Fortnite's regularly scheduled update is here, and it's a big 'un, introducing the new Port-a-Fort grenade, a fully fledged Replay system, the new Thunder Route 99 area for Save the World, new cosmetics, and a wealth of tweaks and bug fixes. Less positively, it also breaks Guided Missiles.

The obvious highlights, though, are the new, recently teased Port-a-Fort grenade, and the Replay System. Port-a-Fort functions pretty much as everyone had deduced, acting as a throwable instant fort. Epic's latest patch notes add a few additional details, however, confirming that, when detonated, the Port-a-Fort will unfurl into a three-story metal fort, with a 1x1 base and tires inside for easy ascent. Additionally, it's of Epic rarity, drops in a stack of one and can be placed in a stack of up to five in an inventory.

Replay, meanwhile, is exactly what it sounds like, offering a means of creating cinematic replays on PC and consoles - complete with different camera types, angles, and speeds, and even adjustable focus, aperture, and exposure - to commemorative your best Battle Royale moments.

Elsewhere, update 3.5 introduces a freshly revamped Battle Royale 50v50 mode, due to launch tomorrow. Save the World mode, meanwhile, gets the new Thunder Route 99 area and accompanying quest lines, plus Cyberpunk Heroes and Neon Weapons.

There are also a number of significant tweaks and bug fixes, including a major nerf for Battle Royale's recently introduced (and hilariously showy) Guided Missiles.

As of today's 3.5 update, Guided Missiles have seen their maximum turn rate reduced by 75%, and their movement speed decreased by 15%. Unfortunately, changes made in the update have, according to Epic, introduced an "animation issue" with Guided Missiles, and, as result, the item has been temporarily disabled.

3.5's other significant adjustment is the introduction of a short equip time to numerous weapons, including the rocket launcher, hand cannon, revolver, shotguns, rifles, and crossbow. It's a change designed to restrict a technique some players favour, in which it was possible to switch between shotguns and other slow-firing weapons in order to increase rate of fire.

However, some fans are reporting that the update has actually re-introduced a previously removed technique that enabled players to switch between two pump shotguns to fire them at a rapid rate. Epic doesn't appear to have acknowledged the issue at present, however.

A full, extensive list of this week's Battle Royale and Save the World updates and additions can be found in the latest Fortnite patch notes.

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