This article explains how to discover Hunter's Dream and choose the right weapons in Bloodborne.

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Before fighting the Walking Henchman who's over on the far right, go down the stairs ahead of you and check the corpse to get a few more Blood Vials. Trigger the attention of the Walking Henchman, then run back to the previous courtyard - doing so will give you much more space to fight him in, and will help you dodge out of the way of the enemy's vicious attacks. Wait until he strikes, then dodge into a position of safety and use your attack combo in response. As soon as you're done, back up again to avoid his counter-attack - this will be a stab with his torch, more often than not.

Killing Henchmen in Bloodborne

When he's dead, make your way back to your opponent's starting point. On your right is another gate, but you can't open it yet, so instead go left and look for the device that lets you drop a ladder to your right. Now search the body behind the device to get more Blood Vials. Before using the ladder, carry on to the left to discover a pair of Agile Henchmen.

Run straight back to the courtyard again so you only have to fight one of these enemies at a time. Once the first one's been dealt with, go back to the spawning point and grab the attention of his buddy. When they're both dead, have a look for a body behind a casket. Smash the casket, then take the Molotov Cocktails form the corpse that's revealed. Finally, go up the ladder and light the Central Yharnam Lamp. You can use this lamp to access the Hunter's Dream - do so now.

How to find your way around Hunter's Dream

If you've not been here before, take the stairs right in front of you and get the gifts from the messengers on the floor. The first of these grants you the option to select your trick weapon - choose either the Hunter Axe, Saw Cleaver or Threaded Cane. The Saw Cleaver is a solid choice, although the Hunter Axe can deliver more damage, yet has a slower action to it. The Threaded Cane can be a little fiddly for first-time players so we recommend keeping it as an option for a second playthrough.

The next gift you receive is your firearm's secondary attack. You can select either the Hunter Pistol, or the more durable but weaker Hunter Blunderbuss. If this is your first time in town, we recommend the Hunter Pistol as it's the easier of the two to use in combat. Your final gift is the notebook, through which you can communicate with other players in the multiplayer component.

Choosing and equipping weapons in Bloodborne

Once you've gathered all of your weapons, make sure you take a moment to hit pause and actually equip them! The primary weapon slots neatly into the first left-hand slot, while your firearm goes in the third. Take this chance to also equip those Molotov Cocktails you grabbed a little bit earlier. These are placed into the Quick Items slot that's located on the lowest row of the menu.

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Upstairs is a house where you can store the items you gather up during your adventures, repair and upgrade your weapons, and also make use of a few other features that aren't unlocked right now. If you go to the left of the stairs, you'll find a doll. Ignore it for now, but be aware that if you follow the path to the doll's left, you'll be able to find a Bath Messenger by a fountain. This is where you'll be able to sell and buy goods later on, but right now you don't have the necessary Blood Echoes currency to get much done. When you're done, interact with the Yharnam Headstone right by where you started in this section, then choose 1st Floor Sickroom.

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