Captain Toad Pixel Toad locations - every Pixel Toad in Episode 1, 2 and 3 of Treasure Tracker

Screenshots of every Pixel Toad location in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

Pixel Toad locations can be found in each and every Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker level after you've completed that level for the first time.

You'll need to locate, and then tap, the Pixel Toad sticker to collect it, and while some are fairly easy to spot, with the little sticker in fairly plain sight from the off, plenty of others are pretty well hidden.

With that in mind, here's our roundup of all 64 Pixel Toad locations for Episodes 1, 2 and 3 - be sure to see our Captain Toad walkthrough to Gem locations, Star locations and tips and our guide to Captain Toad Gold Mushroom locations and bonus challenge solutions for plenty more on Treasure Tracker, too!

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Captain Toad Pixel Toad locations for Treasure Tracker Episode 1

1-1 Plucky Pass Beginnings Pixel Toad location


On the back of the grey wall at the opposite end of the level to where you start.

1-2 Walleye Tumble Temple Pixel Toad location


On the back of the level again, behind the top right rotating tunnel, only visible when it's in a certain position, so wait for it to spin!

1-3 Touchstone Trouble Pixel Toad location


On the yellow platform in the gap on the blue platform, on the opposite side of it than where you start.

1-4 Mushroom Mesa Pixel Toad location


In the lower secret room on the side of the level, accessed via a tunnel near your starting position.

1-5 Double Cherry Palace Pixel Toad location


Moving inside a window, right before the yellow platform with the star at the end of the level.

1-6 Shy Guy Heights Pixel Toad location


On a tree in the first courtyard with a Shy Guy statue.

1-7 Spinwheel Library Pixel Toad location


Low down, to the right of the structure you can rotate, only visible when it's rotated into a certain position using the spinwheel.

1-8 Mine Cart Tunnel Pixel Toad location


Before you get into the mine cart, flip the camera around to see it on the side of the stone structure at the very start of the track.

1-9 Spinwheel Bullet Bill Pixel Toad location


Jumping out of the lava by the Bullet Bill you have to rotate to a 45 degree angle to get the second Gem.

1-10 The King of Pyropuff Peak Pixel Toad location


On the metal panel holding the moving ladder near the start of the level.

1-11 Piranha Creeper Cove Pixel Toad location


On a coconut on the palm tree in the corner, by the overturned boat.

1-12 Briny Bowl Swimming Hole Pixel Toad location


On the box that you need to pull a lever to raise - go up the blue pipe, walk across the panels on the water up there and drop down on top of it to reach the lever and raise it out of the water, like when you got the Gem.

1-13 Turnip Cannon Jungle Pixel Toad location


In the hole that's visible after you shoot the leftmost Piranha Creeper.

1-14 Pop-Up Prairie Town Pixel Toad location


Down by Blue Toad, behind the gold Wanted Poster (tap the poster to rip it off and reveal Pixel Toad).

1-15 Drop-Road Dash Pixel Toad location


On the side of the blue cube with three pluck patches on after the first speed pad - walk on the adjacent platforms to make them fall away and reveal it.

1-16 Bizarre Doors of Boo Mansion Pixel Toad location


At the back of the level with the three touchstone doors - in the top left orange window.

1-17 Blizzard on the Star Express Pixel Toad location


At the very tip of the front of the train, down low.

1-18 Wingo's Watchtower Pixel Toad location


On the end of the movable gold boxes with a ladder either side of them, fairly near to the start.

Captain Toad Pixel Toad locations for Treasure Tracker Episode 2

2-1 Chute Scoot Slopes Pixel Toad location


On the side of the first blue slide - use the spinner wheel to turn the slide away and reveal it.

2-2 Stumper Sneakaround Pixel Toad location


On the floor under the final Piranha Creeper near the star - you need to remove the Creeper with a turnip to reveal it.

2-3 Mine Cart Sunset Rundown Pixel Toad location


As soon as you're kicked off the Mine Cart at the end, turn the camera around to the side to reveal it on the side of the path.

2-4 Sinister Street Signs Pixel Toad location


On the back of the brick column with the cage that held the Gem in it. Behind a gold Wanted Poster (tap it to remove it and reveal Pixel Toad).

2-5 Floaty Fun Water Park Pixel Toad location


Moving back and forth behind the red bench near your starting position.

2-6 Drift-Along Canyon Pixel Toad location


Behind the second raft - as soon as you hop on the raft it'll move, revealing Pixel Toad.

2-7 Sliding Slab Shuffle Pixel Toad location


On the back side of the level, on the highest sliding slab - tap it once to pull it out and reveal Pixel Toad.

2-8 Spooky Specters at Shadow Manor Pixel Toad location


On a side wall visible from the finishin platform that normally has the star on it. Shine your head torch at it to reveal it.

2-9 Draggadon's Revenge Pixel Toad location


Beneath the first platform that requires you to raise it by using the spinwheel, near the end - spin it just a little to reveal it, and be quick so the rising lava doesn't cover it up. (Look just above the blue cursor in the image if you're struggling to see it due to the blur!)

2-10 Spinwheel Cog Ruins Pixel Toad location


On the underside of the level, accessed via the purple pipe - hard to see and only really visible when the camera is almost flat against the stone floor, looking towards the purple pipe.

2-11 Windup Stairs Pixel Toad location


On the right hand side of your start position, through the upper archway when it lines up with the wall behind it.

2-12 Up 'n' Down Terrace Pixel Toad location


Under one of the white trellaces - step on the blue P button next to it to raise it and reveal Pixel Toad's location.

2-13 Clear Pipe Puzzleplex Pixel Toad location


On the right hand side under the finishing podium with the power star on it, moving back and forth.

2-14 Midnight in the Wandering Woods Pixel Toad location


By the entrance to the purple pipe, reached via unlocking the door with the key like you did for the Gem. On the wall just above the purple poison ooze.

2-15 Double Cherry Spires Pixel Toad location


At the very top of the level near the tip of the largest spire - get the Toadettes as high up as possible in the adjacent spires in order to get the camera to see it.

2-16 Bullet Bill's Touchy Trials Pixel Toad location


On the wall near water-level, under the cube-shaped touchstone in the opposite corner to your starting position.

2-17 Spinwheel Sky Fort Pixel Toad location


Moving back and forth between the two green windows by the spinwheel, just to the right of your starting position.

2-18 Battle Tower Blitz Pixel Toad location


Near the end of the level, on the floor under a small pile of grey brick cubes that you need to smash with the turnip cannon.

Captain Toad Pixel Toad locations for Treasure Tracker Episode 3

3-1 Rolling Inferno Pixel Toad location


Around the corner from your starting position, near lava-level, hopping in and out of the lava along the grey wall.

3-2 Seesaw Sizzle Pixel Toad location


After passing under the lower of the two Spikes, stand on the blue P button to move the seesaw. It's on the wall just next to the button, now visible, near lava-level.

3-3 Beep Block Sky Plaza Pixel Toad location


Underneath the red Koopa - throw turnips at it, from the blue block when it's active, to remove it and reveal the Pixel Toad location.

3-4 Pickaxe Cave Plummet Pixel Toad location


Under the platform that's raised when you smash the single grey block in the water on your right at the start of the level, using the pickaxe from the pluck patch nearby. Act fast, as it's only visible for a moment, low down, after you pull the lever (it's directly behind the blue cursor in the above image, if you're struggling to see it).

3-5 Stumpy Springs Sanctuary Pixel Toad location


After activating the water lift, it's visible next to the lift when it's in its lower position.

3-6 Biddybud Snow Stroll Pixel Toad location


Under the yellow lift panel in the opposite corner to where you started - drop down to the lower level via the hole near the start in order to get the camera low enough to see it.

3-7 Cagey Conkdor Caper Pixel Toad location


Tucked behind the larger second roller - move it slightly to reveal it, and hop inside the roller rather than walking on top of it to make it easier to avoid falling off.

3-8 Up 'n' Down Desert Pixel Toad location


Directly to the right, uphill of your starting location, hopping in and out of the sand near the blue P button (hard to see, but directly behind our cursor in the above image).

3-9 Mine Cart Ruins Rumble Pixel Toad location


At the very start, avoid triggering the appearance of Mud Troopers by standing still and rotating the camera anti-clockwise - the Pixel Toad is udnerneath a bird on the ledge next to the track (tap the bird to make it fly away and reveal the Pixel Toad sticker).

3-10 Multi-Vator Mayhem Pixel Toad location


On the side of the vertical wooden panels at the very top of the level, next to the blue Shy Guy. Go up to the top yellow lift in order to get the camera high enough to see it.

3-11 Flip Panel Footpath Pixel Toad location


Low down on the side of the nearest tower to your starting position.

3-12 Rock Block Badlands Pixel Toad location


On the right side of the level, by the two Goombas and stacks of coins, at the back. Shoot all of the grey blocks on the right-hand side with the turnip cannon to reveal it.

3-13 Secret of the Golden Realm Pixel Toad location


Near the end of the level, by the L-shaped barricade under the big pile of coins.

3-14 Shy Guy Shadow Den Pixel Toad location


On the bottom of the level, reached via the purple pipe (use the key from a pluck patch in the room accessed via the room with the star in it to open the locked door and reach it). You need to remove the bottom Piranha Plant of the three, with either a turnip or fire from the other plants, to reveal it.

3-15 Razzle-Dazzle Slider Pixel Toad location


Fall in the top-left hole and spin the camera to reveal the Pixel Toad on the top-back side of the lower level.

3-16 Poison Canal Cannon Run Pixel Toad location


In the opposite corner of your starting location on the wall, just above the level of the poison goo, in the corner section by the Gem and cherries.

3-17 Fright Train Flight Pixel Toad location


Inside the chimney at the front of the train - walk into the room with Blue Toad to get the right angle to view it safely.

3-18 No Sleep at Kamek Keep Pixel Toad location


On the grass floor at the bottom level, under a big stack of coins - work your way anti-clockwise from the starting position to reach it.

3-19 Retro Ramp-Up Pixel Toad location


Just next to the final gem of the level on the back side - reach the very top, get the pickaxe, and smash the brown brick wall, as well as the grey bricks on the back side of the level, to reveal it.

3-20 Twisty-Turny Planet Pixel Toad location


On the back of the red pipe in the secret lower area with Blue Toad - use the circular hole in the side of the spinner closest to the blue pipe to reach that secret lower area.

3-21 Ghost Gallery Gambit Pixel Toad location


Between the largest portrait and the diamond-shaped portraid, on the side of the central column - visible as soon as the column raises up, no need to run through the whole gambit.

3-22 Touchstone Turmoil Pixel Toad location


On the blue structure, on the far side of your starting position. Just touch the yellow one once to move it and reveal the Pixel Toad sticker.

3-23 Colour Crate Carousel Pixel Toad location


Moving up and down on the floor by the platform that normally holds the star.

3-24 Trick Track Hall Pixel Toad location


On the wall next to where the star would normally be - on the bottom level just to the right of where you start.

3-25 Deep Space Gyromajig Pixel Toad location


Probably the hardest one to reach, under the second Conkdor on the grey and red-coloured floor. You need to remove the Conkdor to acquire the Pixel Toad, and there aren't any turnips on that level. To do so, work your way from that red-and-grey Pixel Toad level to the green-floored level, and pluck a Turnip from the pair of pluck patches between the other two Conkdors there.

Carry it to the blue P button furtherst away from the patch where you got it, to drop yourself onto the blue level. From there, head to the P button in the top right, to drop onto the green level again, and carry it over to the Conkdor and hit it with a good throw to remove it, and clear the way to the Pixel Toad.

3-26 Magma Road Marathon Pixel Toad location


Hopping in and our of the lava near the end of the level, by the small ring with some coins on it. To get a much easier shot at it, head to the first glass cannon (left at the fork) and fire yourself over to the section on the left of the level.

From there, climb into the cannon at the end of that area but don't fire yourself out of it. Look back over to where you came from and you'll see it hopping in and out of the lava in the distance.

3-27 Scalding Scaffold Sinkhole Pixel Toad location


Near the end of the level, under the pair of stacked gold coins in the centre of the area - collect the coins to reveal it.

3-28 Wingo's Whackdown Pixel Toad location


On the right hand side of the very first bridge you cross - tuck yourself into a safe area and it's easy to spot.

And with that, you're all done - congratulations on collecting all 64 Pixel Toads!

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