The Fortnite Thanos event is something new for the game, introducing an outside property into the massively successful shooter.

And what a property it is - the world's biggest movie right now, Avengers: Infinity War, and one that ties in perfectly with Season 4's superhero theme.

The limited event is a unique mode not unlike the likes of Teams of 20 we've seen previously. Our best guess is it'll be around for a week or so, so be sure to play it while you can.

Playing as Thanos also helps you complete the explosive part of this week's Challenges - giving you an extra incentive to try it out.

If you're just getting started, our Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks can provide some helpful hints.

How the Fortnite Thanos and Avengers event works

The 'Infinity Gauntlet' event is an additional Solo mode that allows players to become Thanos. Once you have loaded in, an Infinity Gauntlet will drop into the map from above.


The first to collect it becomes Thanos, and has to stay alive as long as possible. If defeated, the Infinity Gauntlet is dropped, passing the mantle to another player. When one player remains, they are the winner - just like any other Fortnite match. Expect with an all-mighty supervillain to defeat, of course.

Thanos has several unique characteristics:

  • A powerful punch attack that can destroy objects and hurt players
  • A laser attack that inflicts damage over time. Any player in the path of this for more than a few seconds is toast.
  • A huge jump that allows you to fly high into the air, glide, and land with a smash.
  • Additional health and shields to help stay alive longer.
  • Location becomes visible to all other players in the match.

Though Epic Games hasn't said how long the event will last, most limited events go on for around a week (so our best guess is until May 15) - play it while it's here!

How to get the Infinity Gauntlet and become Thanos in Fortnite

At the start of the match, the circle will already be visible on the map. This is where the Gauntlet will spawn, so set your sights there.

Unfortunately, the location of the Infinity Gauntlet is dropped at random, and this starting circle is huge. So what are you looking for?

The Infinity Gauntlet drops in from the sky a couple of minutes into the map. The best strategy is to stay in the air until it shows up - remember to change from diving to parachuting to slow your descent - then try and get it.

This is the easiest way to get it, but the best way is through luck. If you can be on the ground nearby when it lands, you can avoid the players drifting above waiting for it to appear. It's a risky strategy, but it can pay off.

If you can't get it out the gate, don't worry, since as soon as someone becomes Thanos, their location becomes known to all players, showing on both the map and the compass at the top of the screen. There will also be a loud announcement, and a beam of light from the found location.

It's time to track down and take on Thanos. He is very powerful and has much higher health and shields than regular players. That said, he's very loud, so you know when he is close. Rare, epic and legendary weapons will also only be available in the match, giving you some much-needed firepower.

Once the Infinity Gauntlet has been found, a beam of light and icon on the radar will show Thanos' location.

Thanos will become a huge target, then, and with players drawing in, you can use this opportunity to get close and get some shots in, ideally while staying hidden, as a single attack or two can kill you.

The balance here is to make sure you are far away enough to avoid his attacks, but close enough to rush in and get the Infinity Gauntlet when Thanos is down.

When that happens, collect the Infinity Gauntlet to become Thanos yourself. From here, hopefully you can stay alive long enough to win the match!

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Will there be Avengers skins in Fortnite?

Sadly not. A comment from an Epic Games spokesperson said as much on the Fortnite subreddit:

"rq just because I've seen lots of folks asking, we have no plans for Avengers outfits in the store."

So there you have it - there are no plans for you to dress as Thor, Captain America, Scarlet Witch or other Avengers. Looks like becoming Thanos will have to do for now, eh?

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