God of War - Baldur boss fight, how to beat Baldur, Mother's Ashes and The Journey Home

How to complete Baldur Boss fight and the final missions of the game.

The final Baldur boss fight, how to beat Baldur, Mother's Ashes and The Journey Home are the final steps in God of War PS4's main story.

Here on this page, we'll take you through everything you need to know about this section of your quest, including how to solve any puzzles, take down any bosses and find any useful loot along the way. For guides to specific collectibles we also have pages on Valkyrie locations and how to open Hidden Chambers, Lost and Found locations and Faces of Magic locations, too.

This page follows on from Jotunheim in Reach, The Belly of the Beast puzzle solution.

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Otherwise, you can always cycle back to our main God of War walkthrough and guide hub, too.

Baldur boss fight and how to beat Baldur

Alright, so Baldur's pounded the hell out of the giant World Serpent and you've been spat out on dry land, listend to some of Freya's weird monologuing... and here comes Baldur.


After a lot of chit chat, it's time to get fighting. The very first stage sees Freya try to break the two of you up by tying you up in vines, which you have periodically break free of by mashing Circle - then mashing Baldur's face a bit too before you repeat the process of being tied up and breaking free.


When his health bar's down by about a fifth, it's time for a quick cutscene, and Baldur absolutely nails Atreus in the gut!

After a seriously worrying moment, it looks like things are okay... it turns out that little bit of leafy arrow you used to patch up Atreus' strap much earlier on is the one type of arrow that can make Baldur mortal again - what a coincidence!


So, Baldur can now be killed, and Freya is absolutely livid. She decides to reanimate the corpes of Thamur the Giant and pick you both up!

You're dropped out into an arena and it's back to some standard combat. Baldur will attack periodically, and at the same time Freya - as Thamur - will smash their fist into the ground to send an icy shockwave out towards you.

You need to block the shockwaves, and get some damage in on Baldur while you're at it. Use the chains for now, as he's starting to take on a kind of frosty form at times and will be immune to your axe.


Mash circle to break free of the vines when you get caught up in them and continue pounding the hell out of each other, until you end up in a new arena and Baldur's attacks start to expand into a proper roster of boss tactics.

He'll mimic a lot of the attacks he used when you very first faught, like darting towards you for a blockable (and counterable) punch, or sending out straight-line shockwaves of ice from the ground towards you.


Try to time counters when he uses blockable attacks, and unleash what you can on him with your chains until he resets, attacks again, and you can repeat.

When he's down to about two-thirds of his HP, another cutscene will trigger, but don't switch off! You need to press Square as soon as the prompt appears, and Atreus will nail the red crystal on Thamur's hand and trap Baldur in the process.


That won't hold him off for long though, as you're dropped into another arena and this time he's using fire-based attacks - so time to switch to the Leviathan Axe!


Unload everything you can - especially Runic attacks as soon as they're off cooldown - and be especially careful of Baldur's jump-up-and-slam attack. If he lands it on you, it'll do heavy fire damage over time. Use the red directional indicators to know which direction to dodge away from.

At one-third health, Freya will pull out one of Thamur's horns and smash it into the ground - and the two of you need to dart up the side of it to continue the fight!


Up there, it's time for a good old fashioned punchout. Use the same strategies as the last time you faught on a big aerial thing. Dodge to one side when he goes to take a big swing, then counter with some punches. When he pounds you straight-on, block, and when the Square prompt appears, mash it for Atreus to pepper him with arrows.


The cutscene will progress and it's more quick-time-events as you plummet to earth, Atreus absolutely ruining Baldur until eventually he grabs the boy by the neck, threatening to end it there and then. You know what time it is...


It's Spartan time! Pop Spartan Rage and then you're back in one final arena for the last third of the battle.


This time, Baldur will change from ice mode to fire mode on the fly, and that means you have to do the same - switch to the axe when he's in fire mode and the chains when he's icy blue.

He'll use all the attacks he's used before, but especially the one that sees him jump into the air as he gets really low on health. You need to dodge well and then focus on hitting him with the right type of attack (fire or ice) when he lands after and is vulnerable to a few hits.


Remember Atreus' abilities too, as they're really helpful for stunning him a bit and opening up chances to attack, and when he's down to the last segment of health, another cutscene: follow the Square prompts and then mash the shoulder buttons to punch the hell out of him, and then watch the final cutscene of the battle...


With that, it's done. Your path to Jotunheim is finally clear. Follow the waypoint to sail back to the Realm Travel Room.

Mother's Ashes

There are no enemies in your path here. Continue to the Realm Travel Room and follow the waypoints, using Mimir's head to refract the beam and open up the doors to Jotunheim, at last.


Climb the stairs, and cross the rope bridge into the cave full of huge statues of giants.

There's lore dotted all over the room - you'll get Square prompts to read it, so do so to drink in the moment, and slowly walk your way around the room.


Savour the moment, and then continue out the door.

Scatter her Ashes

Follow Atreus, up the path, to enjoy the stunning view, and see the credits roll.

The Journey Home

There's technically one more quest of the main story. Use the Mystic Gateway to fast travel back to your home for a well-deserved nap... and a final conversation with another character...

Congratulations - you're finished! You're not completely done though - there's a ton of other stuff do out in the world, including:


And more besides! Otherwise, go explore. It's a big, beautiful world. and there's still plenty more to see.

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