Final Fantasy 15 - Zegnautus Keep, Reunion and Recovery, Ravus boss battle

How to complete Zegnautus Keep in Final Fantasy 15.

Zegnautus Keep and Reunion and Recovery come in the latter half of Chapter 13 of Final Fantasy 15 as we match closer and closer to the end. Hang in there!

Zegnautus Keep

Recommended level: 39

A sword has been added to your fighting arsenal now, so in any upcoming combat it's worth using it on smaller enemies to save Alterna for when you really need it. There are a few notes scattered on the ground here, so read them before heading forwards. Defeat the Axemen and Snagas along the corridor, then head into the save room and rest up.

Head along the corridor again and turn left at the junction. The green smoke will slowly sap your HP, so don't linger any longer than you have to - turn right at the door to the small room, right at the junction, and then left and turn on the fans using the control panel in the corner of the room. Backtrack, save and rest, and then take the route to the south.

The path is linear for a while, although you'll be slowed on your way by more Axemen. Eventually you'll come to a room with a shop to restock on healing supplies, and another device for upgrading your keycard. Raise your clearance to 4 and move through the door.

Deal with the Axeman and Shock Troopers in the room at the end, then move through into the next room where you'll find a couple of Snagas. Clear them out then head through the door to the east to find another save room and a few side rooms with stuff to collect. When you're ready, move to the next oddly shaped room and on towards the marker.

Foras is a case of staying alive as long as you can.

While you wait for the elevator you'll be attacked by Foras. Sadly Alterna has no effect on it, but you merely need to stay alive until the elevator arrives so just running about is as effective as actually fighting. As soon as the doors open jump in and ride back up.

Move to the end of the corridor and take a right, follow the passageway to the control room, fight off a few Snagas, and switch the power back on. When you try and leave the room Foras will reappear and get a swift attack in before disappearing, but there's another save room at the end of the corridor to recover in.

Save, then head back down the corridor - Foras will reappear again, but the fight is designed to be unwinnable so don't stop to exchange pleasantries, just sprint for the other end of the corridor until the door closes behind you. At the top of the stairs you'll face an Uttu that can be got rid of with a simple Alterna. Head through the door to the north, run from Foras again, and then hit the switch on the control panel in the end room. Retrace your steps to where the Uttu was, exit through the door to the south, and ride the elevator up.

Once you reach the marker in the room with the three switches head through the door to the north then east, collect the B keycard, then return to the central room. Switch on panel B and go east then north and collect card C and return to the central room again. Switch panel A off before switching C on, then head south then east, fight a few more Snagas, and then head east again.

There's a shop in the next room, so restock if you need anything, then follow the corridor to the end. To the south is a save room so pop in there first, then follow the corridor to the next marker. Enter the small room at the back to upgrade your keycard then keep following the passage north.


Head round the back of the large circular structure and pull the switch. When the platform comes to a stop you'll need to deal with a handful of Axemen first. Once the coast is clear head south, west, and south again. Upgrade your card using the machine, then head back to the lift platform. A large number of Axemen Shock Troopers, and a Wraith will appear, so try and kite as many together as you can and use Alterna to take out the bulk of them then mop up any survivors.

Head through the door to the north, use the save room, and then keep following the corridor. When you approach the marker the doors either end will shut and the Axemen on the floor will come to life. Stay away from the electrified doors and fight off the enemies while you wait for rescue.

Reunion and Recovery

Recommended level: 40

Head for the marker again and hit the button on the panel in the south east corner. Head through the newly unlocked door and make your way to the end to find Prompto.

Once all four of you are reunited retrace your steps. Prompto can now unlock the circular room - check the computer panel to the left, and finally restore your full arsenal of powers. Gargantua is back, but you still have Alterna so he can still be one-shotted.


Double back again (again) to room where you last upgraded your keycard and exit through the door to the east. Enemy numbers will increase, but now there are four of you and you're back to full strength they should pose little problem.

Keep going until you find a weapon and potion shop, stock up (in particular, buy far more healing and resurrection potions than you think you'll need, as well as cures for confusion and petrification), and prepare to do battle with Foras once and for all. He's weak to Javelins, Shields, and Lighting, and resistant to fire, and he's accompanied by some Alberichs, vulnerable to Swords, Shields, and Fire, and resistant to Lightning.

With the four of you the fight is now finally fair, although you may find Ignis something of a liability as he tends to get stuck behind boxes due to his blindness.

Head to the save room once more then make your way to the elevator. You'll emerge at the far end of the hangar where you first met the Gargantua, but as you approach the hangar doors the remains of Ravus will walk through.

Need more help? Our Final Fantasy 15 guide and walkthrough can provide tips on main story, as well as the open-world's many quests and activities. Learning how to get AP fast, EXP fast and money or Gil fast will aid you in many optional dungeons and tombs - including how to open and explore their locked doors. There's also plenty of interesting side-quests, too, such as the Scraps of Mystery and Professors Protege frog locations. And if you want to get around easier, you can rent a Chocobo, learn the infinite sprint trick and later in the game, get the flying car Regalia Type F. There's also more to see and do with DLC, such as Episode Gladiolus and Episode Prompto.

Ravus boss battle

This fight is a real test of endurance. Ravus is the very definition of a damage sponge, and this fight can take 10 minutes to get through.

For the first portion of the encounter you'll largely be on the offensive, but as his health slowly starts to drop he'll start dealing more damage with his melee attacks as well as introducing some AoE and ranged attacks that can cause confusion or petrification. There are a few warp points you can use to your advantage, but the fight is largely a matter of alternating between dealing damage and healing everyone.

Ravus comes close to the end of Chapter 13.

Your patience will eventually be rewarded and he'll keel over and die, but don't relax - the entire area will soon be swarming with dozens of daemons of every description from Snagas through to Gargantuas.

Your goal now is to stay alive for the next couple of minutes - they will respawn as fast as you can kill them, and after a while your companions will tell you to run for the lift on your own.

Don't hang about, and sprint straight for it. You've got limited time to reach the doors on the far side before they close, and while it's a generous time limit there's nothing you can do for your friends right now so there's no point hanging around. Try and dodge past any enemies that spawn in your path and make your way to the hangar doors at the far end.

Enter the lift then climb the ramp at the end, touch the crystal, and watch the cutscene. Once it's over move forward to speak to Umbra and end this chapter and begin Chapter 14 .

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