Bloodborne: kill the Cleric Beast and survive the creature's enrage mode

How to kill the Cleric Beast in Bloodborne.

This article explains how to kill the Cleric Beast and survive the creature's enrage mode in Bloodborne, following on from surviving Central Yharnam and kill the Henchmen.

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Up until now you'll have noticed quite a lot of differences between the fights of Bloodborne and those in the Dark Souls series. The bosses, however, pack a familiar challenge, although the Cleric Beast isn't quite as terrifying an encounter as its appearance might first suggest. You'll want to go into this challenge prepared, but you shouldn't have too much trouble picking off this boss if you follow our advice.

How to kill the Cleric Beast in Bloodborne

First of all, get up close to the Cleric Beast, and then wait just long enough for the boss to pull its arm back and prepare to strike. As it does so, quickly get into position behind the enemy and hit him hard and fast with your regular attack. As long as you're behind the Cleric Beast, you'll avoid the worst of its damage, so always keep one eye on your positioning. When the Beast looks around again, simply repeat the process and keep whittling down its health.

If the course of battle has led you to have some distance between you and the boss, be aware that the creature can make use of a lunging attack that will close the gap and ruin your face in short order. Don't panic if you see the Cleric Beast telegraph this move by jumping up though. Just wait a moment, then dodge constantly until it comes back down to earth. Just make sure you don't dodge out of the way too quickly, or the Beast will hit its target.

How to survive the Cleric Beast's enraged mode

At a certain point, you'll have done enough damage to cause the Cleric Beast to enrage. When this happens, get well away from the boss to avoid the worst of its super-charged attacks. After a lot of thrashing around in the immediate vicinity, the Cleric Beast will eventually revert back to its normal state. Get back into position to the creature's rear and carry on as normal until the creature eventually dies.

It's important to manage your positioning relative to the environment, as well as the Cleric Beast. It can be quite easy to find yourself stuck between the walls, the nearby objects, and the boss itself. Should you end up trapped at any point, turn off the camera lock and dodge away from the obstacles until you've shaken yourself free of the problem. You really can't afford to stay trapped for long at all, as the Cleric Beast will make short work of your health bar given a decent opportunity.

When the monster finally falls to the floor, you'll see a Great Bridge lamp in the centre of the area you're in. Light it up, then go back to Hunter's Dream. Even though the enemies will respawn by returning there, you'll be able to level up your character using the Insight skill earned for killing the boss. It's always worth doing so before heading into a new, nightmarish section of the game.

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