Monster Hunter World Bones are one of many components you'll need to construct weapons and armour pieces for your Hunter and Palico.

However, there's a variety of kinds - such as Monster Bone M, Monster Bone Plus, Warped Bone and Coral Bone - and it's not immediately clear from which areas or activities they are from.

Elsewhere, our Monster Hunter World tips can help you decide when to farm, what to forage and what to do between hunts, and our Monster Hunter World walkthrough and guide can help with main quest and story progress.

What are Monster Hunter World bones used for?

Bones are one of many classifications of components you'll collect as you play Monster Hunter World, and are used as a component for constructing weapons and armour pieces.

You can get them from the following:

  • Bone Piles
  • Rewards from hunts
  • Tailraider Safari

Bones are primarily sources from Bone Piles, which are a glowing piles of bones out in each of the game's hunting areas. Simply walk up to it, press the button prompt, and forage away. You get three bones per pile.


If you are specifically after bone piles, then remember you can use your map to locate the desired one, and click in the right stick to have your Scoutflies take you to them.

Unlike Ores, there is no difference between Bone Piles within an area, though each area can give you different types of bones.

That said, Bone Piles will only get you so far, as the most lucrative Bones for late-game and High Rank upgrades come from completing hunts.

How to get Monster Bone S, Monster Bone M, Monster Bone L and Monster Bone Plus / Monster Bone+

Despite being part of the same 'family', these all come from different sources:

  • Monster Bone S location - Bone Piles (any area, Low Rank and High Rank)
  • Monster Bone M location - Low Rank quest reward (Pukei-Pukei, Barroth, Tobi-Kadachi), foraged from corpses
  • Monster Bone L location - Quest completion reward (Anjanath, Rathian, Tzitzu-Ya-Ku, Radobaan)
  • Monster Bone + / Monster Bone Plus location - Quest completion reward (Legiana, Odogaron, Rathalos, Diablos)

How to get Ancient Bone, Boulder Bone, Coral Bone and Warped Bone

All these four are area-specific bones:

  • Ancient Bone location - Bone Piles in the Ancient Forest
  • Boulder Bone location - Bone Piles in the Wildspire Wastes
  • Coral Bone location - Bone Piles in the Coral Highlands
  • Warped Bone location - Bone Piles in the Rotten Wastes

Looking for more Monster Hunter World tips? Our Monster Hunter World walkthrough and guide explains how Assigned missions, Expeditions and Investigations work, which will see you hunt Anjanath, Zorah Magdaros, Diablos, Odogaron as well as Elder Dragons Kushala Daora, Teostra, Vaal Hazah, Xeno'Jiiva and Kirin. If you are starting out, we recommend first using our weapon types list to decide the best weapon for you, learning how to join friends and Squads in multiplayer, plus how to capture monsters and mount monsters. There's plenty of optional stuff - such as Grimalkynes and Doodles, helping unlock Plunderblade and Gajalaka quests - as well as the some new updates coming soon, including the Deviljho release and Spring Blossom Festival.

How to get Quality Bone, Sturdy Bone, Monster Keenbone and other quality bones

As you approach High Rank, you'll need increasingly high quality and rarer bones:

  • Sturdy Bone location - Bone Piles in Coral Highlands and Rotten Vale (Low Rank and High Rank)
  • Quality Bone location - Bone Piles across all areas (High Rank)
  • Brutal Bone location - Bone Piles in Elder's Recess (High Rank)
  • Monster Keenbone location - Quest completion from High Rank monster hunts (such as Pukei-Pukei and Anjanath)
  • Monster Hardbone location - Quest completion from High Rank monster hunts (such as Odogaron and Pink Rathian)
  • Wyvern Bonemass location - From Radobaan hunts (possibly both Low Rank and High Rank)
  • Dragonbone Relic location - Bone Piles in Rotten Vale (High Rank)
  • Unknown Skull location - Rare find from Bone Piles in Elder's Recess (High Rank)
  • Elder Dragon Bone location - Quest completion from Elder Dragon hunts (such as Nergigante)

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