Fortnite Vending Machines is a new addition to Epic Games' Battle Royale mode.

Added throughout the map, these allow you to purchase loot with spare materials you have on you.

The loot and its rarity is random - so don't expect them to shake up the meta too much - but it could come in handy if you have some wood or metal burning a hole in your pocket.

If you're just getting started, our Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks can provide some helpful hints.

Fortnite Vending Machines explained

Introduced as part of Fortnite's 'Content Updates' initiative - introducing new content without the need for a full scale game update - Vending Machines appear through the map to give players the chance to get new loot mid-game.

Approaching a Vending Machine gives you three deals - traded for Stone, Wood or Metal - with the rarity and items chosen at random. The better the rarity, the higher the cost:

  • 100 materials - Common (white) loot
  • 200 materials - Uncommon (green) loot
  • 300 materials - Rare (blue) loot
  • 400 materials - Epic (purple) loot
  • 500 materials - Legendary (gold) loot

When you approach a Vending Machine, you will see the loot type and rarity before you buy it.


The loot available will cycle through the items on a short timer, one for each material type. To switch between items faster, then hit it with your pickaxe - useful if you're in a hurry.

If you have a lot of materials on you, the good news is there is no purchase limit to the amount of items available.


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How Vending Machine locations in Fortnite work

Unlike weekly Challenges, the locations of Vending Machines aren't in fixed locations on the map.

Instead, think of them more like chests, which are dropped in predictable locations but won't always appear from game-to-game.

So how do you narrow down the locations of Vending Machines? For one, they are quite small and are hard to detect from the Battle Bus, but are visible from a distance if you are scoping them from far away.

Vending Machines tend to spawn most in towns and populated areas, and not in the middle of the wilderness, but there are some exceptions.

Credit: Fortniteintel / clizzythegod from the Fortnite subreddit

The above map (posted to the Fortnite subreddit by clizzythegod) highlights locations where Vending Machines have spawned in the past.

We've attempted to follow some of these with only a degree of success - so take it with a pinch of salt - but it should highlight the types of locations Vending Machines tend to be.

The fact Vending Machines don't spawn in predictable locations should ultimately be a good thing, as they won't affect the meta too much, but can give you a choice of loot if you've done the hard work of collecting materials.

It could prove particularly useful if you're a player who doesn't like building, allowing you to trade a pile of wood for a rocket launcher to help you gain the edge in the closing stages of a battle.

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