Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moons - where to find Sand Kingdom Moons

Where to find the main set of Sand Kingdom Power Moons.

Sand Kingdom Power Moons are what you'll find here, where we detail each Power Moon and its location in the region with accompanying screens for extra clarity.

This is where to find Sand Kingdom Moons then, but for other regions you can cycle back to our Power Moon locations guide hub, or our main Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough hub for much more.

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Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moons 1 to 10

1. Atop the Highest Tower

Part of the main story's objectives. Head to the big cylindrical tower in the middle of the map. Enter the Warp Pipe outside. This 2D level will follow the curve of the tower. Watch out as Bullet Bills will mostly launch in twos and threes, so time your jumps and crouches well. When you reach the top, hit the checkpoint (Tostarena Ruins Round Tower) and collect your Moon.


2. Moon Shards in the Sand

Part of the main story's objectives. After crossing the moving platforms from the round tower, possess the Moe-Eye and collect the five Shards in this area (two of them will require you to press Y and use this character's special sunglasses vision). See our Walkthrough for exact locations on each shard.


3. Showdown in the Inverted Pyramid (3 Moons)

Part of the main story's objectives. Once ascending to the top of the Inverted Pyramid (see Walkthrough for our tactical guide), you'll need to defeat a Mini Broodal to collect a Multi-Moon. Hit her spiked bombs at her and jump on her head three times to grab your Moon multipack.


4. The Hole in the Desert (3 Moons)

Part of the main story's objectives. After leaping into the hole and traversing the slippery depths of the Underground Temple (see our Walkthrough for how to tackle these areas), you'll face off against a giant, godly statue. Possess its hands and punch it in the face three times and a Multi-Moon is yours.


5. Overlooking the Desert Town

In the first town near the Odyssey, look for a large building behind the Cappy Store. It'll have a domed roof with an opening at the top. Climb up and you'll find a Moon just waiting to be collected.


6. Alcove in the Ruins

To find this Moon, head right from the Tostarena Ruins. Posses a Bullet Bill and head through the gap next to the launcher, turn right, then right again. Unlock the switch, turn around and the Moon will be in the alcove to your right.


7. On the Leaning Pillar

From the Tostarena Ruins Entrance checkpoint, head up the flight of stairs and turn left. Use the Bullet Bill to reach the far platform. Bullet Bills only last so long, so head across the dunes on the other side to collect your next Moon, then head back to the platform before you explode over the dunes.


8. Hidden Room in the Flowing Sands

From the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar checkpoint, jump into the sand and head towards the point show in the screenshot. Sink enough to pass under this obscure gap at the bottom and jump up lots to rise into a secret room. Within, a Moon awaits.


9. Secret of the Mural

From the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower, head up to the very last section of the 2D tower level. Ride the two platforms along to the right, jump onto the ledge, then jump back down to where the platform has stopped before it heads back the way it came. Quickly run to the right and into as secret room with a Moon.


10. Secret of the Inverted Mural

Either during the story objectives or in post-game, enter the Inverted Pyramid (there's a catapult outside to help you reach it post game). Enter the 2D section with, continuing until you reach the outdoor section. At the end of the area with the two Warp Pipes, jump up to the right and grab the hidden Moon.


Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moons 11 to 20

11. On Top of the Stone Archway

Ride the Spark pylon from the first village towards the ruins. Jump off across the first stone archway and collect your prize.


12. From a Crate in the Ruins

From the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar checkpoint, cross the floating sand platform and ascend the 2D level on the wall. When you reach the top, use a Bullet Bill to destroy the glowing crate. The Moon inside will bounce to a platform behind you. Use another Bullet Bill to reach it.


13. On the Lone Pillar

After you've completed the game, return to the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower checkpoint, possess the Glydon and glide to the tower directly in front of you. The Moon on the pillar is yours.


14. On the Statue's Tail

From the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower checkpoint, ride the Spark pylon up to the top of the Inverted Pyramid, then run over to the Jinx statue with the glowing tail. Swing Cappy on it for a Moon surprise.


15. Hang Your Hat on the Fountain

In Tostarena Town, head to the fountain and swing your cap on the top of the fountain to reveal a Moon. This can only be done after completing the story objectives in the Sand Kingdom.


16. Where the Birds Gather

Warp to the Desert Oasis checkpoint and look for a lump to your left and look for a lump in the ground covered in yellow birds. Ground Pound said lump a receive a Moon.


17. Top of a Dune

Warp to the Tostarena Towner checkpoint and look for the high dune pictured in the screenshot. Ground Pound the top of said dune for a Moon, dude.


18. Lost in the Luggage

A few steps from where you can drop down into the Underground Temple, you'll find lots of luggage buried in the sand (if you encounter this Moon before you complete The Hole in the Desert you'll find it next to a frozen car). Ground Pound the glowing patch of ground to claim your Moon.


19. Bullet Bill Breakthrough

From the Tostarena Ruins checkpoint, go up the stairs, turn right, then possess a Bullet Bill. Go through the gap to your left and hit the cage to free a Moon.


20. Inside a Block Is a Hard Place

On the same platform where you possessed a Bullet Bill to reach Moon 7 (near the Tostarena Ruins Entrance checkpoint), you'll find a glowing block of stone nearby. Hit it as Bullet Bill to reveal another Moon.


Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moons 21 to 30

21. Bird Travelling in the Desert

A bird with a glowing aura circles most of the map on a loop. To catch it, wait on the tree to the left of the Desert Oasis checkpoint. Climb to the top and wait on one of the leaves. Hit the bird with your cap when it passes to get the Moon.


22. Bird Travelling the Wastes

This glowing hawk will be circling the bubbling purple lake north of the oasis where you collected Moon 32 (Taking Notes: Jump on the Palm). The hawk travels in the same pattern, so use Cappy to hit it and reveal a Moon!


23. The Lurker Under the Stone

Warp to the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower checkpoint, ride the Spark pylon up to the top of the Inverted Pyramid, now hit the moving lump on the main platform, then Ground Pound it to reveal a Moon.


24. The Treasure of Jaxi Ruins

In the top right-hand corner of the ruins is a whirlpool. Jump in to access a bonus level. Be careful of the slippery ice, walk slowly between the crushing columns, then carefully make your way to the end to pop out on top of the structure in the middle of the purple gloop swamp. Moon is in the chest.


25. Desert Gardening: Plaza Seed

This is Moon best done in conjunction with Moons #26 and #27 as all three require time to grow - so do one, then follow the instructions for the other two. Then wait for all three to grow together. From the Tostarena Town checkpoint, past the fountain and look left. There are three pots. Throw the seed into one to start the growth for this Moon.


26. Desert Gardening: Ruins Seed

Warp to the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar checkpoint, turn 180_degrees and run across the spinning coins and onto the sand below. Turn 180_degrees and you'll find the seed in an alcove. Run back to the pots in Tostarena Town and plant it in one of the remaining pots.


27.Desert Gardening: Seed on the Cliff

Head to the point on the map show in the screenshot. Drop down to the ledge below and collect the seed. Approach the flower jump pad, drop the seed carefully, hit the pad, pick up the seed and spin up onto the higher sand level. Run back to Tostarena Town and plant the seed in the third and final pot. Now wait for all three (if needed) to grow.


28. Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

From the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower checkpoint, ride the Spark pylon up to the Inverted Pyramid, then ride the Spark pylon to your left down to the structure in the Northwest Reaches. Hit the scarecrow. Now climb into the gap, roll forwards (shake the Joy-Cons), wall jump to the top then back back to get the Moon.


29. Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

Warp to the Moe-Eye Habitat checkpoint and possess a Moe-Eye. Waddle around to the other side of the purple gloop swamp. Look for a P-Switch. Walk on it to activate a platform with a key. Walk across without your shades, using where the key is to gauge how far to go before turning. Then flit back between your visions and rush over to claim the Moon before it disappears.


30. Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge 3

There's a scarecrow next to the purple gloop swamp. To make life easier, warp to the Jaxi Ruins checkpoint, ride the Jaxi down and park it next to the scarecrow. Activate it, jump on your Jaxi and ride it across to the Moon. Done!


Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moons 31 to 40

31. Found in the Sand! Good Dog!

From the Tostarena Town checkpoint, turn left and look for a dog in a hat. Walk up to it then follow it as it runs off. Wait for it to sniff out your prize. Ground Pound the spot revealed to get the Moon.


32. Taking Notes: Jump on the Palm

In the south-west corner of the map, you'll find an oasis. Climb the palm tree nearest the Jinx Stop and bench and you'll find a colourful clef (musical note). Jump on it to start a mini-game where you need to collect six musical notes on the palm trees of this palm tree and the next. Get all of them in time to get your Moon.


33. Herding Sheep in the Dunes

From the Tostarena Northwest Reaches, head southeast over the dunes until you find a stone circle (shown on the map screenshot). In this area are three sheep, simply lead them back to the ped to grab another Moon.


34. Fishing in the Oasis

Warp to the Desert Oasis checkpoint and possess Lakitu. Lower your line, press 'Y' when the Joy-Con rumbles and pull back on the left analog stick to pull out a Moon.


35. Love in the Heart of the Desert

Warp to the Tostarena Ruins Entrance checkpoint, then possess a Goomba. Run up the stairs, dodge the Bullet Bills and ride the platform across to the other side. Now either quickly de-possess the Goomba and hit the flower jump pad before repossessing the Goomba and jump up OR use the nearby Bullet Bill to activate it. Either way, float to the top and approach the Goombette to get a Moon.


36. Among the Five Cactuses

From the Tostarena Northwest Reaches, jump on the Jinx and ride forwards and towards the edge of the map. Look for five cacti in a line by the edge. Use B to slow then run them all down in a row to win a Moon.


37.You're Quite a Catch, Captain Toad

From the Desert Oasis checkpoint, possess Lakitu and turn left and towards the location shown in the screenshot. Throw you line, catch a big fish and reveal Captain Toad. Win a Moon for your troubles.


38. Jaxi Reunion

From the Tostarena Town checkpoint ride the Jaxi towards the Desert Oasis, being careful to run around it without going into the Oasis (where you'll get stuck) or over the edge (where you'll die). Follow this curve and you'll see a Jaxi statue. Lead your ride to it to receive a Moon.


39. Welcome Back, Jaxi!

From the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower, ride the Spark pylon up to to the Inverted Pyramid then call a Jaxi from the metre by the bench. Ride the Jaxi to the empty plinth with sand ramp to get another Moon.


Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moons 41 to 50

40. Wandering Cactus

Run or Jaxi ride over to the point on the map show in the screenshot. Possess the cactus here, move it out of the way and Ground Pound the spot it was previously covering to reveal a Moon.


41. Sand Quiz: Wonderful!

From the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar checkpoint, leap into the sand pit, past the whirlpool and out through the gap in the wall. Now run up to Sphynx and answer the three questions shown below. Get all three right as shown to score a Moon.


42. Shopping in Tostarena

Head forwards towards the first town and walk over the checkpoint (Tostarena Town). Head into the Crazy Cap shop (found to the left of the checkpoint) and purchase the Sand Kingdom Power Moon for 100 gold coins.


43. Employees Only

From the Tostarena Town checkpoint, run around the Crazy Cap shop to the left and look for some goins coins in a low alcove. Duck and crawl in to enter the shop, and grab the Moon behind the shopkeepers.


44. Sand Kingdom Slots

From the Tostarena Town checkpoint, enter the house to your right (it has the slots symbol by the door). Pay 10 gold coins and hit three Moon symbols to win a Moon.


45. Walking in the Desert

Look for a purple Koopa in between the Desert Oasis and a big cactus. Speak to him and follow the circle with the arrows. The arrows will disappear almost halfway through so try and stay on course. Score 80 points to win a Moon.


46. Hidden Room in the Inverted Pyramid

Warp to the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower checkpoint, ride to the top of the Inverted Pyramid, then go inside the entrance at the top. Avoid the cacti, drop down to the ledge and use the jump pad to land in between the moving platforms. Follow them into the doorway to find a chest and a Moon.


47. Underground Treasure Chest

From the Tostarena Northwest Reaches checkpoint, head west, passing the first big hole in the ground before jumping in the second (see screenshot for map location). Now in the Underground Temple, reach the area with the first Bullet Bill.

Ride him towards the structure on your right, looking for a small platform on its right-hand side (see screenshot). Use the jump pads to reach the top, collect the coins then follow the narrow bridge to the other side and your Moon.


48. Goomba Tower Assembly

From the Tostarena Northwest Reaches checkpoint, head west, passing the first big hole in the ground before jumping in the second (see screenshot for map location). Now in the Underground Temple, posses the lone Goomba, then reach the area with the large tower of Goombas in the far corner.

Deposess the Goomba, possess the tower of Goombas, then jump on the lone one to make the tower bigger. Now use the tower to reach the three on top of the high platform. Bring those three down, de-possess then jump back into the big tower. Head back to the platform where you found the big tower originally, wait for the three you just found to follow, then use the height of the platform to add them to your number. You're now tall enough to collect the nearby Moon.


49. Under the Mummy's Curse

From the Tostarena Northwest Reaches checkpoint, head west and jump into the first big hole you find. In the arena, turn right and a green Coin Coffer will appear. Possess it and use gold coins to destroy all the skeletons that attack. Many of these are proximity based and need to be approached in order to be summoned. Destroy them all for a Moon payment.


50. Ice Cave Treasure

From the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar checkpoint, leap into the sandpit whirlpool and traverse the ice cave chall3nge level until you reach the final set of rising and falling pillars. When you're in between the final two, wall jump between them to reach a Moon on the top.


Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moons 51 to 60

51. Sphynx's Treasure Vault

In the area known as the Ruins, head to the side of the structure nearest to the Inverted Pyramid and look against the wall of the Ruins. You'll see a large golden sphinx. Answer its riddle (the answer is a) A Ring) and she'll move to reveal a door. Inside is a chest with a Moon.


52. A Rumble from the Sandy Floor

Behind the Crazy Cap shop you'll find a green tube. Head on through to reveal a mini-game where you need to use the rumble in your Joy-Cons to find a hidden prize. Make sure the rumble is turned on then move around until both controllers are vibrating strongly. Then jump and do a Ground Pound to reveal a Moon! We found it in the top left-hand corner.


53. Dancing with New Friends

Purchase and wear the Sombrero and the Poncho from the regional coin section of the Sand Kingdom's Crazy Cap shop. Now head to the location show on the map screenshot, head inside and you'll get a Moon for standing on the podium.


54. The Invisible Maze

Warp to the Moe-Eye Habitat, cross the platforms and turn right at the Binoculars. Look for a gap at the edge of the cliff and drop down to find a hat door. Inside, follow the three screenshots and cross the invisible mazes in each room to get your Moon.


55. Skull Sign in the Transparent Maze

In the same hat door challenge you entered to collect Moon #54, enter the first room and swing Cappy on the skull sign to reveal a Moon.


56. The Bullet Bill Maze: Break Through!

In the same building where you collected Moon 57 (The Bullet Bill Maze: Side Path), use a Bullet Bill to fly through the starting holes, jump into another on the second platform, then a third Bullet Bill when you reach the next platform. Follow the revolving gates in a clockwise direction, pressing Y to accelerate in bursts. There are two sets to navigate. The Moon can be found at the foot of some stairs.


57. The Bullet Bill Maze: Side Path

After completing Moon 2 (Moon Shards in the Sand), cross the dunes then head across the dunes until you see a large, rectangular building. Head inside and use the Bullet Bill to fly through one of the two holes in the far wall. Fly to the first platform, then jump into another Bullet Bill. Head forwards, then turn left and follow the path as it curves around to the left. You'll find this Moon on a square platform.


Need more help? Our Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough goes through every objective in each Kingdom, while our Power Moon locations can help you track down the likes of Cascade Kingdom Power Moons, Sand Kingdom Power Moons, Metro Kingdom and New Donk City Power Moons and more collectables. We also have Purple Coin locations for each Kingdom, and if you want to know what to spend it on, we have a hats list, outfits list, stickers list, a souvenirs list as well as a music list to kit out the appearance of both Mario and the Odyssey. Once you've finished the game, check out the free Balloon World update, too.

58. Jaxi Driver

From the Jaxi Ruins checkpoint, ride the Jaxi to the purple gloop swamp and ride it inside the platform you started on. Inside is a challenge room where you need to ride the Jaxi to the end without falling off the edge. Use 'B' to break, but only using for a few seconds - holding it too long will send you flying forwards. Moon is at the end of the room.


59. Jaxi Stunt Driving

When you reach the largest platform of the secret Jaxi challenge, turn left and you'll see a colourful clef. Line up so you're facing down the ledge it's on the edge of. Run through the clef, collect all the notes, brake around the pillar, and collect the next line. Moon is yours!


60. Strange Neighborhood

From the Tostarena Town checkpoint, turn right, run past the Jinx and around the house beside you. Use the jump pads to reach the Mini Rocket and ride it up to a bonus challenge. Hit the scarecrow and begin the challenge.

You have no cap so jump on the Goombas to dispatch them. The houses here are spinning platforms, so time your jumps to reach each one. When you hit the other side, the Moon is yours.


Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moons 61 to 69

61. Above a Strange Neighborhood

In the same challenge level as Moon #60, look out for the ? Block before the final section of turning houses. Jump up, reveal the secret block then jump to reach the Moon.


62. Secret Path to Tostarena!

In order to collect this Moon in the Sand Kingdom, you'll need to jump through the portrait hidden at the bottom of the pond in the Lake Kingdom (it's just by the Courtyard checkpoint). Press 'A' above it to travel to a smaller inverted pyramid above Tostarena.


63. Found with Sand Kingdom Art

Look for this art on the back of a house in Tostarena Town. Head to Bowser's Kingdom, warp to the Souvenir Shop and Ground Pound the spot show in the screenshot to get your Moon.


64. Jammin' in the Sand Kingdom

From the Testarena Town checkpoint, head right, past the Jinx, around to the side of the building beside you. Use the two jump pads to reach the Toad with the headphones. He'll ask you to play 'Memories of a Tough Battle'. This isn't the name of a track. Play him Bowser Battle 2 to get a Moon (you'll need to finish the main story to unlock Music List and this track).


65. Hat-and-Seek: In the Sand

Post-game, look for two worried looking hats. They've lost a friend and think he might be hiding on someone's head. Head towards the characters queuing for an ice cream next to the Crazy Cap store. The hat is dressed as a sombrero. Speak to him to get a Moon.


66. Sand Kingdom Regular Cup

Find the Koopa at the Tostarena Northwest Reaches checkpoint. This race is really easy. Jump on the Jinx, ride around the other side of the ruins and head straight for the village. The finish line is on the other side of the fountain. Come first to win a Moon.


67. Binding Band Returned

From the Tostarena Northwest Reaches checkpoint, head west and jump into the first big hole you find. Run across the arena, avoid the skeletons that appear in two groups and use the slingshot to reach the next platform. Ground Pound the giant ring to release the Moon within.


68. 'Round-the-World Tourist

This Moon is a more of a challenge than the others in this kingdom. Speak to the Tostarenan standing next to the taxi outside Tostarena Town. He'll then head off to the Metro Kingdom, the Cascade Kingdom, the Luncheon Kingdom, the Moon Kingdom, the Mushroom Kingdom and back to the Sand Kingdom.

Bar your first encounter in the Sand Kingdom, each encounter will unlock a Moon for that respective region. Return to the Sand Kingdom and speak to him again to earn this hard-fought Moon. This Moon can only be completed after the main story has been finished.


69. Peach in the Sand Kingdom

After you've complete the game, warp to the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower checkpoint, ride the Spark pylon up to the top of the Inverted Pyramid and speak to Peach to receive a Moon-shaped gift.


Other Sand Kingdom Power Moons you can unlock

As well as the above Moons that appear when you clear a Kingdom for the first time, there is yet another set that you can collect later in the game. Be warned the following contains some light spoilers.

When exploring each Kingdom previously, you may have noticed a giant, grey block that seemingly has no purpose. It's this object you must find once you have completed the game that'll give you even more things to do.

The above video by Nintendo Life explains this in more detail, but in short - complete the game, find the block in any given Kingdom, and more Moons will be available for you to find.

We won't detail these extra Moons here, but the number of these extra challenges available in each Kingdom varies - just like the amount of Moons you could find to begin with. Good luck!

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