or throw a turnip at) the POW block to blow it up, then throw a turnip at the gem revealed behind it.

2-6 Drift-Along Canyon Power Star location

Hop off the end of the raft and climb up to the star.

2-7 Sliding Slab Shuffle Gem locations

  1. On the back side of the level, walk underneath the triangular block, up the other side of it when it's safe, and tap it to reach the gem there.
  2. Go up above that triangle and through to the front side again. Go inside the little doorway in the flt side of the slanted block, then tep it to bring you back through to the back side for gem 2.
  3. Get up to the top and drop down on the back side again to the pluck patch, which hides the third gem.

2-7 Sliding Slab Shuffle Power Star location

Once you're up to the top just wait for the right time to make a dash for the star.

2-8 Spooky Specters at Shadow Manor Gem locations

  1. There's a hard-to-see doorway in the middle of the right-hand wall that takes you up to gem 1.
  2. Head back from gem 1's location towards the yellow ladder leading upwards, and drop down towards the starting location onto another ledge. Follow that under the yellow ladder to a little hole with a hard-to-see gem in it.
  3. From the top level, walk out onto the thin ledge and shine your light on the giant Boos for a few seconds to defeat them, then grab the gem and come back.

2-8 Spooky Specters at Shadow Manor Power Star location

Come back to the wheel and turn it until the dropped-down part of the thin ledge lines up with the platform with the star on, and run over to finish the level.

2-9 Draggadon's Revenge Gem locations

  1. Immediately double-back at the start of the level to find a gem under the starting staircase.
  2. Take the first moving platform only halfway up, and duck behind some cover to find the second gem in a pluck patch.
  3. After the pair of rotating shields is another platform moving up and down with nine coins on it. Drop intot he hole underneath it and hang left to find the third gem (from there, run right to escape to a ladder, and avoid the lava as you climb up!).

2-9 Draggadon's Revenge Power Star location

Complete the level, taking cover as you go.

2-10 Spinwheel Cog Ruins Gem locations

  1. Spin the nearby wheel to join up the dark red cogs and run across to where they join with the orange cog, and under the arch to the gem on the other side.
  2. At the far end of the reg cog turn the second wheel to line up the other orange cod, revealing the second gem to go grab.
  3. From that orange cog run through the the green cogs on the other side, across to where there are two Walleyes and a purple pipe behind them - down the pipe you'll find the other gem with Blue Toad.

2-10 Spinwheel Cog Ruins Power Star location

From there, simply go back through the orange pipe and up the tall ladder to the exit.

2-11 Windup Stairs Gem locations

  1. From the starting position, go to the far right and down the little ramp, and it's in an alcove in front of you.
  2. On the opposite side, reached by going up around the back of the stage and dropping down from the platform with Spike on it.
  3. Go to the archway directly above the alcove where you got the first gem, wait for the platforms to line up and run inside the structure to get the third gem.

2-11 Windup Stairs Power Star location

Get up next to Spike again, run across in front of him to the ramp with two pluck patches on his left hand side, run up and wait for it to line up witht the platform above him, then use that to drop down on his head.

2-12 Up 'n' Down Terrace Gem locations

  1. On top of a hedge flanked by two brown trellaces - raise the brown ones then climb up a nearby ladder to reach it.
  2. On top of a hedge with no way to reach it, with some coins leading to another hedge nearby. You need to throw one of the turnip enemies at it from on top of the hedge, from the direction of the coins.
  3. Behind a white trellace on ground level - lower it with the nearby P button in the corner of the level to reach it.

2-12 Up 'n' Down Terrace Power Star location

Enter the central tower by opening the gate under the star - it opens when the white trellaces are raised, so you need to drop down to it from on top of one of them.

2-13 Clear Pipe Puzzleplex Gem locations

  1. Point in a direction to move that way at a junction in the pipes. From the start go right, up, right - so you're behind the train of Fuzzies that dro down through the first gem.
  2. Work your way to the back of the course from the right hand side, where you come out in front of the star. Ignore it and head left, left again when you drop out the first pipe, then follow this second set of Fuzzies in a loop again to get the second gem.
  3. Get the Pickaxe from by the second gem and quickly head right, up the pipe, and then instantly left after dropping into the next one to smash the rocks and reach the gem.

2-13 Clear Pipe Puzzleplex Power Star location

On a platform at the back, reached from the back right-hand corner.

2-14 Midnight in the Wandering Woods Gem locations

  1. Work your way left from the starting position, past the first pair of stumps to the second pair by a ladder. Walk on top of them to get round the fence to the first gem.
  2. Pull the key out from the pluck patch by where you started, and work your way round the corner where the first gem was (throw it if you need to), across in front of the two big towers of stumps, to the lock on the other corner. Through the lock is a purple pipe, taking you to the underside of the level where the second gem can be plucked from the moving patch there.
  3. In a little nook by the stack of 12 stumps, next to the stairs up to the star.

2-14 Midnight in the Wandering Woods Power Star location

Simple enough, work your way through the course and up the steps to claim it.

2-15 Double Cherry Spires Gem locations

  1. Get left Toadette into the back left tower, and have right Toadette climb the back-right tower and drop onto the blue P switch just to the left of it. Then have left Toadette drop onto the P switch to her right. This will raise a third tower in the middle-left. On the ground under that is a pluck patch hiding the first gem.
  2. Work left Toadette up onto the top of that middle-left tower, across the magic carpet to the middle tower, and have her throw a turnip at the floating gem in the front-middle of the level.
  3. Once you've raised the right-middle tower all the way up, have right Toadette pluck a key out of the pluck patch at the bottom of it. Throw the key to left Toadette, over the barrier at the back of the level, and use it to open the locked door in the left foreground to find the third gem.

2-15 Double Cherry Spires Power Star location

Once all towers are raised, work both Toadettes into the yellow platform with a 2 on it to raise it up to the star.

2-16 Bullet Bill's Touchy Trials Gem locations

  1. Tap the cube just to the left of the start position to lower it, so the Bullet Bills smash the grey blocks, then tap it again to raise it back up. The gem's in the pluck patch behind the grey blocks.
  2. Work your way around the right of the map to the central touch platform, which has a gem inside that you can see when raised. Walk across on top of it into the hole on the other side, touch the platform to raise it, and you can reach the gem from there.
  3. Work your way from the right to the centre again, this time going up over the middle ledge to the left again, above that first pair of Bullet Bills. Drop down onto the touchstone cube on that side above the blue lava, and use it to reach the gem on a ramp in the middle of the level.

2-16 Bullet Bill's Touchy Trials Power Star location

Work your way along that side from the third gem, up the ladders to the star.

2-17 Spinwheel Sky Fort Gem locations

  1. Work your way round to the opposite corner from where you started and tap the POW blocks to open up the first gem.
  2. On the green side, by two bullet bills that face each other. Turn the wheel so that both ends of the orange side connect and work your way round to the wheel on the other side, to turn that and reach the gem.
  3. In a pluck patch on the orange side by a cannon that shoots red Bullet Bills. Rotate the green platform so that two Bullet Bills are firing through a gap in the wall, run through that gap ahead of themto the wheel by the orange side and rotate it until you can reach the platform with the single red cannon and single pluck patch.

2-17 Spinwheel Sky Fort Power Star location

On the orange side by three Piranha Plants.

2-18 Battle Tower Blitz Gem locations

  1. In a tube on the back of the first section. Work your way to the blue ladder by using the touchable moving walls as cover, then stand on the P button and hop into the tunnel below.
  2. At the small platform with the other Toads, take the blue ladder down to the concealed second gem.
  3. Behind a stack of grey blocks near the end of the level, that you smash by shooting with the turnip cannon.

2-18 Battle Tower Blitz Power Star location

Shoot all the enemies with the turnip cannon and then head over to meet Toad by the pile of gold coins.

Captain Toad walkthrough, all Super Gem locations and Power Star locations - Episode 3

3-1 Rolling Inferno Gem locations

  1. Work your way clockwise around the left side of the level until you reach the yellow platform going up and down at the back. Use that to go down under an arch to the gem in the middle of the stage.
  2. Take that same platform up again and run across the three green rollers in a row tot he red platform with the second gem up high.
  3. Go back to the start of the three green rollers and drop down onto the yellow moving platform, then run under the stone structure towards the back of the level for gem 3.

3-1 Rolling Inferno Power Star location

Use that last yellow platform again to cross to the star..

3-2 Seesaw Sizzle Gem locations

  1. In a pluck patch near the centre of the map at ground level, around the corner from the starting spot.
  2. Go up the long ladder next to gem 1 and continue working your way around the outside to the next corner, then drop down and its under an archway.
  3. Under the final seesaw on the way to the star.

3-2 Seesaw Sizzle Power Star location

Use the final seesaw to catapult you up onto the Spike to get the star behind it.

3-3 Beep Block Sky Plaza Gem locations

  1. In the middle of the map, visible when pink blocks are active. Throw a turnip at it from the pluck patch near the start.
  2. Go right from the pluck patch to the solid block adjacent to your starting block, and it's under the arch just ahead, accessable when pink blocks are active.
  3. In a pluck patch next to the red Koopa near the end - time your jumps to drop down and use the nearby turnips to get rid of the Koopa.

3-3 Beep Block Sky Plaza Power Star location

Soon after the last gem, where you need to time your drops down again.

3-4 Pickaxe Cave Plummet Gem locations

  1. Underwater, below a single grey block in the corner of the top level.
  2. On the right hand side as you work your way down, behind some grey blocks.
  3. Behind the left hand wall at the very bottom. Remember to drop down on the left hand side in order to reach it, as it's on a raised ledge.

3-4 Pickaxe Cave Plummet Power Star location

At the very bottom in the centre.

3-5 Stumpy Springs Sanctuary Gem locations

  1. At the very bottom level in an archway - drop down to the water to reach it.
  2. In the large hollow stump in the centre at the top - use the blue P button to activate the lift up to it.
  3. In the corner of the level - drop down fro the opposite end of the stump to the last gem, then you'll see it nearby.

3-5 Stumpy Springs Sanctuary Power Star location

After hitting the second P button the central stump will start spinning, allowing you to head inside again and drop down to the star.

3-6 Biddybud Snow Stroll Gem locations

  1. In the first pluck patch on the top level - follow the biddybuds for a safe route as all other floor panels will crumble away when walked on.
  2. On the lower level - go to the top right corner floor panel on the top floor and drop down to it.
  3. Behind three fuzzies on the bottom level - throw a turnip to get it.

3-6 Biddybud Snow Stroll Power Star location

On the bottom level, reacahble by dropping down from the top through the already-open hole. Follow the biddybuds and walk diagonally across the corners of the last two panels to reach it.

3-7 Cagey Conkdor Caper locations

  1. In front of the second Conkdor.
  2. In the pluck patch on the level above the Conkdors - raise them up by using the blue level on the right to smash the blocks in the way.
  3. On the outside of the larger roller tube by the second row of Conkdors - balance on it and dart in between them to get it.

3-7 Cagey Conkdor CaperPower Star location

Hop inside the second larger roller tube and exit when it lines up with the star.

3-8 Up 'n' Down Desert Gem locations

  1. In the pluck patch on the left near the start in front of the Piranha Sprout - use the blue P switch next to it to lower the platform.
  2. On a raised platform near the starting position. Use the P button to the side of it to lower the platform along the way, then when you run over the P on the way to it the platform will raise letting you pass.
  3. High up near the star - pluck out the nearby Piranha Sprout and throw it at the gem to reach it.

3-8 Up 'n' Down Desert Power Star location

At the top of the level. When you get to the level just below it with three P buttons, hit the one by the Piranha Sprout first, then the one at the bottom of the ramp, then the one along the way to the star, in order to pass.

3-9 Mine Cart Ruins Rumble Gem locations

  1. Inside the pyramid of brown bricks, on your right as soon as you get into the second mine cart - be quick to shoot them!
  2. On your right, shortly after that, are a load of Mud Troopers and a POW brick. Hit the POW to get the Troopers out the way, and the gem's behind them.
  3. After the big drop, look high up to your left, and it's on a ledge of brown bricks.

3-9 Mine Cart Ruins Rumble Power Star location

Complete the course.

3-10 Multi-Vator Mayhem Gem locations

  1. Drop down to the lower level and get the pickaxe from the pluck patch by the "4" elevator, and it's behind the grey blocks.
  2. After getting 4 Toads, take them up the "4" elevator to the very top level, where it's right in front of you.
  3. From there, drop back down the way you came, off the ledge, to the raised grassy area where there's another pair of cherries. The gem is in the nearby pluck patch.

3-10 Multi-Vator Mayhem Power Star location

Top of the level - get there by elevator or on foot!

3-11 Flip Panel Footpath Gem locations

  1. Between the first red carpet and the second.
  2. In one of the pluck patches on top of the second tower with two "i" panels in front of it. Take the path round the back to the slightly longer ladder up to the top of the tower.
  3. Go back to that second red carpet and this time take the right hand path in front of the tower, grab the third gem, then drop down onto the other path in front of you before they collapse.

3-11 Flip Panel Footpath Power Star location

Follow that path up to the taller tower as quick as you can, then work your way aroun the ledge to the back of it to get up into the star area.

3-12 Rock Block Badlands Gem locations

  1. On top of the central structure right by the starting location - watch out for red Bullet Bills once you climb the ladder on the back side of it.
  2. In the far back left of the level - use the left-hand cannon to shoot the left-hand grey blocks, then throw a turnip to get it.
  3. High up on the right, use the right-hand cannon to shoot through the tower to reach it (it takes quite a few shots in our experience).

3-12 Rock Block Badlands Gem Power Star location

At the top centre. Shoot out most of the grey blocks to access it, dodging red Bullet Bills as you climb.

3-13 Secret of the Golden Realm Gem locations

  1. On a ledge by the three touchstone pillars in a row.
  2. After firing out of the first cannon and getting across the gap with the two touchstone cubes with doors in, go behind them to find another door down to a lower level, where a flippath can be trigger to reach gem 2.
  3. After firing out of the second cannon, go through the lower door, then touch that door's block to slide it over so you can reach the gem on top.

3-13 Secret of the Golden Realm Power Star location

Reach the end of the level.

3-14 Shy Guy Shadow Den Gem locations

  1. In one of the ground floor rooms next to a shy guy and a ladder.
  2. On the raised steps in the room with the piranha plant that shoots fire - get the plant to ignite the hidden torch in the near-left corner of the room to spawn the gem.
  3. In a pluck patch on the underside of the level. To get there, go through the room with the star to another room that contains a key, use the key to open the locked door nearby, and take the purple pipe.

3-14 Shy Guy Shadow Den Power Star location

In a room on the upper level after the fire-shooting plant.

3-15 Razzle-Dazzle Slider Gem locations

  1. In the bottom-right on the surface level - fall in the top-right hole and use the cannon to reach it.
  2. On the surface level in the central spinning circle.
  3. In the central area on the bottom level - fall in the first middle hole to reach it.

3-15 Razzle-Dazzle Slider Power Star location

Hit each of the coloured pads so they light up at the end of the slider course, which opens the gate to the star at the bottom.

3-16 Poison Canal Cannon Run Gem locations

  1. After firing out of the first cannon, take the touchstone platform all the way to the end and head left to activate the two orange P buttons and trigger the gem to appear.
  2. In a hole in the wall, next to a pair of cherries. Get the Toadettes in a line to squeeze through the hole and come back again safely.
  3. Accessed by the "3" platform near the end. Squeeze by the fuzzies by hanging to the far-right of your touchstone platform and timing it well! Make sure at least 3 Toadettes make it.

3-16 Poison Canal Cannon Run Power Star location

Reach the end of the level and time your touches and run past the final fuzzies!.

3-17 Fright Train Flight Gem locations

  1. Behind the Chargin' Chuck on the roof of the first building. Bait him into charging off the edge then collect it safely.
  2. On the second cart behind the crates on the left.
  3. On the fourth cart, but the third cart is required to get to it so don't detach it! Bait the Chargin' Chuck onto that card and have it smash the grey blocks on the right to reveal a ladder, which gets you up to gem 3.

3-17 Fright Train Flight Power Star location

At the end of the level.

3-18 No Sleep at Kamek Keep Gem locations

  1. After going up the first green pipe, head left and it's in an alcove behind the moving stumps.
  2. After the stumps is a pluck patch with a key - throw it onto the yellow platform to the left and take the gold pipe up to the next level. Collect the key from the platform, and carry it right to the locked door by the piranha plants, where the second gem is hidden.
  3. At the very top of the tower, inside the structure in a pluck patch by all the piles of coins - drop down onto the pair of moving stumps to get to the stairs that access it.

3-18 No Sleep at Kamek Keep Power Star location

At the very tip of the tower, accessed by a long blue ladder.

3-19 Retro Ramp-Up Gem locations

  1. On the back side of the level, through a brown brick wall - get the pickaxe from the back side of the level by closely following the first set of para-biddybuds you see.
  2. On the back of the level again - at the seesaw, wait for the big ball to catapult you up in the air, then drop down one level to get to the other side.
  3. Again on the back side of the level, near the top, behind another brown brick wall - get the pickaxe from the pluck patch in the very top right and be as quick as you can!

3-19 Retro Ramp-Up Power Star location

Reach the top left of the level and drop down on Spike's head.

3-20 Twisty-Turny Planet Gem locations

  1. On a small grassy ramp in the middle spinner of the three.
  2. On a solid blue platform, again in the middle spinner of the three - requires you to also line up the blue platform on the spinner closest to the blue pipe, and then go through the blue pipe, to access it.
  3. From Blue Toad, on the hidden lower level. To get there, spin the spinner closest to the blue pipe until you see a little circular hole appear in it. Then get in the hole and wait for the spinner to slowly turn, and you can disembark down on the lower level (take the red pipe to get back up).

3-20 Twisty-Turny Planet Power Star location

Line up the three blue platforms on the spinners and cross via the blue pipe.

3-21 Ghost Gallery Gambit Gem locations

  1. Above the first seesaw you encounter - lower the near end then go up the far end to reach it.
  2. After the first seesaw, another will appear just around the corner, with a Boo in front of you and a Boo behind. Wait on the seesaw and defeat the Boos by shining your torch on them, then double back - some more platforms will have dropped allowing you to get the second gem - and then keep going in that direction as more drop again soon after, allowing you to return to the usual course.
  3. At a pair of seesaws near the end of the level after getting past a spinning circle of ghosts - this time you have to tilt the far end down and then turn back to get up to reach it.

3-21 Ghost Gallery Gambit Power Star location

Reach the end of the stage - it can be a little tricky, so remember to focus on managing the camera angle in particular as you go!

3-22 Touchstone Turmoil Gem locations

  1. Go up the first ramp on the yellow section and stand in the hole in the blue wall. Touch the yellow section to shuffle it sideways, then walk right to the second hole in the blue wall and out onto the platform with the first gem, by where you started.
  2. Get onto the blue platform, raise it to the same height as the yellow one, then touch the yellow one to bring it over to the blue - the gem is on a standalone platform by some para biddybuds.
  3. Work your way to the side of the blue platform with the circle of para biddybuds by walking under the blue grill-like archway into a hole in the yellow wall, and sliding it sideways to come out the other side of the blue divider. Stand under the para biddybuds in the middle of the circle and tehn raise the blue platform to get the gem.

3-22 Touchstone Turmoil Power Star location

Use the ramp on the blue side to get up on top of the yellow structure, then drop down and slide the yellow side back and forth to evade the para biddybuds there.

3-23 Colour Crate Carousel Gem locations

  1. As the carousel turns clockwise, wait until the crate you're in is above one with a safe platform to land on (normally, in the top-right position). Drop from the green box to the yellow, and yellow to blue, for the first gem.
  2. Go to the back of the blue crate and drop from that to the uncoloured middle platform (when the side of it with the barrier is facing upwards) and then from there to the green ledge, for gem 2.
  3. Drop from that back side of the green box to the red one - inside the red one is a barely-visible hole that drops you into the middle box with gem 3.

3-23 Colour Crate Carousel Power Star location

On the front side, drop from the yellow box to the green one, when the yellow box is in the top-left position and the green one beneath it - then step out onto the final platform with the star.

3-24 Trick Track Hall Gem locations

  1. Floating in the middle of the map - use the piranha sprout nearby, on the middle level, to throw at it.
  2. On the lowest level behind a locked door - get the key from the pluck patch on the middle level then stand on the touchstone column that had a piranha sprout on it to get down there.
  3. Under one of the spikes, accessed by the touchstone platforms.

3-24 Trick Track Hall Power Star location

In the bottom corner, accessed by getting one of the Spike's balls to smash the barriers in the way.

3-25 Deep Space Gyromajig Gem locations

  1. On the side with the grey floor, tucked behind a panel next to a pair of Bullet Bills.
  2. On a floating platform next to the green floor - throw a turnip from the pluck patch between the two Conkdors to get it.
  3. On the blue floor, in a pluck patch behind some grey bricks - get the pickaxe from the pluck patch on the green floor, quickly stand on the P button next to it, and rush for the smashable grey blocks to get there.

3-25 Deep Space Gyromajig Power Star location

On the blue floor behind the smashable grey block - also accessible by standing on the other P on the green floor, past the Conkdors, which drops you down by the star.

3-26 Magma Road Marathon Gem locations

  1. Take the very first left and follow the speed pads around in a spiral up the hill to the gem on top - if you're worried about overshooting it, try sprinting into a wall until the effect wares off.
  2. Take the left before the first glass cannon and fire yourself over to the second area - the next gem is on the speed pad up ahead.
  3. On a ring between two speed pads - do a circle around it to get it, but beware this takes some skill!

3-26 Magma Road Marathon Power Star location

Reach the end of the course without falling off.

3-27 Scalding Scaffold Sinkhole Gem locations

  1. On the right after the firs ramp - chuck a turnip at it to save a fraction of a second if you're rushing.
  2. On an easy-to-miss side platform about half way up. After walking up the ramps in the middle of the stage, where there are some large stacks of coins, look to the back side and there's a ledge you can drop down onto with the gem, and a short ladder back up. You need to be quick to get this before the lava rises.
  3. On a platform in pluck patch, in a similar position to the first gem, right before the last ladder to the finish, behind a piranha sprout.

3-27 Scalding Scaffold Sinkhole Power Star location

Rush to the top of the level before the lava catches up.

3-28 Wingo's Whackdown Gem locations

  1. During the climb up the first tower, it's found in the middle of the long block of gold movable platforms before a glass cannon. Wait for Wingo to push them to one side so there's a clear path to the gem.
  2. After firing out of the first cannon, spin the tower so that there's a clear route from left to right, so Wingo blows the stacked gold cubes to one side. Climb up onto them to get the gem, but be careful not to get blown off when doing so!
  3. At the top of that second stage, in a puzzle of gold movable cubes. Climb the longer blue ladder on the right, then work your way left using Wingo's wind, and around the divider on top of the gold blocks to reach it.

3-28 Wingo's Whackdown Power Star location

Reach the end of the level and defeat Wingo in the usual way - chucking giant turnips at it whilst dodging attacks, and you're done!

If you're a true completionist, here's a list, with images, of all Captain Toad Pixel Toad locations so you know how to get every single one.

Other things to know about Gems and Stars in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Aside from just how to get them one by one, there are a few general rules of thumb to bear in mind while working your way through Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and collecting as you go:

  • You can complete levels and go back to get ones you missed, don't feel like you have to get them all in one go.
  • That's especially the case for bonus challenges.
  • Once you've got a you don't need to get it again in another runthrough.
  • You can throw stuff, like Turnips from pluck patches, at gems to get them.
  • Don't forget to use touch/motion controls when possible - they're a great way to blow up POW blocks, for instance, without having to be a good aim.
  • Remember you can just quit a stage if you want to restart it - you don't have to waste a life on it.
  • Like in a classic mario game, don't forget you can go back to completed levels to farm coins for a few extra lives if you're running out.

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