Sho Dantu is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named the Two Bombs trial, is a puzzle that has you cycle between the two types of bomb abilities to trigger mechanisms. Get it right, and you'll walk out a success.

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Where to find Sho Dantu

The Sho Dantu shrine is located within the Gerudo region, specifically just to the north-west of Gerudo Tower, tucked away under some cliffs and hidden until you complete a short puzzle. To get there, glide north-west from Gerudo tower and work your way around the cliffsides.


You'll see a platform for it in an alcove lower down, near the route to the Yiga Clan Hideout..

To reveal the Sho Dantu shrine, you'll need to drop a piece of Luminous Stone on the platform - if you don't have any, there are several rocks that contain it when destroyed right by the platform itself.


Sho Dantu and Two Bombs trial solution

Inside the shrine, you'll see three doors - two of which (in front of you and to your right) are locked. Throw a bomb at the wooden one on the left to break through.


In the next room, there's a platform in front of you, with a crystal and some explosives on the ledge above inside a cage. Put a square bomb on the platform and wait for it to pop up in the air. When it's near the cage, detonate it to trigger the crystal and open one of the doors back in the starting room.


Before you leave though, there's a chest behind that pillar with the cage on, which holds a Silver Rupee (worth 100 Rupees).


Head through the newly opened door to the next room, which works similarly to before. This time, however, you need to use two bombs at once.

First, place a square bomb on the platform. Then, put a spherical bomb by the crystal, which is tucked behind the main column like where the chest was in the previous room.


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Now you'll need a bit of good timing - first detonate the spherical bomb to trigger the platform, then quickly switch to the cube bomb, and that'll trigger the crystal on top of the platform like before.


That'll open the third door, and now you have the hardest bit of timing to tackle. There are two launcher platforms in this final room, and then two platforms to get you up to the exit.

You need to trigger the crystal in the cage with one bomb to get up to the exit, then trigger another bomb on the crystal again to open the door.


To do so, put a sphere bomb on one launcher, and a square bomb on that same one after the first sphere's been launched.

Quickly run and stand on one of the platforms near the exit, and detonate the square bomb as it's over the crystal.


Then, the sphere will still be going back and forth over the crystal, and you'll be up by the exit. Detonate the sphere when it's near the crystal again, and the door to the exit will open.


And you're all done!

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