The Pokémon Go Water Festival event returns this summer 2018, having previously taken place in March last year, and with it come a host of bonuses for a short time only.

As before, trainers will encounter increases numbers of select water Pokémon, such as the starter Pokémon Squirtle, Totodile and Mudkip in the wild, as well as the introduction of shiny Shellder and Kyogre, too.

Pokémon Go Water Day event end date and time

The Pokémon Go Water Day event begins at 1pm PDT on June 7th, 2018, and will end at 1pm PDT on June 21st - that's 9:00pm UK time (BST) for each.

Though developer Niantic hasn't said as such, the event is likely just celebrating some good old summer sun.


Shellder and other water Pokémon included in the Pokémon Go Water Festival event update

According to Niantic, we can expect to see more "water Pokémon" to appear in the wild throughout the event. It has confirmed several by name, as well as the suggestion of more creatures appearing that aren't specifically listed.

Confirmed Water Festival Pokémon:

  • Magikarp (and evolution Gyarados)
  • Squirtle (and evolutions Wartortle and Blastoise)
  • Totodile (and evolutions Croconaw and Feraligatr)
  • Mudkip (and evolutions Marshstomp and Swampert)
  • Marill (and evolution Azumarill)
  • Lapras
  • Wingull (and evolution Pelipper)
  • Wailmer (and evolition Wailord)
  • Shellder (and evolution Cloyster)
  • Corphish

With Lapras and the starter Pokémon being some of the more rare Pokémon in the game, make sure you find as many as you can before the event has concluded.

As well as these rarer creatures, the event is also a great chance to get Candy for some of the more uncommon creatures if you haven't evolved and added them to your Pokedex already.

This summer sees a series of Pokémon Go Global Challenges, the first of which will see the arrival of Jirachi in Pokémon Go for certain attendees. As well as this, June also sees new Field Research, which can help with some of the harder-to-find Gen 4 Pokémon. We've also recently seen new Mossy, Glacial and Magnetic Lures, Eevee evolutions Leafeon and Glaceon, as well as a new region exclusive Pokémon and others with different forms, such as the Burmy forms and evolutions Wormadam and Mothim and Cherubi, Sunshine Cherrim and Overcast Cherrim forms.

Water Festival bonuses, shinies and everything else you need to know about the event

Alongside the Water Festival, Niantic has introduced Shinies, including a Shiny Shellder and Shiny Kyogre, which are perfectly timed with more water creatures swimming about. There are details are in the prior link, but in short, they're very rare variants with a different colour, so look out for as many Magikarps as you can!

In terms of bonuses, you can expect the following for the duration:

  • 3x Stardust - for catching Water-type Pokémon.
  • 2km Egg changes - they now included "exciting Pokémon" such as Totodile, Mudkip and Corphish
Credit NidosPokemonGo
  • Double Candy and Stardust for Egg-hatches - Every egg, not just 2km ones or Water-type ones.
  • Kyogre returning to Raids - And, as we mentioned, a chance at catching a Shiny Kyogre, which we'd expect to have the same 100 per cent catch rate as Shiny Lugia and Ho-oh if they appeared, too.

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