God of War - A New Destination, Go the Serpent's Horn

A walkthrough for the God of War story mission A New Destination.

A New Destination is your next main story quest in God of War PS4, and it starts by asking you to take Mimir's head to the Witch and soon after, Go to the Serpent's Horn.

Here on this page, we'll take you through everything you need to know about this section of your quest, including how to solve any puzzles, take down any bosses and find any useful loot along the way. For guides to specific collectibles we also have pages on Valkyrie locations and how to open Hidden Chambers, Lost and Found locations and Faces of Magic locations, too.

This page follows on from God of War - Mountain Interior puzzle and how to reach The Summit, and is the first and only page of the short-but-sweet quest, A New Destination.

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For more on God of War though, you can always cycle back to our main God of War walkthrough and guide hub, too.

A New Destination

So, it's time to head to Jotunheim, the realm of the Giants, and Mimir's the man to get you there - once you've reanimated his severed head, that is.

Take Mimir's head to the Witch

Start by heading down the path ahead of you, just to the right of where the bridge to Jotunheim just appeared. Immediately on your left down that mountain path you'll see a Cipher chest, containing the third of four Muspelheim Cipher Pieces.


Follow the path down to the front of the mountain where it overlooks the red forest, and keep an eye out for a little nook in the wall that houses a wooden Hacksilver chest, too.

Soon enough you'll reach a new Mystic Gateway, which can conveniently take you back to Brok's Shop in Tyr's Temple, back down at the Lake of Nine. Travel there now by entering the gate and following the path ahead of you in the weird fast-travel realm, all the way around, until another door opens up ahead and spits you out in front of Brok himself.

Talk to Brok to upgrade anything you can and unlock any more skills that are available, then exit onto the bridge, head down to the little boat and paddle back towards the Witch's Cave, just next to Thor's statue.

The Witch's Cave puzzles open up

Back here, you'll probably remember a load of strange obstacles that, at the first time through, you couldn't really figure out.

Now, with the ability to form light bridges and smash red sap, you'll be able to unlock and solve a pretty wide range of new puzzles and handy rewards. Head to our guide to The Witch's Cave puzzle solutions, and then when you're done with them follow the link at the end of that page's puzzle section to come back here and continue with this quest!

Looking for more help? Our God of War walkthrough and guide helps with the main story progress, including The Witch's Cave puzzle solutions. We also have articles on God of War Valkyrie locations and how to open Hidden Chambers, plus collectables including God of War Faces of Magic locations,God of War Lost and Found locations, God of War Treasure Map locations and God of War Nornir chest locations.

Go to the Serpent's Horn

Once you're done solving puzzles in the Witch's Cave, exit via the chimney-like chamber where you found the first Nornir rune, climbing up past some other written runes in the wall that you can read with Atreus.


You'll come out on the surface just outside of the Witch's house. There are more puzzles to toy with here, but only half of them are solvable now, so come back when you have the ability to deal with those glowing green orbs (you'll know when you do) to tackle them. For now, we're pressing on with the story.

Head in through the Witch's house's front door as before, and catch up with her there in a cutscene. She seems strangely concerned with those leafy arrows Sindri gave Atreus earlier, and tosses them in the fire - weird!

When you're done talking exit into her cave once more - notice it's now called Freya's Cave, as you finally know her identity (she's a God!) and head down to the boat at the bottom of the lift.

Go to the Serpent's Horn

Paddle out once more to Tyr's bridge, but this time climb up and head to the centre of the bridge itself, where you'll find a lever that can take you up to a huge horn.


Interact with it, and Mimir will blow the horn, and have a chat with the whopping great World Serpent itself!

The huge snake nudges Tyr's bridge round to face a new direction, and with that, this quest is complete - your next task is to find a Magic Chisel...

Next up: God of War - The Magic Chisel, The Mason's Channel and Northern Dock

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