This article explains how to explore Cathedral Ward, unlock the Triumph gesture and find the Hunter Attire set in Bloodborne, following on from how to kill Father Gascoigne.

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Once you've killed Father Gascoigne, make sure you light up the Tomb of Oedon lamp, then go up the stairs that are over on the right. At this point, you can use the Oedon Tomb Key you got from the boss to open the gate here, but before doing so, go over the left-hand corner to spot a gap in the fence.

Drop down onto the roof beneath, then take the Red Jeweled Brooch - a weapon upgrade - from the corpse here. At this point you can go back to the window where you got the Tiny Music Box and hand the brooch over, but if you do so you'll get no reward, and simply lose this handy item.

Now, go down and into the cemetery, before heading back upstairs and walking through that gate when you reach the top. Carry on up the next load of stairs, then make your way through the narrow gap to your right. Go up the ladder in the corner of the room and take a look at the note that's on the table.

Go over to the left-hand corner of this section to get a Blood Gem Workshop Tool, then take the stairs by the chest and open up the door to start a new cut-scene, and enter the Cathedral Ward itself.

Exploring Bloodborne's Cathedral Ward area

Make sure you use the Cathedral Ward lamp that's in front of you, then talk to the woman twice to work through all of the conversation options. Return to the Hunter's Dream, then make your way to the Central Yharnam lamp. Just keep in mind that all of the enemies you've destroyed there will have come back to life.

Go through the gate that's on your left, and then head down the next two sets of stairs. Carry on going down the stairs on your left until you come to a new area with a pair of Brick Brutes in it. Take the stairs that are over in the far right-hand corner, then take a left to go down. Make sure you polish off the Hounds before taking the stairs on your left.

How to unlock the Triumph gesture in Bloodborne

Make your way over the bridge, then rap on the door by the lantern. Talk to the woman about Oedon Chapel, then return to the chapel and speak to the woman down on the ground to unlock the Triumph gesture.

How to kill the Gravekeepers and find the Hunter Attire set

Now go past the lamp and go down the stairs until you're in a new room. Walk through the door on your left - it's by the old woman you helped earlier - but be prepared to fight some Gravekeepers in the cemetery below.They can't be stunned, and they have more health than you'll have been used to up until this point, so make sure you dodge out of harm's way if it looks like they're going to connect a swing against you.

On the right is a corpse that has a Top Hat, Hunter Gloves, Hunter Garb and Hunter Trousers. Assuming this is your first set of new equipment, switch over to it now, although you'll likely be able to purchase a better set at Hunter's Dream. Whatever you choose to do, do it quickly, because a portal is about to open and you don't want to be hanging around when it happens.

Over on the other side of the graveyard is another corpse which contains half a dozen Blood Vials. Take them, then travel down the path on your left. Kill any Gravekeepers who are remaining, using a stealthy approach if at all possible. Manage this and you'll be able to deliver a tasty critical strike with your Charge Attack.

Carry on down the stairs that are on your left and kill the Hound and Henchmen waiting for you at the bottom. Now look over to your right and locate the pair of corpses - you can get a Coldblood Dew and some Molotov Cocktails by rummaging around in the remains.

Go up the stairs that are over on the left, but just be mindful of the Hounds and Henchmen waiting for you at the top. The former will likely pounce before you even get to the top of the stairs, so be prepared to kill them if they ambush you. Once you're off the staircase, look for a door on your right, then open it and head through until you come to a lever. Use it to move something below.

Where to find Alfred in Bloodborne

You can get a Madman's Knowledge from the corpse on your left, before heading back into the last room and going through the door on your right. Take the stairs down and talk to Alfred who you'll find at the altar in front of you. Cooperate with him if you'd like to get hold of the Pray gesture, as well as some Fire Papers which allow you to add a fiery effect to your weapons.

Find the Old Yharnam lamp

Head back upstairs and go inside the room when you reach the top. Go straight forwards until you pass through the next door, then go down the stairs on your left. Go up the the staircase in the middle of the next area and pass through the door when you reach the top. That object you moved has now revealed a hidden stairway. Before going down, kill the Henchman nearby, and search the corpse for a Madman's Knowledge.

Go down the new stairway and make sure you grab the Tempering Blood Gemstone on your left. Walk through the door, then down the next set of stairs on your right to encounter a Nether Beast. Once you've killed it, go down the next load of stairs until you come to a ladder. Go down it, then take the stairs up to add a handful of Antidotes to your stash. These will cure any poison effects you suffer.

Head back down the stairs, then carry on along the next flight until you're in another room. Use the Old Yharnam lamp in front of you, then enter the room on your right. Smash all the pots by the entrance to get a pack of Pungent Blood Cocktails. Now go back to the lamp and walk in the other direction until you find yourself at a big door.

Look at the rather unwelcoming note, then walk ahead and just open up that door - Old Yharnam is just on the other side of it.

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