Lakna Rokee is a hidden shrine near Kakariko Village, and one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It's a pretty unique one, too, at least in terms of Shrines encountered so early on in the game.

Gaining access to the shrine itself involves completing a Shrine Quest, called The Stolen Heirloom, but that quest itself requires you to complete three separate side quests - Flown the Coop, By Firefly's Light, and Find the Fairy Fountain, and one of those requires you to get the camera from the main quest in Hateno Research Lab, too.

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Where to find Lanka Rokee

The Lanka Rokee shrine is located within the Dueling Peaks region, specifically just outside of Kakariko Village. To get there, head due east of the Village and into the wooded area. You'll soon find a river with a bridge, and a shrine-like marking on the ground, where it'll appear after you solve the Shrine Quest, The Stolen Heirloom.


Climb up from the chicken coop in the village, follow the path uphill past Ta'loh Naeg Shrine, and take the right hand fork to get there. The marking on the ground is actually a socket, normally of the kind found inside a shrine that would be used for placing a ball.

If you've started the main quest that's here in the village, you might have seen a conspicuous ball that surely is the answer to this entry puzzle, housed in Impa's home back in the village. To get access to it, you'll need to complete the quest.

How to start and complete Flown the Coop, By Firefly's Light, and Find the Fairy Fountain

The Shrine Quest can only be triggered if you've completed three side quests. Here's a walkthrough for each:

Flown the Coop

During the day, one of the guards from Impa's house, called Cado, will be stood by his cuccoo coop. Speak to him and he'll give you the Flown the Coop quest, which tasks you with finding 10 cuccoos.


Three are still in the pen, so there are seven to go. Here are their locations:

  • 3 are in the pen
  • 2 are on various rooftops - climb up to a high point and paraglide around to spot them.
  • 1 is in a lady's garden, who won't let you in until she leaves at night time.
  • 1 is on the ledge above the coop, by the Ta'loh Naeg shrine.
  • 1 is by the painter and campfire in front of Impa's house.
  • 2 roam around the village.

Pick them up and drop them into the coop, then talk to Cado, who will give you a Purple Rupee as a reward.

Find the Fairy Fountain

To complete this quest, you'll need to have unlocked the Camera functionality of your Sheika Slate, by heading up to Hateno Research Lab as part of the main quest - you can find out more on that with our Hateno Lab walkthrough page.

Once you have that, return to Kakariko Village and talk to the painter, Pikango, near the campfire, out the front of Impa's house, which will start the quest - he wants you to find the nearby Fairy Fountain and show him a photo, and following him will take you there.


The Fairy Fountain is up past Ta'loh Naeg shrine - follow the path behind the shrine into the forest and take a left at the fork. Interact with the Fairy Fountain - which costs 100 Rupees if it's your first one - for an interesting cutscene, farm the nearby fairies, then take a centered photo of it with your Sheikah Slate and return to Pikango. Showing him the photo will complete the quest.


By Firefly's Light

This can only be activated once the previous two have been completed. Once you've done them, talk to Lasli, the lady who takes a liking to you, who normally hangs around outside the armour shop in Kakariko Village during the day.

At about 9:30, she heads home. Talk to her when she's inside her house at night and it'll trigger the By Firefly's Light quest, which has you catch five Sunset Fireflies in the village.

To catch them, sneak up on the glowing green fireflies that are in the air at night. They're all over town, so if a group flies away then roam around the village to find more.


When you have five, head back to her house and hold all five like you're going to cook them, and then drop them in her room where they take flight. Lasli will be chuffed, and you'll have completed the quest - meaning it's time for the Shrine Quest itself!

Lakna Rokee and The Stolen Heirloom trial solution

With those three side quests done, you can finally start The Stolen Heirloom. To do so, visit Impa's House again, and you'll find the Orb missing and the family distraught.


Talk to the two guards outside, Cudo and Dorian, and then wait by the nearby campfire until night, or some time after 10pm. At the point, Dorian will walk away from his post in search of the thief. Follow him stealthily - keep your distance and remember to crouch so as to keep noise down as you go.


Eventually, he'll head up past Ta'loh Naeg shrine and to the right, through the forest, over the bridge, and to the socket marked in the ground.


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There, he'll be attacked! A Yiga Blademaster is the thief, who tries to take him out.


Defeat the Yiga Blademaster using whatever means necessary - freezing him with Frost Arrows and hitting him with power attacks worked a treat for us - and then talk to Dorian.

Then, pick up the orb and place it in the socket, which makes the Lakna Rokee Shrine appear.


Head inside, open the single chest that's there, and collect your reward to finish it off!

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